Call for Contributions

Last week the Task Force issued our Call for Contributions. It seeks input from technical experts, opinion leaders, and citizens from all over the world about our core mandate: how to harness the power of the digital technologies that are transforming financial systems in ways that will advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are deliberately casting a wide net. As long as the contributions land in our field of inquiry—the nexus of financing, technology, and sustainability—we are accepting both original new works and previously published ones. We welcome multimedia—infographics, video, motion graphics—as well as white papers and research reports. The online portal includes a field for people to share 800-word reflections or ideas, even if they don’t have formal work products to contribute.

Contributions made by 30 April 2019 will be considered for inclusion in our interim report to the Secretary-General—select contributors may be asked to present their work during the September 2019 General Assembly.

The Call for Contributions will be open through 31 October 2019. Contributions made by that date will be considered for inclusion in the final report to the Secretary-General.

The ultimate success of the Task Force’s work depends on our ability to crowd in the best ideas from many sources. Please share this Call for Contributions widely throughout your network of contacts.

Call for Contributions Form