The Best Precious Metals IRA Companies

The Best Precious Metals IRA Companies

There are many factors that you should keep in mind when selecting a precious metals IRA company key among them being the integrity, reliability, and industry reputation of the company.

After all, the precious metals IRA company that you choose will be in charge of facilitating the security of your financial future.

Investing in precious metals has historically been a very stable, reliable, and steady investment option in recent years compared to the great volatility that comes with investing in the stock market.

For this simple reason, many prolific investors including retirees are hedging and diversifying their portfolios with gold and silver IRAs.

While many investors usually focus on more traditional investments such as bonds, stocks, and mutual funds, the tax code also allows people to invest in precious metals like platinum, silver, and gold using special IRA accounts.

Unlike a traditional IRA which can be easily handled by a custodian, the setting up of a precious metals IRA is a more rigorous and specialized process. In some cases, when setting up this type of IRA, investors usually need to seek an approved depository and custodian.

Once an investor buys gold, it has to be taken to the approved depository so that a custodian can monitor it. For this to happen, gold investors need to find a reputable and reliable company that deals in gold IRAs to assist the process.

Top 7 Precious Metals IRA Companies

Goldco: Sean Hannity Gold & Silver

Goldco prides itself on offering exceptional "white glove" customer service, and precious metals education.

Augusta Precious Metals

Known for one-on-one educational web conference designed by on-staff, Harvard-trained economic analyst. Award-winning “Best Gold IRA Company,” singled out by Money magazine and others. 

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold makes it easy to convert part or all of your 401k or IRA into physical gold or silver.

Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group helps investors protect against an uncertain future by taking direct possession of their precious metals.

lear capital logo

Lear Capital

Lear Capital has been helping investors since 1997, and they strive to not only earn your business but to maintain it with great service.

Noble Gold: Gold IRA, Silver IRA, & Physical Precious Metals

Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold helps you secure your financial future and diversify your portfolio with real assets you can hold.

Orion Metal Exchange

Orion Metal Exchange

With over 40 years of combined experience in the precious metal industry, Orion Metal Exchange understands that its success is dependent on its client's success.

Goldco as a company and its staff always go the extra mile of ensuring that existing and prospective customers receive all the information they need when choosing precious metals IRAs. 

Our main reason for highlighting this company is its quality customer service support.

So far, we have not identified any company that takes the measures that Goldco does to ensure that they provide as much information as possible to customers to gain their confidence.

The company which was founded in 2006 also has other great qualities that make it an ideal choice for gold investors but what makes it stand out the most is the superior customer service they render.

Goldco is known for treating all its customers with its “white-glove service” from the start. This service usually features direct access to a gold investment specialist who will usually guide each customer through all investment processes.

Further, the company also encourages its customers to make use of the extensive precious metals investment information that is found on its website. In addition to maintaining e-books and videos, the company also maintains an in-depth blog that covers a range of topics on investment.

This customer-focused approach to serving investors has earned Goldco Precious Metals near-perfect reviews on trusted platforms such as Trust Pilot and Consumer Affairs.

To learn more about the investment process at Goldco including fees, custodians, account minimums, and depositories, you need to get in touch with the company. If you provide, your name and contact details they will also provide you with a free guide.

The process of setting up a gold IRA at Goldco is fairly easy and can for the most part be done online. The company offers different IRAs and 401(k) rollovers that you can use to transfer your existing retirement funds into your preferred IRA.



Michelle C. 

I was a little worried with moving my 401k but I had done my research and knew what I wanted.

Goldco did a fantastic job of handling my account, I had a great experience with David Brein and Kenny, they were both very professional and available to answer my questions. The process has been smooth all around, I highly recommend Goldco. Thank you.

on Trustpilot

Jeffrey C.

I have invested several times, including just recently. My rep at Goldco has kept me informed about the precious metals market. My last two investments in the last 8 months were predicated on the advice of my Goldco rep.

I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by Goldco.



I have never been a guru when it comes to 401k's, IRA's etc... Goldco made it so simple for me to rollover my 401k and answered all of my questions and more.

I was hesitant and worried if I was doing the right thing but after speaking with a couple different Reps I was feeling very confident and actually eager to make this change. Everyone was so helpful and I always get a real person to talk to when I call.

Absolutely amazing people that care about you and your well being not just a customer in my book.


Marcel F.

A++++ Goldco made the process smooth and easy. They thoroughly explained everything and answered all of my questions. A pleasure doing business with them, I didn't expect that. A seamless experience...

  • They offer extensive educational resources
  • 100% FREE IRA Rollover
  • They offer 10% back in free silver coins if you open a new account that qualifies
  • The company has a $25,000 minimum investment policy

This company is regarded as a market leader when it comes to precious metals IRAs. It has won several awards for the quality of services offered over the years.

Augusta Precious Metals have consistently proven that it can retain customers throughout the life of its investment.

Since its inception in 2012, this company has strived to educate retirees on how they can protect their money by diversifying their retirement portfolios with gold and silver IRAs.

This company has risen to the top because of its commitment to making the investment process simple and transparent.

Unlike most precious metals investment companies, Augusta usually offers their customers lifetime customer support services regardless of whether the customer transfers their portfolio to another firm.

As it is, the company has separate departments that deal specifically with gold investing. The unique mode of operation at Augusta usually ensures that each of their clients gets all their savings.

Because of its partnership with the Royal Canadian Mint, Augusta usually has purer coins and better rates than competing investment firms.

Another benefit is that Augusta Precious Metals also makes it easy for clients to acquire IRA-approved precious metals to be added to one’s physical gold portfolio.

One of the key things that make Augusta stand out is that it is staffed by a highly-trained team of professionals who have extensive knowledge of investing in precious metals. They are always at hand to offer genuine and practical advice to clients.

It is also important to point out that, unlike other companies, Augusta does not just deal in precious metal IRAs but also offers clients the opportunity to buy physical precious metal coins.

  • They have informative video content on how to invest in precious metals on their website
  • They encourage clients to diversify their portfolios
  • They sometimes offer fee waivers for up to 10 years
  • They have a $50,000 minimum purchase order
  • There is insufficient information on fees levied on their website

American Hartford Gold makes it on this list for two key reasons - offering a wide range of precious metals investment options such as platinum, gold, and silver – in both coin and bullion form, at reasonable prices, and, their exceptional customer services.

Reviews by different customers have shown that the company’s staff are not only highly knowledgeable in precious metals investing but also highly personable.

The staff has been known to listen to the unique needs of each customer and then provide personalized solutions to the problem(s) at hand.

The firm also offers 24/7 customer support to clients. This means that they are always accessible no matter the time zone that the client lives in.

The company has also made a name for itself with its investor education program. This program aims at providing each client with sufficient information to enable them to make an informed decision on the best investment option.

The company also has a variable fee structure for the services that they render. This means that you are usually asked to pay a fee that is directly proportional to how often you use your IRA.

  • They offer clients 24/7 customer service support
  • They have an extensive investor education program
  • They have a fairly low investment minimum which is capped at $10,000
  • They do not list their prices and fees on their page
  • They have fairly low transaction speeds
  • They do not ship outside the United States

Birch Gold Group is a top-tier gold and other precious metals investment firm that focuses on ensuring that customers invest wisely for a safer retirement. They offer unique investment options that are backed by precious metals meaning that clients’ investments are safer than when put into regular retirement accounts.

One advantage of getting a precious metals portfolio from this company is that, unlike a traditional retirement account where you can lose your savings in case of a market crash, your savings are safe as they are backed by a gold IRA.

This is one of the key reasons that clients find this company highly attractive.

Birch Gold Group usually works with clients to help them understand where their money is invested and why this is the best investment option. 

To offer this information, they have created a content library that can be found on the company’s website.

The company also maintains prolific social media accounts and a podcast that offers insights into the growth cycles of precious metals and the precious metals market.

Their dedication to helping clients understand why precious metals such as gold are a great investment has continued to attract more and more clients over the years.

Its exceptional quality of service can be seen through the glowing reviews it has attracted on its website and other online platforms.

The Birch Gold Group team usually includes different specialists including financial advisors, wealth managers, and commodity brokers.

All these experts help clients create a better retirement nest by creating new IRA accounts and facilitating the rollover of retirement funds into precious metals portfolios.

  • The minimum investment is only $10,000
  • They offer clients more choices by dealing with different depository facilities and custodian companies
  • Customers can query fees and costs directly from the group’s website
  • They deal in many different precious metals including platinum and palladium
  • Their flat-rate structure is ideal for frequent customers and bulk purchasers
  • Their flat-rate structure may not bode well for small and infrequent precious metal purchasers
  • They have a long processing period that can last upwards of a month

IRA rollovers can be complicated and as such, they need to be handled by extensively trained professionals. Lear Capital primarily deals in IRA rollovers which means they are adept at their trade.

Their expertise in rollovers is the main reason why they feature among our top recommendations.

Since its inception in 2010, this company has climbed the ranks of precious metals investment companies because of its competitive pricing models and high customer ratings. This company has shown that they are a capable gold IRA company for 401k rollovers for their specialization in rollovers and the fact that they offer this service at no charge.

Though this company does not yet have any ratings from Consumer Affairs, they have received a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance and several glowing reviews on other consumer review platforms.

Lear Capital has a simple and transparent billing structure. Customers pay a flat rate of $250 per year for storage services which are usually segregated. This fee is much lower than that charged by other firms.

The company does not charge any additional fees. However, as a new client, you may be asked to part with a specified minimum investment to open an account at Lear Capital.

  • The company has an extensive IRA rollover track record
  • They do not charge any fees for IRA rollovers or transfers
  • They charge an annual flat rate for storage services
  • You can not purchase products from the company online

Noble Gold is our top recommendation for small investors looking to venture into precious metals IRAs because they have minimum investment requirements and extensive educational resources for customers.

The company which was established in 2016 is relatively new to the precious metals IRA market.

However, because of the benefits that we have mentioned above, it has quickly become a preferred choice for many investors.

During its short lifespan, it has gained popularity with customers and consumer rating agencies so far has garnered a BB rating with BCA (with just one customer complaint that was successfully dealt with by the company), and, a 5-star rating with Consumer Affairs.

They also offer each new potential customer extensive resources, the company also offers the first consultation with the view of helping the firm understand the customer’s desires and goals.

Once this initial consultation is concluded, the customer is matched with a trusted advisor who has the job of advising, guiding, and educating the customer on precious metals investing without turning to forceful sales tactics.

Though the company does not have the lowest rates, theirs are among the most competitive in the Gold IRA market.

New customers at Noble Gold do not have to pay any signup fee but they are required to pay an annual $80 for account maintenance. Additionally, all customers have to part with an annual $150 fee for storage services.

The best part is that these flat fees are charged on all types of accounts irrespective of the account size. Note that Noble Gold only offers segregated storage services.

Noble Gold usually relies on Equity International as its custodian. They also use International Depository Services (IDS) for storage.

The depository is based both in the United States and Canada. It is further backed by a Lloyd’s of London insurance policy.

  • They offer low minimum investment rates
  • They provide customers with in-depth educational resources
  • They offer flat service and storage rates
  • Annual maintenance fees can be too high for investors with small account balances

This company features on this list because of its extensive experience in gold IRA investing.

In operation for over five decades, Orion Metal Exchange has garnered an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 4.9 out of 5 rating with Trust Pilot as of March 15, 2021.

The company has a host of educational resources on its website which mostly stands out because of the clearly and concisely answered FAQs on their websites.

However, the other resources they offer are not as detailed or extensive.

We recently called a representative from the firm and noted that the individual was knowledgeable and informative.

On calling the company back at a later date, the representative remembered our name and the information that we were following up on.

The representative however did not remember to mention an increase in the hike of prices for setting up an account unlike representatives from other firms, but they did mention that we plan for a hike in rates based on industry trends.

At Orion Metal exchange, you can only set up an account with a minimum of $200,000 for which you have to pay an annual service fee of $150. Accounts above $200,000 usually attract a service fee of $225.

The company has great reviews on different platforms and competitive rates for accounts that have balances under $200,000.

Though the educational resources on their website are minimal, they always have a customer support representative who is ready to answer any queries that are not directly answered on the website.

  • They have low annual maintenance fees
  • You can invest in four different types of precious metals
  • You can only buy precious metal coins from the company

What is a Precious Metals IRA?

This is a specialized and self-directed type of retirement account for individuals that holds investments in precious metals. Just like conventional IRAs, with a gold IRA, you can make pre-tax contributions and the tax from the earnings in your portfolio(s) can be deferred.

The income limits and contributions made to a gold IRA are akin to those of traditional IRAs. However, unlike traditional IRAs which focus on paper-based assets such as bonds, EFTs, funds, stocks, and other cash equivalents, gold IRAs only hold physical gold or other approved precious metals.

Note that you cannot hold/store the gold yourself rather it has to be stored in a secure depository.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a set of guidelines on metal finess standards that are used in determining whether precious metals in the form of coins or bullion can be approved for gold IRAs.

Additionally, the IRS only allows specific gold coins such as the American Gold Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf. Experienced precious metals investment firms know and can tell you what is acceptable or not acceptable by the IRS.

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