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Originally from Mauritius, Ambareen Musa holds an undergraduate business degree from RMIT university in Melbourne, Australia. She started her first online business, an online property portal for international students in Australia, at the age of 21. Moving to London in 2004 to work for GE’s financial arm, GE Money, Ms. Musa held various roles in marketing, financial literacy, customer advocacy and e-commerce, and led the first online financial literacy initiative in the UK, Moneybasics.co.uk.

Moving on to the UAE in 2008, Ms. Musa worked as a consultant for Bain & Company Middle East. She went on to set up the consulting arm of MasterCard Middle East and Africa, where she stayed for two years before founding Souqalmal.com in 2012, the number one financial comparison and insurance platform in the UAE and KSA. Souqalmal.com has been named “Online Business of the Year 2015” and is ranked amongst “Dubai Top 100 SMEs”. Ms. Musa has been awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” at the “Enterprise Agility Awards 2015” and “Leading Women in Business” at the “DMCC Awards 2016” and has been selected as an “Endeavor Entrepreneur.” Ms. Musa holds an MBA from INSEAD.