Gold Standard Bank Review

Gold Standard Bank GSB Review

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You don't have to be a hedge fund titan like John Paulson or a billionaire like Elon Musk to invest in gold. While many investors imagine that precious metal investments are only accessible to the wealthiest members of society, the truth is that everyone can benefit from gold. 

If you have a retirement account like an IRA or a 401(k), you may think that's all you need to prepare for retirement. However, your employer's retirement plan may not be enough to secure your financial future. Your employer's plan may limit you to a specific mix of traditional investments.

Your account may include a mix of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. While you may be able to adjust your investments to limit your risk, you are still exposed to the highs and lows of the stock market. 

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Gold Standard Bank passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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A diversified investment portfolio spreads your wealth across traditional and alternative asset classes to minimize risk. For example, gold and other precious metals often provide a hedge against inflation.

When the stock market plummets, investors often place their trust in gold. When stocks and other traditional assets decline, gold and other precious metals often increase in price. 

Historically, when times are tough, gold is reliable and stable. When the stock market tumbled during the Great Recession in 2008, gold and other precious metals climbed in value. The benefits of precious metal investments also extend during political crises.

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For example, after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, gold prices climbed as investors turned to the stability of gold. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the stock market crashed, but gold reached historic high prices. 

Getting started in precious metal investing can be tricky for new investors. The IRS sets specific rules and regulations for precious metal investments. For example, some gold or silver may not meet the IRS's standards for investment-grade precious metals. Gold must be 99.5% pure. An approved mint must produce IRA-approved rounds and bars. Coins must be in their original packaging and include a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Before you purchase eligible precious metals, you must select a custodian company to manage your investments. As the account holder, you will make all account-related decisions, and the custodian will carry out your wishes. The IRS also requires that you store your precious metal investments in an approved depository. Approved depositories will insure your investments against fire, flood, theft, and other losses. 

Although these regulations may seem confusing, the IRS sets these rules to protect investors. Whether you are a new or experienced investor, you need a trustworthy company in your corner. You have many options for opening your new account. One option is Gold Standard Bank from Germany.

What is Gold Standard Bank?

Based in Dusseldorf, Germany, Gold Standard Bank is also known as GSB Gold Standard Technology. GSB's mission is to provide a transparent trading experience. They offer a platform that connects small investors, major traders, gold dealers, asset managers, and brokerages. GSB states that its software can control and manage both physical and digital gold trading and storage. 

Today, Gold Standard Bank offers bank accounts for everyday purchases, savings, and payments. Customers can access their assets immediately with the GSB Gold Card. This gold card allows customers to pay for purchases with the gold in their GSB account.

Company Info & History

When Gold Standard Bank opened its doors in 2011, the company focused on mineral and precious metal trading worldwide. In 2014, Gold Standard Bank shifted its focus to become a software innovation center. The company leveraged innovations in blockchain technology to improve account management and precious metals trading. 

In 2015, the company launched a prototype of its International Business Platform. This platform replaced the older GSB GoldInternet platform. For the next six years, traders tested out the platform, and GSB made improvements to the trading experience. 

In 2018, GSB executives began the process of setting up their own trust management and custodianship services. By July 2020, GSB launched this trust management company, which was located in Sweden.

That same month, they also rebranded as a fintech bank, called GSB Gold Standard Bank LTD. In late 2023, Gold Standard Bank expects to launch a redesigned trading platform. 

Management Team

Chairman: Josip Heit is the chairman of the board for Gold Standard Bank. Heit is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience founding companies. He started his first company in the 1990s. This company focused on leasing luxury vehicles and yachts.

He also expanded his business into luxury tourism and real estate development. In 2008, he founded a company that specialized in developing raw minerals, paper, and plastics. He also founded Gazella Invest, which focused on the trading of raw minerals.

Gold Standard Bank served as the parent company of this firm. For the past 20 years, Heit focused his efforts in the areas of mining, gold, fintech, and blockchain technology. 

Reviews and Complaints

Since Gold Standard Bank is based in Germany, the Better Business Bureau does not have a listing for them. 

  • TrustPilot, a popular customer review site, also does not have a listing or profile for Gold Standard Bank.
  • Business Consumer Alliance does not have a listing for Gold Standard Bank.
  • Gold Standard Bank does have a Facebook page, but it does not have a starred rating.

Although a lack of reviews might be a red flag for a US-based business, customers should consider that Gold Standard Bank is a German-based financial institution. The company possesses an A-class banking license. 

Their trust management and custodian company, GSB Gold Standard Pay KB, is registered with the appropriate regulatory bodies in Sweden, including The Stockholm County Administrative Board and the Swedish Companies Registration Office. They are registered as a professional trustee per the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act 2017:630 (AML/CFT Compliance).

Custodian and Storage

Gold Standard Bank offers custodianship services through GSB Gold Standard Pay KB. GSB Group uses G45 Safe House in Hong Kong for depository services. Deloitte provides insurance for precious metals held in the depository. 

USAA Gold & Precious Metals IRA Review - custodian


Customers can contact Gold Standard Bank by calling their international phone number. The company also provides a general email address on its website. Customers also may submit a message using the online form on the company website. 

  • +49 (0) 211 42471426
  • GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG Königsallee 6140215, Düsseldorf Germany


Gold Standard Bank does not mention consultations on its website. Customers who would like to set up a consultation should contact GSB directly.

Account Setup

Customers should contact Gold Standard Bank to set up and fund their accounts. GSB states that account setup is quick and easy. All new account holders must verify their identity. The process takes a few minutes. 

Once you open your GSB Pay account, you can request a Visa, Mastercard, or GSB Gold Card. With this card, you can access your funds immediately. The e-wallet platform allows user to view their account balance and withdraw funds in the currency of their choice. Customers also may withdraw their physical gold bars from almost anywhere in the world. 


Gold Standard Bank's account executives can help new customers transfer funds into their new GSB account.


GSB offers high-quality, IRA-approved gold bars. Customers can purchase 24-carat 999.9 gold bars in amounts as small as 0.1 grams. The option of purchasing small quantities of gold makes precious metal investing accessible to more clients.

Using the GSB platform, customers can buy and sell their gold with just a few clicks. All customers are fully pre-screened and verified. Gold Standard Bank uses Blockchain Ethereum blockchain ERC20 to carry out each transaction. The company's innovative blockchain technology verifies and secures each transaction.

Delivery and Storage

Gold Standard Bank stores all of its deposits at G45 Safe House in Hong Kong. Deloitte insures all of Gold Standard Bank's deposits. Thanks to GSB's software that uses blockchain technology, every ounce of gold can be tracked and traced.


Customers may purchase 24-carat 999.9 gold bars for their Gold Standard Bank account. Manufactured by LBMA-certified refineries, these gold bars are available in small amounts, which makes precious metals accessible to more investors. 

Bar - 10 Ounce Gold Bar

Buyback Policy

Gold Standard Bank does not mention a buyback policy. Customers can use a GSB Pay account to sell their gold bars. 


Customers should inquire directly about associated fees. Gold Standard Bank does not provide this information on its website.

Our Rating

Pros & Cons


  • FinTech leaders offering banking, trust management, and custodianship
  • Cutting-edge blockchain technology
  • Easy account setup
  • Offers physical and digital gold
  • High-quality gold bars
  • Withdraw funds instantly with the GSB-issued Visa, Mastercard, or Gold Card


  • The fee schedule is not available online
  • No information about a buyback policy
  • Opening an international account may have tax implications


Although Gold Standard Bank began as a platform to connect precious metal refineries, dealers, and suppliers, the company quickly became a leader in FinTech. Gold Standard Bank uses blockchain technology to create a secure, user-friendly platform for trading.

Unlike some companies that limit customers to a minimum purchase amount, Gold Standard Bank aims to make investing easier and more accessible.

The company offers high-quality, investment-grade gold bars stored in a secure depository in Hong Kong. When you open a GSB Pay account, you can view your account balance in real-time.

With the bank-issued Visa, Mastercard, or Gold Card, customers will enjoy easier access to their funds. This card also makes buying and selling gold through GSB's network even easier. Because of the company's innovative blockchain technology, every transaction is secure and verified.

Before opening an account with Gold Standard Bank, US-based investors should consult with a financial advisor about any tax implications.

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