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Late-night television and news channels frequently feature advertisements promoting gold and silver investments. These are more than mere sales tactics; gold, silver, and other precious metals provide a robust means of adding stability to your investment portfolio.

Unlike traditional paper investments such as stocks and bonds, which tend to decline with the stock market, precious metals often appreciate during times of economic and political instability. This inverse relationship allows precious metal investments to potentially offset losses from your paper investments.

In this article, we look into Genesis Gold Group, exploring its comprehensive range of services, diverse investment options, and its reputation within the precious metals market.

Join us as we uncover what distinguishes Genesis Gold Group from its competitors and assess whether it aligns with your investment objectives.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

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Once you decide to diversify your portfolio, you need to find a reputable company to handle your Gold IRA. Some precious metal firms focus on selling a limited selection of IRA-approved precious metals, while other dealers offer a large inventory of IRA-approved and non-approved coins and other collectibles. 

Genesis Gold Group - logo

To ensure you are investing in approved precious metals, look for a firm that provides details about its inventory. The company you choose should work with trusted custodians and depositories for account management and storage.

Genesis Gold Group - website

When you begin searching for precious metals online, you'll find listings for many different companies. Genesis Gold Group is a new entry in the precious metal investment space.

Unlike many companies that focus solely on buying, selling, and investing, Genesis Gold Group offers a unique, Christian faith-based approach. Keep reading for more information on Genesis Gold Group.

What is Genesis Gold Group?

When potential customers visit the Genesis Gold Group website, the first thing they will notice is the company's faith-based approach to precious metals investments. The company's belief that investing in gold and silver is Biblically based is front and center on its page.

Genesis Gold Group sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins. They also sell gold and silver bars. Customers interested in opening a self-directed IRA for storing precious metals can set up an account through Genesis Gold Group. The company works with industry-leading custodians and depositories to secure and manage your investments.

Genesis Gold Group also aims to educate new investors about different investment options. The website's blog features articles comparing alternative investments like cryptocurrency to precious metals. These articles can help customers learn about different asset classes before opening a Gold IRA.

Genesis Gold Group - Company Info & History

Company Info & History

Jonathan Rose, Jacob Diaz, and Brad Garrett founded Genesis Gold Group in August 2022. Although the company is a new entry in the precious metals investment industry, all three founders have years of experience in precious metals investments. The company offices are located in Beverly Hills, California.

As part of the company's faith-based mission, Genesis Gold Group donates a portion of its profits to national organizations like the Red Cross and the Wounded Warrior Project. They also donate to faith-based missionary organizations.

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer: Jonathan Rose is the co-founder and CEO of Genesis Gold Group. Rose has over 20 years of experience in the precious metals investment industry. In 2022, he used his knowledge of the industry to start Genesis Gold Group.

Chief Financial Officer: Jacob Diaz is the co-founder and CFO of Genesis Gold Group. He has several years of experience as a senior broker at a precious metals firm. Diaz attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Chief Operating Officer: Brad Garrett is the co-founder and COO of Genesis Gold Group. Before starting the company with Rose and Diaz, Garrett was a senior account executive at another precious metals firm. Garrett has a bachelor's degree in business from Western Oregon University.

Director of Philanthropy: David Holland is in charge of Genesis Gold Group's charity donation program. The company donates a portion of its profits to charity every month. Customers may suggest charities for future donations.

Reviews and Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives Genesis Gold Group an A- rating. The company received Better Business Bureau accreditation in September 2022. The company has 26 five-star reviews and zero complaints on the BBB website.

Genesis Gold Group Review - Reviews and Complaints

Reviewers state that Genesis Gold Group representatives were patient, courteous, and knowledgeable, especially with new investors. Customers also report that opening a new self-directed IRA with Genesis Gold Group was an easy process. Company reps explained every step of the process thoroughly.

Genesis Gold Group has a profile on TrustPilot, but the company does not have any reviews. Genesis Gold Group has one review on Facebook. The review doesn't provide much detail about the company.

The company has two five-star reviews on Google; however, one of those reviews is from David Holland, the company's Director of Philanthropy. The other review mentions that rolling over an IRA into a Gold IRA was an easy process with Genesis Gold Group.

Overall, Genesis Gold Group is still a new company that needs more time to accumulate customer reviews. Although the reviews so far are positive, Genesis Gold Group will need more time in business to establish its reputation.

Custodian and Storage

When you open up a Gold IRA through Genesis Gold Group, you can choose Directed IRA by Directed Trust Company or Strata Trust as your custodian service.

Directed IRA by Directed Trust Company operates out of Phoenix, Arizona. They offer several different types of accounts, including traditional, Roth, SEP, and crypto IRAs. Directed IRA by Directed Trust Company is a member of the American Bankers Association.

They are a Regulated Trust Company by the Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions. With over 10,000 customer accounts and one billion assets in custody, Directed IRA by Directed Trust Company is a leader in the industry.

Genesis Gold Group - custodian

Strata Trust has a long history in the self-directed IRA industry. Founded in 2008, Strata Trust is a subsidiary of Horizon Bank. The company operated previously under the name Self Directed IRA Services, Inc.

Strata Trust offers custodian services for alternative investments, self-directed IRAs, and traditional assets. As of 2023, they currently have over four billion dollars in their custody.

When you open a self-directed IRA through Genesis Gold Group, you also need to pick an approved depository to keep your purchases safe and secure. While the Genesis Gold Group team helps guide your purchases, you will store your purchases at Delaware Depository.

Sign-Up Process

Customers may begin the sign-up process by requesting a Free Gold Guide from Genesis Gold Group. New investors also may request information by calling or emailing the team directly.


New customers can contact Genesis Gold Group through a form on the webpage. They also can call the company's toll-free number or email


The Genesis Gold Group website does not mention consultations. New customers should contact the company directly to ask about booking a consultation.

Account Setup

New investors can contact Genesis Gold Group to fill out an IRA application. Genesis Gold Group will mail the application and collect physical signatures. Customers also may opt for an email application and sign with DocuSign.


New investors may fund their new IRA account with a cash contribution, transfer, or rollover. The IRS sets specific rules for funding and contributing to a Gold IRA, so check with a financial advisor or a member of the Genesis Gold Group for more information.

If you have an employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k), 403(b), or 457(a), you may be able to transfer or rollover your funds without paying taxes or penalties. Depending on the type of account, you may be able to transfer or roll over your account if you are age 59 and a half or older. You also may transfer or roll over your account when you separate from your employer.


Genesis Gold Group's account specialists can help you purchase IRA-approved precious metals. You can purchase gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Check the Genesis Gold Group website for the company's current inventory. If you are searching for a particular precious metal, ask the Genesis Gold Group account specialists.

Delivery and Storage

Genesis Gold Group ships your purchases to Delaware Depository. Delaware Depository secures your purchases with a multi-layer physical and electronic security system. The depository is an exchange-approved depository for CME and ICE.

If you would like to store your precious metals investments in your bank's safe deposit box, ask the Genesis Gold Group specialists about the shipping procedures.


Genesis Gold Group offers popular precious metal products approved for IRA investments including:

  • American Buffalo Gold Coins
  • American Eagle Gold Coins
  • Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins
  • Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars
  • American Eagle Silver Coins
  • Chinese Panda Silver Coins
  • British Queens Beast Platinum Coins
  • American Eagle Palladium Coins

Buyback Policy

Genesis Gold Group does not list a buyback policy on its website.


Genesis Gold Group does not list a fee schedule or precious metal prices on its website.

Our Rating

Pros & Cons


  • Positive reviews from new investors
  • Good selection of IRA-approved precious metals
  • Easy, transparent IRA account setup process
  • Works with trustworthy custodians and depositories in the industry


  • New company with few online reviews
  • No fee schedules or prices on the website
  • No buyback policy information

Review Conclusion

Genesis Gold Group is too new in the industry to make a definitive statement about its reputation. However, there are some positive signs that Genesis Gold Group is heading in the right direction. The company has several positive reviews and an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau. Genesis Gold Group partners with industry-leading custodians and depositories for Gold IRAs.

If you're a customer looking for a precious metals firm with decades of experience, then Genesis Gold Group may not be the right choice. However, new investors may appreciate the time and personal attention that Genesis Gold Group gives individual customers. Genesis Gold Group's faith-based stewardship approach may resonate with customers who seek out Christian-based businesses.

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