Dialogue on Global Digital Finance

Dialogue on Global Digital Finance

The initiative is co-chaired by the Governor of Central Bank of Kenya and the UNDP Administrator and is hosted by UNDP and UNCDF.

A pathfinder initiative has been launched under the leadership of Kenya and Switzerland. The Dialogue on Global Digital Finance seeks to facilitate a balanced and more inclusive dialogue, particularly involving developing nations, on SDG-aligned governance of global digital finance platforms.

It will convene representatives from central banks, finance, trade and other relevant ministries, cross-sector regulatory bodies, LDCs and non-state actors from developing countries, and representatives from key institutions such as FSB, BIS, IMF, World Bank and Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion affiliated entities.

A complementary initiative, the platform will provide a means for advancing consensus on policy and regulatory responses to the development of global digital financing platforms appropriate for developing contexts and economies. It will also seek to catalyse governance innovations that improve consideration of the SDGs, and will explore ideas and potential for collective action by developing countries to harness digital finance in leapfrogging toward sustainable development.

The first expert roundtable of the International Dialogue on Global Digital Finance was held on 18 May, 2010.

How does this pathfinder initiative exemplify the Task Force‚Äôs recommendations? 

SDGsLink to analysis and recommendations.
  • Establishes inclusive space of international cooperation
  • Integrates SDG considerations into policy and regulatory debates about global digital finance with significant cross-border spill-over effects



Download:  Governing Global Digital Finance (2020)


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