Beverly Hills Precious Metals Review

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Diversifying a portfolio is a crucial strategy for ensuring robust growth and stability.

While the economy inevitably experiences fluctuations, a balanced mix of stocks and bonds is the traditional choice for astute investors. However, today's market offers additional assets for even greater diversification.

Incorporating precious metals into a portfolio is an increasingly popular alternative. To do so effectively, it's essential to identify a reputable dealer for these transactions.

Beverly Hills Precious Metals presents a compelling option for investors. By exploring their services and products, investors can take a significant step toward achieving a well-diversified and resilient portfolio.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Beverly Hills Precious Metals passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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Learning About Beverly Hills Precious Metals

BHPM is based out of Beverly Hills, California, which is famous for its wealthy residents. And by extension, it appears that BHPM offers reputable services to this community.

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The website describes the founder, Andrew Sorchini, as a patriotic man with 30 years of precious metals experience. In fact, the site even points out his relationships with other conservative patriots, including General Flynn. 

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However, the website has a simplistic design that guides investors to a contact form or phone number on most pages. It appears that BHPM operates with a personalized experience at the core of each sale. Presumably, investors call to buy gold or silver from BHPM. There are no products listed or pictured on the site either. Investors must call for any information about the potential investment.

This company offers a few articles about inflation and investment opportunities too. Investors can look over these items, but a broader look at other opinions is a good rule of thumb. Go online, and research precious metals investments for a more well-rounded perspective of this industry.

Selling Precious Metals to BHPM

There are investors today who already own precious metals. They may need to liquidate these items for any financial reason, however. Gold or silver coins and bars are items that can be sold back to BHPM, for example. 

This company offers a basic, step-by-step procedure for buying back precious metals. The process starts with a phone call to a representative. Investors describe the items, and the company negotiates a price.

BHPM states that it sends the investor a buyback order and shipment details at this point. Presumably, the promised price is locked in as the shipment process commences. Investors should receive a payment as soon as BHPM evaluates the items.

Beverly Hills Precious Metals - Selling Precious Metals to BHPM

However, the website doesn't state its policy about renegotiating on price once the items are received. Investors may want to ask about this scenario so that there are no surprises after shipment. Many companies reserve the right to alter the buyback price if they notice product issues upon receipt.

In addition, BHPM makes it clear that it doesn't buy precious metal jewelry. It works strictly with investment-level gold and silver. It's unclear if they negotiate prices on palladium or platinum. These precious metals are also commonplace in this industry.

Buying Precious Metals From BHPM

Remarkably, there is less information about buying precious metals from BHPM than selling the items back to them. Click on the "How to Buy/Sell" tab, and investors are taken to a page with a contact form. There's a paragraph regarding the company's history in precious metals and directions for filling out the form. 

There is no information about fees or rough pricing. There aren't even any mentions of product types, such as coins, bars, or rounds. Every instruction points to scheduling a consultation.

Investors have a lot of work to do on this phone call. There must be discussions about product types, weights, and costs. Questions about fees and commissions should also come up. BHPM's lack of information makes the purchasing process extremely difficult. Payment options aren't even listed on the site, which makes this subject another discussion goal during the phone call.

Because there is so much information that must be verbally discussed, there's potential for confusion. Ideally, investors should have a pen and pad ready during this call to keep the information straight in their minds.

Evaluating BHPM's Customer Service

The BHPM website describes the company's commitment to customer service. They explain that each consultation involves discussions about investors' goals so that any investment is a personalized one. 

These promises across the site are admirable, but some reviews describe a completely different scenario. Some customers state that BHPM doesn't follow up after contact forms are submitted or the phone number simply rings and rings, for instance.

In contrast, other reviews are glowing with satisfied customers describing a great experience.

As a result, it's difficult to gauge BHPM's customer service experience. Investors may want to start with a consultation, which allows them to survey the experience on their own. They don't have to commit to any purchases on the first call to BHPM.

Building Trust With BHPM

Investing any amount of retirement savings with a new company requires some research. Essentially, investors need to know if a company is legitimate in the precious metals industry before working with them. 

One of the best resources online for company research is the Better Business Bureau. Search for BHPM here, and investors may be surprised to find no complaints and only a handful of reviews. It's concerning to see a few stellar reviews here mixed with serious complaints about poor shipping practices or even questions about missing assets.

Google reviews provide a similar picture of BHPM as well. There seem to be either extremely happy customers or very concerned investors reporting their experiences. It's difficult to make a solid decision about BHPM at this point. Investors should be wary of any company that has such extremely different reviews in the virtual world.

Getting Familiar With Precious Metals IRAs

One product that's not discussed at all on BHPM's website is the precious metals IRA or Individual Retirement Account. It appears that BHPM is strictly a precious metals dealer with no affiliations with gold IRAs.

Investors who're interested in precious metals should seriously consider these alternative accounts. Gold IRAs allow investors to buy and hold precious metals for retirement savings. As an added benefit, these accounts also provide tax incentives that are similar to traditional IRAs.

Gold IRAs require a custodian to manage the account. Investors work with this custodian to buy IRS-approved precious metals. This custodian might even buy precious metals from BHPM, but it's unclear if they sell IRS-approved products.

These purchased items ship from a dealer or mint and end up at a depository. These facilities are also IRS-approved locations where precious metals are secured 24 hours a day. Depending on the investor, the precious metals might be either commingled with other customers' products or separated.

With the precious metals safely in a depository, investors allow the items to gain value over time. They cannot take possession of the precious metals until retirement. At that point, they can liquidate the items or store the precious metals at home. 

Gold IRAs give investors the chance to roll over funds from another retirement account to fund the precious metals purchase. There are no taxes involved with a direct rollover, which makes this investment strategy highly attractive. Investors simply select an amount to use for the precious metals purchase and contact their 401(k) administrator, for example.

Deciding on Investment Amounts

Any investment strategy involves diversifying a portfolio. By investing in many different things, there is less risk of losing a lot of value at any given time. The portfolio will have small gains and losses as it grows over the decades. 

When it comes to precious metals, these assets tend to increase in value over long periods. Investors who're interested in these assets should consider holding them for several decades. As a result, they'll get more out of the investment as a whole.

Ideally, investors should only invest up to 10 percent of their retirement funds in precious metals. They'll be able to ride any economic downturns with a mixture of precious metals and paper assets, such as stocks and bonds.

Placing too much emphasis on precious metals returns could result in a loss. Investors should simply keep diversification in mind with any investment as they approach retirement age.

Choosing a Reputable Precious Metals Dealer

Investors should invest some time in researching their precious metals dealer before selecting a company. There are a few basic steps to follow.

Start by reading reviews about the company. Look for any patterns that might emerge, such as shipping problems or missed phone calls. Dealers with poor reputations will often have a pattern of behaviors that consumers note through these online reviews. Investors should use these comments to narrow down their selections.

Beverly Hills Precious Metals Review-BBB Reviews

Use the BBB website as another resource. Ideally, the dealer should have a good rating and accreditation by the BBB. Although these two designations aren't required in the business world, they tell investors that a dealer is reputable. The BBB has strict guidelines for their ratings and accreditation, which companies must earn.

Reputable dealers will also have plenty of information about shipment, payment, and product return policies. By informing the potential customer, these policies protect both parties during any transactions. Additionally, fee structures listed on the site are another sign of a trustworthy dealer. Investors will know what to expect with their transactions.

Some of the best precious metals dealers don't have product pricing because gold and silver values change so much. As a result, a lack of pricing isn't necessarily a red flag. There are only a few dealers that add pricing to their product pages. In those cases, the prices may be rough estimates only.

Finalizing Investment Decisions

BHPM has many famous faces featured on its website, which can legitimize a company in the eyes of potential customers. However, these endorsements cannot make up for the lack of transparency across the site.

This company doesn't offer any information about fees on the site. BHPM relies on phone calls to go over this information. By that time, investors already feel committed to working with BHPM. This company can significantly improve by adding product photos and service fees to its pages. 

It's also a concern that BHPM isn't accredited or rated by the BBB. A company that's been in business for several decades will usually have a rating by now. This fact is a red flag as investors research the best precious metals dealer.

Overall, precious metals investors can have a better experience by choosing another company. BHPM has too many questions about their name at this point. With more transparency on their site, investors might have a solid reason to choose BHPM in the future.

Precious metals have a tangible value that is attractive in any economy. Investors can start with a small purchase and work their way toward larger amounts in the future. In the end, a mixture of tangible and paper assets will only create stability during retirement.

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