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Investors compare all investment opportunities to find a secure choice that protects their future and offers more money during retirement. Precious metals are an excellent choice for retirement and for diversifying investment portfolios.

Gold increases in value yearly, providing a safety net for many investors who want an extraordinary lifestyle when retiring. These options aren’t impacted by inflation or the value of the US dollar.

Before investors get started, they must find a gold company that offers high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Reviewing AGR Gold helps them determine if the company is the best choice for their investment needs.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if AGR Gold passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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About AGR Gold

AGR Gold - Website

Company History and Ratings

AGR Gold started in 2016 in Houston, Texas, and has since provided in-person, phone, and online precious metals sales. The Better Business Bureau does not accredit the company, but they have many positive reviews on the website.

Review Companies

They have had seven customer complaints within the last three years, with four complaints in the previous 12 months. Customers can start a gold IRA through AGR and fund their accounts with any precious metals.

What Products Do They Sell?

Their gold products include American Eagles, Austrian Philharmonic, Canadian Maple Leaf, African Krugerrand, Chinese Panda, 50-peso Mexico, and American Buffalo. Their silver products include Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo, Morgan Silver dollars, Peace Silver dollars, Englehead Silver bar, Franklin Silver dollars, and Kennedy half dollars.

AGR Gold Review - AGR Gold Review

Their platinum products include Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, British Queen’s Beast, British Britannia, and British Lion of England. The company provides bars, coins, and bullion for investors and collectors.

Limited mint choices include 10 Guilders Netherlands, Tanzania 2014 Lion Relief set, Australian 1 ounce gold Lunar Year of the Rooster, 2004 Australian 1 ounce Gold Lunar Year of the Monkey, and 1988 Seoul Korea 50,000 Won Seoul Olympic coins.

Buying Precious Metals from AGR Gold

Customers can call, visit AGR Gold’s physical location, or shop online to buy precious metals. They have prices for all their precious metals listed on their website, and customers can add the products to their shopping cart and complete a checkout process. Once the company receives the payment, the precious metals are shipped to the client’s preferred location.

BullionVault Review - Precious Metals Offered

The metals are sent to the client’s home if they purchase them outside of an IRA. If the precious metals are included in an IRA, they arrive at their preferred depository as directed. All packages arrive in discreet packaging, and AGR Gold provides insurance coverage for all shipments. AGR Gold files an insurance claim if anything is lost, stolen, or damaged.

All customers must create a user account when ordering online. Customer service representatives create an account if the client calls in their order. Most gold companies require call-in orders for any purchases over $10,000. By creating a user account, AGR Gold can review the customer’s purchases and set up new orders based on what the customers order.

Are There Gold IRA Opportunities?

No, AGR Gold doesn’t provide precious metals IRAs, and customers who want to invest in IRAs should hire a custodian elsewhere and get started. While the company offers many IRA-approved golds, they do not provide these services.

Storing Precious Metals

AGR Gold offers storage solutions for their customers, especially if they order a large quantity of gold. They have partnered with Brink’s and offer affordable monthly storage fees for precious metals. These storage options differ from a depository used for IRA-related metals.

However, customers who buy precious metals outright can use these storage options to manage them until they find a more secure place to send their investment. Customers are not required in any way to use these storage solutions, and they can have their metals shipped anywhere.
Selling Precious Metals

AGR Gold - Storing Precious Metals

Buyback opportunities are a terrific way to get cash for precious metals. Investors who buy precious metals from AGR Gold can sell them back to the company for a great price, but sellers should realize that the business won’t give them the exact market price.

To start the buyback, the customer signs into their user account and clicks on the buyback feature, or they can call to speak to a customer service representative.

They must request a kit from AGR Gold to ship their precious metals back to the company. All shipments are covered under insurance; insurance claims are filed if anything gets stolen, lost, or damaged during transport.

Once the precious metals arrive, the company inspects them for quality and to ensure they are still in mint condition. After the inspection, a customer service representative calls to provide a cash offer to the seller.

AGR Gold will send the payment to the client via their preferred payment method if they accept. If the client refuses, AGR Gold sends the precious metals back to them, but the customer may have to pay return shipping fees.

Other Items They Buy

According to their website, AGR Gold purchases estate jewelry, gold dental crowns, and gold bridgework. While dental crowns and bridgework are likely to be considered scrap metal, estate jewelry could generate a high payout for the owner. If the jewelry has diamonds, the value increases.

When selling these items to AGR Gold, the customer brings these items to AGR Gold’s physical location or sends the items to the company. The company evaluates the estate jewelry according to the resell value and the demand for these items. Before selling any estate jewelry to AGR Gold, the owner should get it appraised by a licensed appraiser to ensure they get a fair offer for these items.

Anyone who wants to sell scrap gold or silver to AGR Gold should understand that cash offers for these items are based on their weight and purity level. The metals will be melted through a mint to create other products, and most cash offers for scrap are nowhere near the same cash value of different items with higher resell values.

Fees and Discounts

Customers who complete a $99 order or more through AGR Gold get free shipping to their preferred location. However, any orders under this amount require shipping fees. AGR Gold uses USPS and UPS to ship the metals to customers.

The shipping fees depend on how fast the customer wants to get their items, the weight, and the customer’s location. Since they don’t list the shipping rates on their website, customers can review them on the checkout page when completing their orders.

Order Tracking Opportunities

After AGR Gold receives the customer’s payment, they process the shipment. Once the shipment has left AGR Gold’s physical location, they provide customers with tracking information. Since they can sign up for a user account on the website, customers can track their packages in real-time through their accounts. They receive an email notification when their order ships and when it is delivered to their home.

Return Policy

As of 2023, AGR Gold doesn’t have a return policy information on its website. However, most gold companies require customers to start a return within seven days of the purchase date. The company has a customer service email on its website, and customers should send an email to discuss a return before sending any items back to AGR Gold.

If the company accepts returns, its customer service representatives will contact the customer with instructions on returning their precious metals. They will also discuss any further instructions via email or phone.

What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

AGR Gold accepts wire transfers, credit cards, PayPal, and personal checks. When buying online, the customer can store their payment method in a user account and won’t have to reenter their information whenever they want to purchase precious metals.

Checking Market Prices

The AGR Gold website offers the current market prices for all precious metals for investors to evaluate anytime. Tracking the market price helps investors determine how much of a markup the gold company applies to the cost of their precious metals.

These assessments help determine if they get a fair market price for each precious metal when buying or selling the products.

The Company Blog

The AGR Gold blog offers many articles to help investors get started and make better choices. Recent posts have discussed the best investment choices for the year, investing in digital or physical gold, and what information visitors need to use gold spot prices correctly.

Anyone who wants to invest in precious metals or buy collectibles can review articles in the blog to stay educated on the latest trends and find items that generate the most value. If someone is new to investing in these opportunities, they need all the details they can find to make sound decisions and avoid financial mistakes that could prove costly.


AGR Gold provides a wealth of benefits for investors, including self-directed IRAs and high-quality precious metals. They don’t provide custodians, but the company does offer storage for precious metals.

The business offers gold and precious metals to investors, and they purchase metals through a buyback opportunity. While the company seems like a worthwhile choice, investors should compare AGR Gold to other companies and get more than one estimate before they commit to a purchase.

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