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Bold Precious Metals Review

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According to the Better Business Bureau, Bold Precious Metals has been in business for seven years and has been accredited for slightly more than six of those years. One family owns the business.

The family started out because of its history with numismatics.

The patriarch of the family was an avid coin collector, and he always made sure to educate the family members on the importance not only of the history of the coins but also of the coins themselves. 

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

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Bold Precious Metals holds on to the philosophy of the coins being works of art that should be appreciated for their beauty as well as for their value.

 That history of numismatics as a hobby laid the groundwork for well-informed business practices in the precious metals business. Because the company's founders had dealt with the buying and selling of coins for many years, there was no steep learning curve when starting out.

Today, the chief focus of the company is to create an educated client base that appreciates coins the way the family does. Their diligence in the business has borne fruit in the form of good working relationships with many rare-coin suppliers around the world. The company also puts a premium on good customer relations.

Bold Precious Metals Website

The website of Bold Precious Metals is excellent. Not only is it user-friendly and intuitive, but it allows both prospects and existing clients to drill down to the very coins they want to buy. The website gives users a filter system for that purpose. 

Bold precious metals-logo

Clients can pick their desired metal and then see categories of coins and other items made from that metal. Each item is meticulously monitored for both accurate price and number in stock. Some of the items are abundant, with hundreds in stock, while others have only a single instance "on the shelf." 

There are items from the United States, Australia, Canada, Austria, and the United Kingdom along with other countries all over the world. The company also gives estimated delivery dates, which vary depending on the origin of the purchased items. 

Some of them should ship in two or three days whereas others could take weeks. The company makes sure to mention that these are estimated delivery dates and not guarantees. Based on the number of items folks purchase, Bold Precious Metals gives them discounts.

As an example from the website on May 3, 2023, the Darth Vader Gold Coin in Brilliant Uncirculated condition sells for $2,201.20 each when you buy 15 or more of them, which is $26.65 per coin less than the going rate.

That's not a big discount, but as the saying goes, "It's better than a sharp stick in the eye." Because of the charges incurred by the company when dealing with either credit cards or PayPal, the price is slightly more per coin than it is when you pay cash or check.

The company deals with silver bullion and coins much more than in gold, platinum, or palladium. Some of the upcoming silver coins have multiple thousands available as part of a preorder.

On the website, Bold Precious Metals ensures that its clients know the difference between rounds and actual coins: Rounds are not legal tender. In fact, the website is chock full of information that might not be apparent to precious metals rookies. 

Company Philosophy

The company's philosophy also includes the belief that all currency systems other than precious metals will eventually fail because the only thing backing those systems is a government or other incorporeal entity.

Secondary to that, the company believes that investing in gold and other precious metals protects your dollars from being manipulated for personal gain by nefarious characters the world over.

The company, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, quotes the Book of Genesis in saying that Abraham became rich in livestock and gold and then also saying that while they don't have access to livestock, they certainly have the gold angle covered.

That philosophy extends to buying back items when clients decide to divest from all or part of their precious metals. The company will buy back the items at the current market price, which makes sense. Precious metals are a long-term investment strategy. 

Clients won't be making a "fast buck" buying and selling these metals. The idea is to buy today and possibly sell 30 years later. Of course, emergencies arise, and people need to sell before that. Bold Precious Metals accommodates these clients.

Shipping with Bold Precious Metals

Domestic orders come with free shipping as long as they're $200 or more. Only coins and bullion count toward the minimum price. Coin-related merchandise does not. The shipping cost otherwise is nominal: just $6 for normal shipping.

Should you prefer expedited shipping, then the cost is $7 more. Bold Precious Metals takes the security of its shipments seriously, so any order of $760 or more automatically requires a signature upon delivery. 

The company offers the signature service on lesser orders for just $3 more. Bold Precious Metals goes with the rules of the United States Postal Service, which mandate that the signatory must be 21 years of age or older.

Upcoming Storage Options

According to the company's website, it doesn't currently offer a precious-metals IRA nor an option for storing such items. It also follows that the company also doesn't yet provide the services of a custodian for a precious-metals IRA.

However, the company does plan on providing precious metals IRAs soon. The page on the website that outlines this upcoming change doesn't mention whether or not it will provide custodian services, as well, so you should check the website periodically for applicable updates.

The company also plans to provide access to a secure depository in the future. Whether or not the company will build such a structure, or provide access to an already-existing one, remains to be seen.

Remember, any bullion or "coins as bullion" may not be stored in your home, which is different than buying rare collectible coins. As of yet, Bold Precious Metals doesn't offer collectible coins, however, and there is no mention on the website if it will or won't in the future. 

Other Rules for Precious Metals IRAs

Once the company begins offering these IRAs, you can being to store your bullion and approved coins in them. The IRS has strict controls over what can and cannot be stored therein.

These accounts are known as "self-directed" accounts, meaning that you have complete control over what to do regarding the account as long as what you do complies with the law. The IRS also mandates that a custodian must do the actual legwork regarding the account at your direction.

The depositories where you store your items must meet a rigorous set of security and integrity guidelines set forth by the IRS. This will include any depository that Bold Precious Metals builds if it intends to do so.

Paradigm Gold Group - Types of Precious Metals IRAs

The law says that all precious metals put into such an account must be newly purchased and put into the account immediately. Even if you bought the gold yesterday, it doesn't count. That is one reason why a custodian is required to do the transactions for you.

You tell the person, "Buy this and such on this date." The custodian takes your payment, makes the purchase, and arranges for the shipment of the IRA-bound precious metals to the secure depository. Also, it bears mentioning that your precious metals will be wholly yours while in storage.

No one else will own a part of them, and you won't own any part of anyone else's. This is the way it is even if your items are stacked next to or in the same pile as someone else's in the depository. 

When you put precious metals into an IRA, the same rules regarding withdrawals apply as those pertaining to regular IRAs. That means that you can't make withdrawals without penalty until you are 59.5 years old and that you must make periodic minimum withdrawals when you turn 72 years of age.

The penalties depend on what you do, how much you remove or don't, as the case may be, and the like. Remember, too, that if you take delivery of any of the items that you've put into an IRA so that you can store them at your home, that counts as a withdrawal and subjects you to the penalties and possible tax implications.

To learn more about how to invest in these special accounts, be sure to read our article: How to Move a 401k to Gold Without a Penalty


There are exceptions to the rule about selling before being 59.5. If your custodian dies, for example, you might need to gain possession of your precious metals while searching for another custodian. If you need money to cover expenses because you've suddenly lost your job, that also qualifies.

So does the need to provide child care so that you can continue to work. There are other variables included, of course, and it would be a very good idea to contact either the IRS itself, your custodian, or even an attorney to find out all the rules and how they apply to you.

And it is important to do your own research and learn exactly how to sell a gold IRA before investing in one.

Bold Precious Metals Products Through eBay

EBay lists products from Bold Precious Metals, but beware. There are markups on eBay. For example, a bar of 1 Troy ounce of silver currently goes for about $25, but the same item on eBay is selling for $41.

That's nearly a 60% markup. Even gold is marked up about 25% or 30%. There is no reason to buy on eBay when Bold Precious Metals' website is there already and is as great as it is.

Client Reviews and the BBB

Bold Precious Metals holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is still accredited after six years. However, there are currently 14 complaints on file that have been submitted over the last three years, eight of which occurred in the last 12 months.

To its credit, Bold Precious Metals has responded to each complaint with professionalism. In particular, the representatives from the company exhibited great restraint when confronted with clients acting like spoiled children not getting their favorite desserts.

The policies and the terms and conditions are clear on the website if clients take the time to read them. The policies are also comprehensive and cover most things that can be foreseen.

In the cases the complaints where a computer or human error was concerned, Bold Precious Metals made allowances and provided small gifts or discounts to the clients, most of whom accepted the company's responses.

It must be said, though, that a $10 discount is quite small when considering that orders could run into thousands of dollars. 

There are several bad reviews on Trustpilot, too, but those reviews claim "bad business practices" when the reviewers obviously didn't read the terms and conditions or bother to double-check the different prices for cash when compared to credit cards and PayPal.

As with any company that has online reviews, there are scads of glowing "best-ever" comments and an equal number of "crooks-and-liars" comments. These should be discarded if there is no data listed other than the comment itself. Most of the time, the real reviews will be honest assessments with details and a company response if applicable.


All in all, Bold Precious Metals seems to be on the up and up, and this reviewer recommends the company for your precious metals needs.

As with any situation where you and your money will "soon be parted," however, it is always prudent to seek confirmation of any claims and to research any applicable trends or other information before buying anything. That's just good business.

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