AJPM Review

AJPM Review

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Investors are constantly researching the best strategies that can improve their portfolio performance. The stock market can be a volatile environment, which means investors must diversify their holdings as much as possible.

One way to keep up with strong diversification is by purchasing precious metals. In fact, particular dealers in the industry can sell and service precious metals accounts. Explore the products and services offered by Affordable Jewelry and Precious Metals today for a look at potential investments.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if AJPM Review passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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About AJPM

AJPM is a precious metals dealer based out of the state of Oregon. Their homepage is extremely brief with prominent text regarding their expertise in precious metals sales. They appear to specialize in gold and silver bullion, but there are mentions of platinum bullion as well. 

AJPM Review - Logo

They also advertise scrap purchases from interested parties. Because they have the term "jewelry" in their business title, these scrap purchases may also include gold and silver jewelry. Investors should inquire about these services because the website only offers a brief description of their policies.

AJPM Review - Website

Compared to other companies selling the same products, AJPM has a relatively bare homepage. Performing additional research about the company might shed some light on its business practices. 

They advertise three separate locations for investors to visit or contact. Presumably, these locations reflect a strong connection to customer service and industry success. Investors should note that not all precious metals companies have physical addresses. The fact that AJPM has three locations is a positive characteristic of this business.

Exploring AJPM's History

Investors may find it difficult to find an "About" page. It takes an online search to land on it in the first place. There doesn't seem to be an actual link on the homepage for the "About" section. As a result, most investors will only see information posted on the homepage for reference.

They report being in business since 1996, which is quite a long time in the precious metals industry. All three offices are based out of Oregon, including locations in Beaverton, Downtown, and Eastside Portland. 

AJPM does thank certain customers at the bottom of their homepage, which speaks positively to their character. In contrast, it also points out that these customers may be their only repeat customers. It's an unusual declaration that's not often seen on any other dealer's website. 

Overall, this company appears to be a small business built up over the years. Investors may want to further research this company to be sure of their stability in the industry. Websites with limited links to critical information can turn off some investors.

Researching AJPM's Reviews

AJPM has very few reviews across the Internet, which is a bit odd for a company that's been in business for several decades. Most reviews can be found on Yelp along with the Better Business Bureau site. It appears that the majority of customers are pleased with AJPM's services and products. There are only a few negative remarks regarding poor customer service in the stores.

Additionally, AJPM has an A+ rating with the BBB. They've also been accredited since 2012. It takes effort to retain these ratings, so AJPM's reputation appears solid in the industry.

AJPM Review - BBB Rating

It's encouraging to see AJPM's industry affiliations prominently listed on the homepage too. According to their website, AJPM is part of these communities, including the Numismatic Guaranty Company, National Coin and Bullion Association, Gemological Institute of America, Professional Coin Grading Services, and Jewelers Vigilance Committee. In addition, they're also affiliated with the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce. All of these connections only boost the company's integrity among industry insiders and investors alike.

Looking at AJPM's Founders

As investors maneuver around AJPM's website, it's difficult to find any information about the company's founders. A wider search across the Internet pulls up their webpage regarding Rodney and Vicki Scott's positions as co-founders. This couple has been in the precious metals industry since the mid-1980s. However, this particular venture has been in business since the mid-1990s.

AJPM is considered a consolidation of this couple's previous businesses. Simple beginnings rising into a reputable business reflects this couple's perseverance in a tough industry.

AJPM also mentions an employee named Brandon. It's unclear why they don't mention his last name, but he's certainly appreciated by the owners. This page and most of the website give off a small business vibe that may please some investors. It appears that investors might get a personalized experience with AJPM if they contact any of the three locations.

Custodians and Depositories Through AJPM

AJPM doesn't mention anything about gold IRAs or Individual Retirement Accounts on their website. They don't appear to work with any industry custodians or depositories either. For investors who want to build their retirement portfolio, the lack of a gold IRA is a concern.

Gold or precious metals IRAs allow investors to hold physical gold and silver as investments. In contrast, traditional or Roth IRAs are only dedicated to paper assets. Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds can build wealth for an investor, but diversifying even further with gold and silver is attractive. 

AJPM Review - Custodian

Gold IRAs require an investor to work with an account custodian or manager. This individual assists the investor with precious metals purchases so that they can be shipped directly from a dealer or mint and out to a secure depository. This facility holds the tangible assets until the investor liquidates or takes possession of the items in retirement. 

AJPM's sole advertised service comes in the form of loans. They'll offer a loan to investors based on their precious metals collateral. This service doesn't offer any retirement benefits or tax incentives like a gold IRA. As a result, investors must look elsewhere for an account.

Setting up a Gold IRA

Because AJPM doesn't offer any gold IRA consultation services, it's important to know how the process works in general. Initially, investors must research legitimate gold IRA custodians. They're mostly found online because many banks don't offer these tangible asset services. There are many reputable custodians in the industry. It just takes some personal research to find an appropriate professional.

Gold IRA

The custodian activates an account for the investor. In response, the investor funds the account with either contributions or a rollover. Many investors select a rollover from an existing IRA or 401(k) because the amount has nearly no limits. Contributions to any IRA from a checking account, for example, have IRS limits.

With funds in the gold IRA, investors can then buy IRS-approved precious metals through the custodian. It's possible to buy these items from AJPM if the products are approved for these accounts. The custodian can make that determination for the investor.

Those precious metals ship to the depository for long-term storage. Although the investor cannot take possession of the precious metals at this time, they do have the option of holding them in retirement. Investors might pass the precious metals down to the next generation. They'll always have the option of liquidating the gold or silver, which gives the investor many choices for a secure retirement.

Evaluating AJPM's Product Lines

AJPM has an extremely basic inventory, which reminds investors of this company's small business status. However, their products are industry staples and familiar to most investors.

They have three tabs advertising gold, silver, and platinum bullion. There's a mixture of coins, bars, and rounds in each category. AJPM even sells silver bags. 

AJPM Review - Products

Each item has clear pricing for either buying from AJPM or selling to them. There's even a time at the bottom of the page to indicate the latest page update on pricing. An issue arises, however, when investors scroll up from the updated time.

Depending on when the page loads, it reflects a different day of the week than the current time. Some improvement on the page's internal loading might be an improvement across the product pages. Incorrect days and times will only confuse investors when they inquire about pricing.

All products on the website are basic listings. Investors cannot click on the images to investigate the item any further. They must call AJPM's hotline to go over any other details about the products.

Breaking Down IRA-Approved Products

Investors who want to purchase precious metals for their gold IRA will need to be experienced with IRS-approved products before shopping on AJPM's website. This company doesn't specify which items are IRS-approved products. 

Because AJPM doesn't advertise any information about IRAs, it makes sense that they wouldn't add these details to the individual products. In general, gold bullion that's approved for IRAs includes American Eagle, American Buffalo, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, and Australian Kangaroo coins. Perth Mint bars are another choice too. All of these products have specific purity and quality specifications that meet government requirements. 

Investors might inquire about IRA-eligible precious metals before making any purchase. AJPM appears to sell these items, but verifying the bullion's quality is recommended. Improper bullion placed into a gold IRA can cause tax troubles.

Selling to AJPM

AJPM offers two different ways to sell precious metals back to them. Investors might have a specific coin for sale, such as an American Gold Eagle. The website notes the buyback price on these types of coins.

Subsequently, investors call the hotline to complete the transaction. Be aware, however, that the website pricing may be slightly different than the final cost. AJPM appears to stay on top of current pricing, but the precious metals industry does have fluid costs throughout a given day.

Another buyback option is with scrap metals. AJPM offers a calculator on the site so that investors can see real-time prices. For example, select a metal type on the list, input the weight in grams, and instantly see a buyback amount. AJPM lists gold from 10 to 22 carats, 0.925 silver, and dental gold as appropriate buyback items. 

If investors have other precious metals for sale, it might be worth a phone call to AJPM. It's unclear if they'll negotiate on other scrap metals.

Listing Fee Structures

AJPM doesn't offer an official fee structure on its website. When investors click on "How to Order," they're taken to a page with a step-by-step process for order fulfillment. Because AJPM doesn't offer any gold IRA services, the company keeps its costs as simple as possible.

Investors will find fees associated with shipping. AJPM provides discounts to investors who buy products in bulk, for example. They state that product costs are as advertised on the site too.

Unlike other precious metals dealers, AJPM doesn't have a particular minimum order. Investors just need to buy one coin to start a transaction. In addition, AJPM also points out that they don't have any state tax in Oregon. This fact can be highly attractive to investors who may be in the market for a large purchase.

Deciding on AJPM's Services

This company appears to have a few loyal customers as mentioned on the website and across several online reviews. It appears to be a small business with a successful history.

For investors who may be Oregon locals, AJPM might be a great spot to visit for a precious metals conversation. The business might cater to this specific niche.

In contrast, most other investors scouring the Internet for a precious metals dealer might do better with another company. The limited inventory and lack of any gold IRA associations can be an issue, for example. Investors may need more options and helpful consultations to round out their retirement portfolios. 

Investors who want to work with AJPM, however, will appreciate the fact that they appear to be a legitimate business in the precious metals industry. They're simply a smaller entity than other sites found online.

AJPM Review - SiteJabber

Final Thoughts

There are many different precious metals dealers found online and in certain cities. Performing research on the best dealer for enhanced portfolio performance is the key to a positive experience. In the end, investors have yet another resource for retirement comfort.

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