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In the realm of precious metals investments, Crown Bullion emerges as an option, offering a wide range of products and services tailored to meet the needs of both seasoned investors and novices alike.

In this review, we will delve into the key aspects that make Crown Bullion a noteworthy precious metals dealer, examining their product offerings, purchasing process, customer service, expertise, and overall reputation.

Whether you're looking to diversify your investment portfolio or considering acquiring physical precious metals for the first time, this comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable insights into Crown Bullion's offerings and help you make informed decisions in your precious metals investment journey.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Crown Bullion passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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About Crown Bullion

Gold is a terrific choice for an IRA, and it won't lose value because of the current financial climate. Many investors choose precious metals to fund an IRA and add more precious metals and tangible assets to build wealth.

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Investors start by finding a good company they can trust that offers the best precious metals. Reviewing Crown Bullion helps determine if the gold seller is the most appropriate choice for the investor's new venture.

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Company History and Ratings

Crown Bullion started in 2011 in Dallas, Texas, and the company offers in-person and phone precious metals sales. The Better Business Bureau accredited the company in 2022 with an A+ rating.

They also provide products for opening a precious IRA and have many IRA-approved coins, bullion, and bars. The company has many positive reviews on the BBB website and Google, and many customers state that the business offers excellent customer service.

What Do They Sell?

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Crown Bullion offers several precious metal products for investors and collectors. Their gold products include American Buffalo, Australian Kangaroo, Canadian Maple Leaf, American Buffalo, and Credit Suisse bars.

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Their silver products include Mexican Libertad, American Eagle, Australian Kookaburra, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Credit Suisse bars. Their platinum products include American Eagle, Australian Koala, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Credit Suisse bars. Their palladium products include Canadian Maple Leaf and Credit Suisse bars.

Buying Precious Metals

To buy precious metals, investors can review the Crown Bullion website to browse all precious metals products and call a customer service representative to start their purchase. 

The company doesn't list prices for its precious metals on its website, so customers must call for a price quote. By calling a customer service representative, investors can get a price lock and avoid price increases before completing their transaction. 

However, customers must remember that if they get a price lock, they are committing to the purchase, and they could face market loss penalties if they back out of the sale.

After they finalize their selections, the customer sends the payment via a wire transfer. Once Crown Bullion receives the payment, they ship the precious metals to the customer's location in discreet packaging.

All shipments are protected by insurance; if the shipment is lost, stolen, or damaged, the company files an insurance claim to cover the financial loss. If the customer buys the precious metals for a gold IRA, the precious metals must go into a depository approved by the IRS.

Understanding Price Locks

Like other precious metals sellers, Crown Bullion offers price locks for customers. The clients have a deadline for buying the preferred precious metals at the quoted price. The company can increase the price based on market performance if they do not complete their purchase within the deadline.

If the client has committed to buying the products, they are subject to a market loss penalty if they do not pay for the metals as directed by the customer service representative.

A market loss penalty is based on the change in price for their products according to the market price for each product. If the market price decreases, the company will lose a profit when selling to another patron because of the cancellation. Crown Bullion can charge customers this penalty for canceling the order and to recoup their financial loss.

Precious Metals Inventory Details

The Crown Bullion website doesn't provide information about the quantity of each metal. They update the products when they are out of stock, but there isn't information about when each product is low in supply. Investors who want to buy several coins or bullion must call the company to get these details and determine if they want to buy a limited number of the products when they're in fewer quantities.

Selling Precious Metals

Crown Bullion offers a buyback opportunity for investors who want to sell their precious metals for cash. Even if the investors didn't purchase the precious metals from the company, they would have the same opportunity.

To start the buyback or sale, the investor contacts a customer service representative, and then the customer service representative looks through the customer's account and reviews their purchases. If they didn't buy the precious metals from Crown Bullion, the customer should request a kit and send them to the company for review.

The customer prepares their shipment as directed in the kit instructions and sends it to Crown Bullion. Once the package arrives, the company inspects the precious metals, contacts the customer, and presents a cash offer.

The customer accepts or refuses the cash offer. If they accept, Crown Bullion sends the payment via the customer's preferred payment method. If they refuse the cash offer, Crown Bullion sends the precious metals back to them. Sometimes, the customer is required to pay the return shipping costs.

When selling their precious metals, investors should review the current market price to ensure they are getting a fair price for their metals. Most gold companies do not provide the total market price for the precious metals so they can get a profit on their investment.

However, the cash offer should be close to the market price to give the customers a fair deal. If the cash offer is too low, the investor should consider comparing prices with other companies first.

Free Gold IRA Guide

Crown Bullion offers a free gold IRA guide, but their website doesn't provide much information about how visitors can start an account with Crown Bullion. They do not have a section on their website about any preferred service providers that help customers create retirement accounts using precious metals.

According to the website, the last update for their guide was in 2021, and many aspects of these IRAs have changed since then. For example, the IRS has increased how much an account holder can deposit into these accounts annually based on the individual's age.

It could become frustrating for a visitor because they cannot see the complete guide online, but they can call the company to have a link sent to them. The button reserved for downloading the guide doesn't work on their website, and it seems they have a few other functionality problems with the overall website design.

Options for Comparing Prices

Unfortunately, the prices for their products don't appear on their website, and you must call the customer service representatives to get a price list. Someone who wants to shop around and compare prices may not like this aspect if they aren't ready to commit to a purchase.

Without complete transparency for these prices on their website, visitors cannot compare them to the market values daily and plan their purchases strategically. They must call almost daily for a fair price based on market values.

Contacting Crown Bullion

Customers can contact Crown Bullion in three ways for help or other information. They can call the company directly, email via the website's email address, or use the chat feature available. The chat feature could take a while, and the customers may need to set up a user account before accessing this feature.

Limited Inventory for Collectors

Many collectors want to purchase rare coins from foreign countries or find collectible coins. Crown Bullion doesn't have a lot of products for these customers. Most of their products seem to cater to investors only, so pricing for collectors could be out of reach and not affordable.

Lack of Details

When reviewing their website, visitors won't find vital details such as the shipping rates or options for getting the precious metals. There isn't a lot of transparency for these prices, either. Furthermore, Crown Bullion doesn't specify how much insurance coverage applies to the precious metals orders during transport. 

Some investors may complete high purchases and need extra coverage. The company doesn't determine if there is an option for increasing the insurance coverage on the shipment or if the customers can choose from different insurers.

Bullion Blog

The Bullion Blog offers many articles about investing in precious metals and other opportunities. By reading through the blog, investors can make better investment decisions. The company updates its blog often and provides the latest investment news.


Crown Bullion offers many advantages to investors, including precious metals sales, buyback opportunities, and gold IRAs. The company has Better Business Bureau accreditation and many positive customer reviews. They offer in-person and online precious metals sales, and customers state they provide excellent customer service for all clients.

On their website is an investor's blog that offers many articles and information about how to get started with precious metals and avoid mistakes; investors could find advice about investing in IRAs and saving for retirement. The company seems like a choice for investors; however, customers should compare the business to other options before committing to a purchase.

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