Bullion Trading LLC Review

Bullion Trading LLC Review

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With unpredictable markets, inflation rates, and uncertain political climates, many traders have turned to gold and silver as a safety net to secure their future.

They are considered crisis commodities, but investing in these metals helps build wealth and security for years according to how much the owner accumulates and saves over time. Unlike investing in stocks, these ventures require patience, market savvy, and fortitude.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Bullion Trading LLC passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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Before anyone builds their supply of precious metals, they must find the most appropriate seller to meet their expectations and provide the highest quality metals.

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Comparing companies can become difficult for some people, but online reviews give them further insight into what to expect. Reading about Bullion Trading LLC offers detailed information about the company and what they offer.

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History and Public Ratings

Bullion Trading LLC opened in 2009 in New York, New York. The company buys and sells precious metals via phone, in-person, and online, and it has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2023 with an A+ rating.

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As of 2023, there weren’t any customer complaints or reviews on the BBB for Bullion Trading LLC. The company offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and customers can also buy gifts and casting grains. 

What Products Are Available from Bullion Trading LLC?

Bullion Trading LLC offers many products that meet the needs of investors and collectors. The business provides many gold and silver bars ranging from one ounce to one kilo. Among the gold coins the organization offers are Krugerrand, Philharmonic, Maple Leaf, U.S. Mint coins, British Royal Mint coins, Chinese gold coins, and world gold coins.

Silver products are U.S. silver coins, Austrian silver Philharmonic silver rounds, and government-minted silver coins. Customers can also buy one-ounce platinum or palladium coins and bars ranging from one-ounce to gram bars.

Bullion Trading LLC Review - Products

The company also provides several gift opportunities and casting grains from gold or silver. There are tabs for all the products on the website, and visitors can browse these products anytime without any obligation to buy anything.

Casting grains are an excellent choice for anyone who produces jewelry. The metals are easier to liquefy and mold the metals into any shape or size, and many jewelers buy these grains from gold sellers to get a lower price. Customers can review the prices for these casting grains under the “Casting Grains” tab on the Bullion Trading website.

Buying Products from Bullion Trading LLC

Bullion Trading LLC offers several options for buying metals and collectibles. Customers can visit their location in New York, browse the company’s products in person, and complete an order.

They can also call in their order and let a customer service representative help them set up an account, payment, and shipment. Finally, there is a fully functional e-commerce website that accommodates online purchases.

Buying Products from Bullion Trading LLC

Shopping online requires the visitor to register for a user account and enter personal details and a payment method. They’ll click “Add to Cart” on all products they want to buy and then complete the online checkout process.

Customers that want to place orders that exceed $4,999.99 must set up a bank wire transfer to pay for their order. All orders the customer wishes to pay for by wire transfer require a minimum purchase of $1,000. Wire transfer orders also require the customer to call Bullion Trading LLC and set up the order through a customer service representative.

Regardless of how the customer chooses to pay for their order or place it, Bullion Trading LLC must receive the payment within five days of the order placement. If the company doesn’t receive the payment, they can and will charge a $30 late payment fee and bill the payment method used to place the order.

Even if the customer wants a refund later, this late payment fee is non-refundable. The company retains the right to hold shipments for up to ten days for orders paid through checks or e-checks. If any payment is denied, there is a $30 declined payment fee, and the company bills the payment method listed on the order invoice. A failure to pay the fee could lead to collection efforts.

When setting up any order, there is a price lock in place, and the listing price will not change at any time during the transaction. Because of the price lock, the customer must complete the transaction as promised or face additional fees, including a market loss penalty. The market loss penalty reflects the difference between the price lock quote and the current market price for each item in the order.

Selling Products to Bullion Trading LLC

Selling products to Bullion Trading LLC requires customers to click “Sell to Us” on the navigation bar on the company’s website. Before they attempt to sell their metals, they should email the company or call their local phone number. If the customer has a user account, it is easier for the company’s representative to review previous orders and what products were purchased.

Once the customer initiates the buyback process, the company provides a cash offer for the client. If the client agrees to the price, they receive instructions on sending the package to the company. Clients can get a prepaid shipping label from Bullion Trading LLC to avoid high shipping costs. However, the company reserves the right to inspect the products upon arrival thoroughly.

If, for any reason, the products don’t meet expectations, the company can send them back to the client. The company will provide payment details after receiving the package, and all items pass the company’s inspection.

Does the Company Offer an IRA Program?

Bullion Trading LLC doesn’t have an individual retirement account opportunity. However, customers wanting to set up these accounts can purchase via their IRS-certified custodians to fund the account. As of 2023, there aren’t any listings of IRAs, preferred custodians, or depositories on the Bullion Trading LLC website.

The IRS has strict guidelines and regulations that govern the creation of an IRA, and investors must comply with these requirements. For an IRA, customers need a custodian that prepares documentation for the account, manages any fund transfers, and coordinates the precious metals order and shipment to the customer’s selected depository.

Payment Methods

Accepted payment methods for Bullion Trading LLC include PayPal, credit or debit cards, bank wire transfers, e-checks, and personal, certified, or cashier’s checks. Since customers can shop online, they can save their payment method in their user account for faster ordering.

Customers receive a four percent discount for using wire transfers or checks. The company doesn’t accept cash at its physical location.

A secured socket layer and high-grade encryption protect all data stored in the customer’s user account. Bullion Trading LLC follows stringent cybersecurity measures to prevent identity theft and data loss for its clients.

All payment methods stored in the user accounts remain safe, and customers don’t have to worry about unauthorized charges. Bullion Trading LLC doesn’t share customer details with third parties.

Our Rating

Pros & Cons

Bullion Trading LLC doesn’t have many customers reviews online; however, there are more positive reviews than negative posts. The company offers products appropriate for customers of all walks of life and income levels.

There are several educational options on the website to help visitors learn about coins and bullion, in addition to information about mints and refineries. The only significant drawbacks are that customers have reported long wait times for contacting customer service representatives, and there isn’t a chat feature on the website for fast questions.

Order Cancelation Policy

Customers must call Bullion Trading LLC to cancel their order. They can email the customer service department or contact the company’s local number to speak to a representative. Bullion Trading LLC may recommend alternative products for an exchange instead of a cancelation. However, they will cancel orders if they haven’t received payment and shipped the products.

After the order cancelation is approved, Bullion Trading LLC will stop the transaction and any further attempts to collect the total purchase amount from the customer. However, the company charges a $35 cancelation fee and a market loss penalty to the payment method used for the transaction.

Refund and Return Policy

According to Bullion Trading LLC’s return policy, customers must set up the return within five days of receiving their order. To start, they contact the customer service department via the email listed on the company’s website or call the company directly.

If the customer contacts them via email, the company sends instructions by email to explain how to ship the products back to the company’s physical location.

The customer must keep the products in their original packaging and return them to the company in the same condition they arrived. If, for any reason, the products are damaged or not in the same condition, the company can deduct the cost of the damage from the refund.

Bullion Trading LLC emails customers about the refund once they receive the products. The refund is issued within a few days of the package’s arrival; however, shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. The company will also charge a 10% restocking fee, which is 10% of the total order amount. All penalties and fees are charged to the same payment method used for the customer’s order.

Shipping and Handling

Bullion Trading LLC ships all packages via USPS or UPS according to the customer’s preferences. All shipments are insured from departure until they arrive at the preferred destination. If, for any reason, there is an issue, the company can recoup any losses for the customer via an insurance claim.

As of 2023, there aren’t any shipping rates on the company’s website. However, if the customer shops for precious metals online, the shipping rates are applied at the checkout based on their selections. Updating the shipping method in the checkout before placing the order is easy.

Expedited or priority shipping options appear in the checkout, and these shipping options may lead to higher fees for the customer.

The Gifts Tab

Under the “Gifts” tab, visitors can find many gift ideas for their loved ones or friends. These gifts include golf tees, the religious collection, and silver bullets. Customers can review these items, add them to the online shopping cart, and complete the checkout process.

The Research Tab

Under the “Research” tab, visitors find information pages about all the refineries and mints where Bullion Trading LLC acquires its products. The pages offer the complete history of the refinery or mint, its organizational structure, and what products these organizations produce.

The locations for each mint or refinery appear on these pages with helpful information to help investors or collectors make a well-informed decision about their next venture. They’ll also find a list of products available from each refinery or mint and an FAQ section.

Market Price Ticker

Visitors will find a market price ticker at the top of the company’s website. These details update them about the current market price for all metals and paper currencies. The data is essential to getting a fair price for the investor’s supply if buying or selling.

The Company Newsletter

At the bottom of the company’s website is the opportunity to sign up for the company newsletter. After signing up, visitors can get email marketing materials that include special offers and deals, and they can get discounts based on what products they purchase from Bullion Trading LLC most often.

The Company Blog

The Bullion Trading LLC blog offers many valuable articles about the company and investing in precious metals. Anyone wanting to learn more about these ventures can browse the articles for helpful information. Articles are often updated to provide the latest company details and industry details.

Bullion Trading LLC offers many services for investors and collectors who want to buy metals, gifts, or collectibles. The company provides transparent pricing for all its products, and customers don’t have to call a customer representative to get a quote when placing an order.

The business offers a buyback opportunity for anyone who has purchased products from the company, and they can get the payment via their preferred payment method.

The organization offers cancelations and returns, but there are hefty fees for these services, so customers should ensure they are ready to buy before setting up an order. Among these fees are cancelation and restocking fees and market loss penalties.

While exploring their options, clients should compare Bullion Trading LLC and their products and services to other gold sellers before setting up orders.

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