American Hartford Gold Review

American Hartford Gold Review

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American Hartford Gold, a premier precious metals dealer based in Los Angeles, California, is dedicated to assisting individuals and families in investing in precious metals. Specializing in gold, silver, and platinum, American Hartford Gold offers physical delivery to your home or qualified retirement account, ensuring a seamless investment experience.

Boasting an impressive inventory of high-quality gold and silver coins, American Hartford Gold prides itself on providing competitive prices and guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction. Their commitment to quality service and fair pricing sets them apart in the industry.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating across numerous trusted platforms, American Hartford Gold has established a reputation for excellence. Additionally, they have been ranked as the number one gold company by prestigious entities like Inc5000 and were recognized among America's fastest-growing privately owned companies in 2021.

Discover why American Hartford Gold is a trusted leader in the precious metals industry and how they can help secure your financial future.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if American Hartford Gold passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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American Hartford Gold Review - Homepage

American Hartford Gold states that they're also the only precious metals company recommended by Bill O'Reilly, Rick Harrison, and Lou Dobbs.

Precious Metals

Investors looking for precious metals won't find a shortage of products with American Hartford Gold. Investors can find many types of gold and silver coins and bars. 

Some precious metals you'll find on the company's website are the Australian Wildlife Gold, Saint Helena Sovereign Gold, American Eagle, Australian Wildlife Silver, Europa, and the Bull, The Guardian 20z Silver, and more.

Gold IRA Overview

Aside from buying gold and silver, you can also open a gold IRA. American Hartford Gold states that opening a gold IRA is easy to set up with them. They focus on simplifying the process of rolling over or transferring your funds from your existing retirement account.

If you're interested in getting started with them, you'll be able to do so in just three easy steps that you can find on their website. Step one is to set up a time to talk with one of the company's dedicated IRA specialists. You can contact a specialist at 800-462-0071. They will help you fill out all of the required paperwork to initiate the process.

American Hartford Gold - Featured Products for Gold IRAs

Step two is to add money to your new account. On the company's website, it says that your account can be funded in three short days and possibly sooner. The company says that there is no need to contact your custodian as everything will be done on your behalf. 

Once your new IRA is funded, you will be able to select the precious metals that you would like to include in your account.

Step three is to purchase your gold or silver. Your IRA-eligible precious metals will be stored in a trusted vault that has been approved by the IRA.

American Hartford Gold also provides a list of eligible accounts that can be converted into a gold IRA. These accounts include a traditional IRA, Thrift Savings Plan, 403(b), Roth IRA, 401(k), and 457.

Custodian and Depository Information

American Hartford Gold states that as a client, you will enjoy experienced and expert custodial services. You will also get to choose a depository for the secure storage of your IRA-owned precious metals.

American Hartford Gold mentions a few depositories including Equity Trust, Brinks, Delaware Depository, and International Depository Services Group.

It's important to note that American Hartford Gold doesn't work with every single depository operated by the companies mentioned above. But you can talk with a representative about which locations they work with and determine which depository will make the most sense for your plan.

Fees, Other Costs, and Promotions

One of the biggest priorities when choosing a precious metal dealer is fees and other associated costs. No matter what company you choose, there is always a fee of some sort.

For instance, no matter what precious metals IRA you choose, you will pay a storage and maintenance fee that is charged annually. But it's possible to have additional fees, depending on the company you choose.

According to American Hartford Gold, storage and maintenance fees will depend on the custodian and depository you choose. However, you can expect to pay around $80 when using their custodian and $100 when using their depository.

For investors looking for the best vault protection that's fully sealed from anyone else, this fee will be around $150.

One of the benefits of American Hartford Gold is that they have fewer fees than most. While most companies like AHG charge a setup fee to start the paperwork process, American Hartford Gold does not charge this fee.

Additionally, there isn't a minimum amount of money that you need to begin investing. According to AHG's website, clients can invest as much or as little as they would like.

This advantage helps American Hartford Gold stand out among its competitors. For investors who only have a small amount of money to invest or those who want to give AHG a try, it's great to know that you have autonomy over how much you invest.

American Hartford Gold - Fees, Other Costs, and Promotions

In terms of promotions, American Hartford Gold doesn't appear to be hosting any at this time. However, they do appear to offer promotions from time to time. For instance, the company sometimes covers the first year of fees for clients that invest $10,000 or more. 

If you don't see any current promotions, it's worth it to call a representative to ask if you qualify for any promotions.

Reputable Recognitions

Another thing to pay attention to when choosing a precious metal company is the company's reputable recognition from other companies. 

American Hartford Gold has been recognized by many trusted companies, making it a precious metals dealer to watch.

American Hartford Gold Review - Trustpilot

American Hartford Gold has been recognized as an accredited business with the BBB and received an A+ rating. AHG has been recognized by the Business-Consumer Alliance and received a 5-star rating with Trustpilot. 

Additionally, AHG was top-rated 4 years in a row by Consumer Affairs and named an Inc5000 3-time winner. This recognition solidifies the company's reputation and puts AHG as a top choice for investors.


American Hartford Gold strives to provide customers with several resources to help them make the best decision for their investing needs.

Whether you're getting started with precious metals for the first time or you're an experienced investor looking for additional resources to aid in purchases, AHG has a comprehensive list of resources to meet your needs. Some of the resources you'll find on their website include:

Market News: American Hartford Gold is committed to sharing current news on things related to the precious metal market. Investors will find a combination of blog articles and videos to keep them informed.

Gold, Silver, and Platinum Charts: AHG offers an interactive gold, silver, and platinum price tool. This allows investors to see trends in gold, silver, and platinum prices that could affect their retirement plans. 

With this tool, investors can explore the current and historical performance of precious metals and compare them to other assets.

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Our Rating

American Hartford Gold: Pros & Cons

American Hartford Gold appears to be a solid company offering high-quality products and IRA services for its customers. To make a more informed decision, we're going to share a few positives and negatives about the company.

  • Buyback Program

One great thing to note about partnering with American Hartford Gold for your precious metals is its buyback program.

AMG's policy states that they are committed to each customer they work with, even after they've made a transaction with them. To build a lifelong partnership with its clients, they have developed a buyback program to help.

The company states that they can't guarantee that they will buy back your metals for legal reasons if you decide to sell them. However, they will try to buy back metals if possible. 

AHG encourages customers to call them first to see if they will receive a buyback offer. This is because they state that their offers are typically higher than what you will receive from a local pawn ship.

What's even greater is that you won't have to worry about liquidation or transaction costs that can eat away at your profit. When you call American Hartford Gold, you will receive a simple and transparent quote that details the worth of your items.

If you agree on the price, a representative will assist you with the shipping details. Once the metals arrive and are inspected, you will get paid for your metals. It's important to note that the buyback offer will not be as much as what you paid for the metals originally. But you can expect it to be higher than what you'll get anywhere else.

  • Excellent Reviews

Another important factor when choosing a precious metals company is the reviews. AHG has received several positive reviews across multiple trusted platforms like Consumer Affairs, Trustpilot, Yelp, and more.

The company has received nearly 5 stars across all platforms, which is impressive for any precious metal company. Most customers stated that AHG was very helpful and courteous throughout the entire process. 

Additionally, customers stated that the representatives at AHG offered prompt responses to queries and that their overall follow-up was exceptional.

Customers also stated that the company is transparent and offers the best customer experience compared to other companies they've tried. Additionally, many customers have said that the knowledgeable experience of the team gave them the confidence to start their investment journey.

Overall, American Hartford Gold appears to offer an exceptional customer service experience. For investors learning about the precious metals industry and professional investors, AHG makes it easy for investors to feel comfortable and secure in their investment choices.

  • Minimal Fees

Another advantage of working with American Hartford Gold is that they have minimal fees compared to its competitors. For investors who are looking to maximize their profits, American Hartford Gold appears to be a good company to get started with.

While the company does have an annual account setup and maintenance fee, this is standard for all precious metal companies. Additionally, the fact that there is no minimum investment amount is a bonus when working with AHG.

  • Affordable Precious Metals

Another advantage of choosing AHG is that they offer affordable precious metals. While you have to call AHG for product pricing, the company is known to have some of the most competitive prices compared to other precious metal companies.

This is yet another way for investors to save money and maximize their profits. Whether you're interested in gold or silver as a collectible or investing in a precious metals IRA, American Hartford Gold has plenty of products that are a great economical choice for your investing needs.

  • Must Call for Pricing

While AHG has plenty of positive things about it, there are a few disadvantages that investors should think about. One inconvenience is that you'll need to call for pricing if you're interested in a product.

If you're someone looking for a more seamless experience when purchasing precious metals, needing to call for prices can feel more like a disservice. 

While American Hartford Gold appears to be more than helpful in assisting its customers with their needs, it would be a lot easier to make purchase decisions with prices listed on its website.

  • Limitations on Minted Coins

Another potential disadvantage is the fact that AHG has limitations when it comes to its minted coins. Unfortunately, not many coins are minted in the last couple of years in their inventory.

Many of their coins are older. As a result, you'll find more inexpensive classic coins in their inventory. It's great that the company offers more affordable precious metals. But for investors looking for more diversity in products, the inventory selection at American Hartford Gold can feel more like a limitation.

American Hartford Gold: Overall Opinion

American Hartford Gold is certainly a company to consider. AHG provides investors with an opportunity to buy gold and silver, and open a gold IRA with them.

AHG has many highlights that are worth considering. For instance, they offer affordable precious metal products compared to some of its competitors. AHG also offers some of the lowest fees, which is always important to consider for investors.

Additionally, American Hartford Gold has earned a great reputation for itself. Not only have they been recognized by several trusted companies, but most customers have said that the team at AHG provides an exceptional customer service experience with knowledgeable staff.

Although American Hartford Gold has many positive aspects, there are a few things that investors should keep in mind. If you're an investor looking for upfront product prices, AHG may not be the best choice. The company states that you must call for pricing when you visit their inventory page.

Additionally, AHG appears to have relatively older minted coins that are more inexpensive. This poses a few limitations for investors who are looking for higher-quality coins or are just looking for more recently minted coins to add to their gold IRA.

Final Thoughts

Overall, American Hartford Gold seems to be a good company to purchase precious metals and open a gold IRA.

They offer a simple gold IRA process and comprehensive support from their IRA specialists. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to one of their representatives for more details.

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