AU Precious Metals Review

AU Precious Metals Review

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Searching for the best gold seller presents a dilemma for investors, and they must find a legitimate company with high-quality products. Investing in gold and other precious metals offers many advantages for these traders, and they can build incredible wealth. However, they must understand how to invest in these metals and get the highest returns possible.

Precious metals aren't like other investment options. Traders are more likely to achieve stability, gain value over time, and get a higher payout than many stocks. Adding metals to a portfolio helps diversify investments and offer non-risky options.

AU Precious Metals is a gold seller that offers an array of precious metals products. Reading more about the company helps clients determine if the company meets their needs or if another choice is better.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if AU Precious Metals passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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Who Is AU Precious Metals?

AU Precious Metals opened its doors in 2011 in Rochester, Michigan. As of 2023, the business has two locations: Rochester and Novi, Michigan.

 The company is not listed on the Better Business Bureau and has no accreditation or reviews from the agency. 

AU Precious Metals Review - Logo

As of 2023, the business provides in-person and phone sales, but they have a commercial website offering information about the organization and its products.

AU Precious Metals Review - Website

What Do They Sell?

AU Precious Metals sells a variety of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The company offers gold, silver, and platinum American Eagles eligible for an individual retirement account and Canadian Maple Leaf in platinum and gold.

AU Precious Metals Review - Services

Other gold products include commemorative coins, American Buffalo, and proof coins. Silver products also include foreign coins, proofs, and commemorative selections. Palladium bars, coins, and bullion are available; however, rhodium is limited to coins and bullion only. Other platinum selections include South African Elephants.

Products and prices are not displayed on the company website. The company's website doesn't specify if customers can request a product catalog. However, the customer service representatives can provide a complete list of the company's precious metals products.

Buying from AU Precious Metals

Buying products from AU Precious Metals requires the customer to call the phone number listed on the website or to send in a contact form. On the webform under "Invest in Bullion/Coins," customers add their information, the name of the products they want, and the quantity.

If they send in the webform, they must wait until a customer service representative reviews their details and calls them back. The customer service representative enters the information into an order file and sets up the order.

Customers can pay for their orders by e-check, credit card, or wire transfer. They must use a wire transfer from their bank if the order exceeds $10,000. Once the customer service representative provides a price lock, the customer is committed to the order and must send the payment within three days.

If they do not complete the order, there is a market loss penalty. The company's website doesn't specify the amount of the penalty or cancelation fees, but most gold sellers have both fees and charge the customer's payment method to collect them.

Selling to AU Precious Metals

Selling products to AU Precious Metals requires the customer to complete a webform under the "Mail-In Program" Tab or call the company directly.

The customer can provide a list of all items to get a quote. They will mail the precious metals to the company for an inspection. Once the items are received and assessed, the company issues a check to pay the customer.

AU Precious Metals uses X-ray technology to assess packages, determine if the metals are at the correct purity level, and meet their expectations. The company makes all assessments and provides price quotes based on their findings.

Is an IRA Funded by Gold or Other Metals Available?

AU Precious Metals doesn't have an individual retirement account opportunity for clients. However, the company does sell precious metals appropriate for these accounts, such as American Buffalo and Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaf.

Anyone wanting to start an IRA needs a custodian and an account with a depository to set up the IRA and store their precious metals. The customer doesn't coordinate purchases for an IRA through AU Precious Metals.

Their custodian must manage these requirements for them. If the customer chooses to buy more metals later for an IRA, they must coordinate with their custodian to send payments and set up the shipments to their depository. AU Precious Metals cannot create documentation for an IRA for customers; they only sell related products.

Custodians can explain how much a customer can contribute to their IRA each year and what products are required for the account. AU Precious Metals can provide some IRA-approved products for these accounts. Still, if the customer wants more of a variety of coins or bullion, they might consider a different provider. 

The Mail-In Program Tab

Using the "Mail-In Program" requires the customer to complete a webform and wait for the customer service representative to send them a shipping label. The customer prints the label and places it on discreet packaging to send the items to the company.

It's essential to place a complete list of all items in the package for security purposes. Under the tab is a lot of information about this three-step sale process.

Invest in Bullion or Coins Tab

Under the "Invest in Bullion/Coin" Tab, there is information about all the precious metals available through AU Precious Metals. There are tabs for each type of metal and detailed information to guide buyers through the process.

While there aren't images of the products, most traders who have purchased these items previously know what to expect. However, if they are first-time buyers, they can always look online to find images of each coin.

Sell Scrap Metal Tab

Under the "Sell Scrap Metal" tab, there is much information about what types of scrap metals, jewelry, and other particles of metals the company buys. They will purchase any precious metals except copper from customers.

The purchase price depends on if there are diamonds in the item, the weight of the metal, and its purity level. Customers can use the mail-in offer to sell these products and get cash for broken jewelry and other items they don't want.

Get a Quote Tab

The "Get a Quote" tab helps customers who want to buy precious metals get a price lock or shop for the metals. They don't have to commit if they don't request a price lock. It's a beneficial way to determine how much they may have to pay for the metals and other items they want.

Military and First Responder Discounts

All active-duty military personnel, veterans, and first responders receive discounts on all their precious metals purchases through AU Precious Metals. While the company's website doesn't specify the discount amount, there is an easy-to-use webform to get the discount.

The customers provide their name, phone number, email address, and badge or ID number on the form. They must also upload an image of their badge or ID and save it on the website. Once approved, the customers receive their discount with each order.

Signing Up Mailing List or Newsletter

AU Precious Metals offers a mailing list and newsletter sign-up provides for customers. Visitors who sign up for the mailing list receive email marketing materials.

These emails include special offers and deals to help them save on their precious metals purchases. Customers purchasing precious metals from AU Precious Metals regularly could get more deals and discounts.

Latest Articles and News

At the bottom of the company website's main page is its "Latest Articles and News" section. The company posts new articles and information about investing in precious metals.

The posts direct first-time investors on how to buy precious metals, increase their wealth, and get the most out of retirement plans.

Contact Request Form

New customers requesting information or speaking to a customer service representative can fill out a request form. After they fill it out, a representative will contact the customer quickly. The company has additional contact information on the website, including the phone number and email address.

AU Precious Metals is a legitimate gold seller offering many products, but customers cannot view them online. The company provides phone orders and opportunities to buy precious metals in person. The business has two locations in Michigan where customers can buy and sell metals.

Customers can also sell their metals or scrap pieces to the company through a mail-in program to get fast cash. They can get a quote for what they have based on the description; however, the company must inspect and weigh all the items the customer wants to sell.

Final Thoughts

The business offers opportunities for military personnel, vets, and first responders to get discounts on all products on every purchase. The customers must send information about their ID or badge and an image.

Other discounts are available by signing up for the mailing list or company newsletter. Overall, AU Precious Metals seems like a good company, but customers should compare them to other gold sellers of interest first.

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