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Goldline has been America's trusted gold dealer since 1960. Over the years, Goldline has delivered billions of dollars' worth of precious metals to its clients.

Goldline states they are committed to treating its clients as its most valuable assets and ultimately providing them with an exceptional customer service experience.

The company is owned and operated by A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. A-Mark Precious Metals is a Fortune 500 and NASDAQ select company with one of the largest precious metals networks in North America.

They serve customers on six continents and is also an authorized purchaser from the United States Mint.

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Goldline has an A+ rating from the BBB and offers a wide selection of gold and silver coins and bars. Goldline also offers several other benefits to customers, like free shipping and insurance for all purchases and a secure option to store metals.

Additionally, the company offers promotional metals delivered to your door when you make a qualified IRA purchase.

Goldline International - Homepage

Goldline Products

If you're looking for quality gold and silver for your portfolio, you'll be glad to know that Goldline offers both. Goldline appears to have a great range of precious metals, giving investors more options to explore. Let's take a look at some of the products offered by Goldline:


Goldline offers several gold bars and coins. Investors can shop by categories, including coins/rounds, bars, and historic coins.

Their gold best sellers include 1oz Gold Legal Tender Bar, $5 Gold Indian, 1/4oz Gold Benjamin Franklin Commemorative, and Gold Austrian Philharmonic.

Coin - Canadian Gold Maple Leaf


Goldline also offers a wide selection of silver coins and bars. Investors can explore a variety of products including coins/rounds, bars, and historic coins.

Silver best sellers include the 20z Silver MapleFlex Bar, 10z Silver Benjamin Franklin Commemorative, 1/2oz Silver Round, 1oz Silver Mapel Leaf, and the 10oz Silver Bar.

Coin - American Silver Eagle 1 Ounce

Goldline IRA

In addition to buying precious metals with Goldline, investors can also open a precious metals IRA. Goldline states that a precious metal IRA can be opened in just 3 easy steps.

  • Step 1: Open a self-directed IRA by speaking with one of Goldline's account executives about IRA services.
  • Step 2: Transfer funds from an existing account or add funds to your IRA.
  • Step 3: Select eligible products to add to your precious metals IRA. Some popular IRA-eligible precious metals include Mapleflex, 1/10oz Gold, 1/2oz Silver Round, Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coins, and Gold Canadian Maple Leaf.

How to Buy Precious Metals with Goldline

According to Goldline, you can purchase precious metals and get them delivered to your door or store your precious metals in their secure vault.

Goldline International-Metals IRA sterps

Goldline highlights that they are the best choice for an IRA for several reasons. The company has a five-star rating from Trustpilot with over seven thousand reviews.

They also provide secure storage if you would like to store your precious metals with them. Additionally, Goldline offers free shipping and insurance for all purchases with fast processing. Clients will also benefit from a dedicated Client Concierge available by calling their toll-free number.


For investors on a budget, you might be interested in Goldline's Accumulation program. This program enables you to purchase precious metals based on your financial needs by gradually acquiring precious metals based on your monthly budget.

Once you choose your products, you'll need to set the monthly amount you would like to allocate to each. Note that the minimum is $200 per product.

Your first purchase and all purchases after are automatically withdrawn on the second Wednesday of each month. The card you have on file will automatically be charged for the purchase on the 15th of the month.

Goldline International-Accumultion Programs sterps

Goldline says that on the scheduled purchase date, you will either receive a whole or a portion of your coins or bars that your allocated amount can afford at the selling price. Your products will be held in storage until you request your coins be shipped.

Keep in mind that this program isn't available everywhere. At this time, the Accumulation Program isn't available in Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Utah.

If you would like to enroll in the accumulation program, you can do so in three simple steps.

  • Step 1: Choose from Goldline's Accumulation-eligible products. 
  • Step 2: Set your monthly allocation (minimum $200/month per product requirement).
  • Step 3: The last step is to pay. Customers can pay using their VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or Debit Card.

Some accumulation products include the 1/10oz Gold - Legal Tender Bar, 1/2oz Silver Round, 1oz Gold Bar, and the 2oz Silver MapleFlex Bar.


Goldline offers educational resources for investors on its website. For starters, investors can view historical prices from the last 7 days to as far back as 10 years.

Additionally, you can view the spot prices for precious metals, helping you stay up to date with current market prices and make the best decisions for your investment needs. Investors can also stay up to date on the market by following Goldline's weekly news page.

While Goldline doesn't place a huge emphasis on education, they still offer valuable information that can be used to make more informed decisions.

Customer Support

Goldline is all about delivering the best quality products and services to its customers. When it comes to customer support, Goldline is dedicated to offering a streamlined experience.

Investors will have access to Goldline's industry-leading Client Concierge that is available to assist clients with a variety of needs. Some things you can expect the Client Concierge to help with are liquidations, refunds, and any questions that you may have.

You can reach the Client Concierge by calling them toll-free at 800-827-4653. Or, you can contact them by using the Contact Us form. Additionally, you can email them at


Goldline has received an excellent rating on Trustpilot with an average of 4.9/5 and over seven thousand reviews. Let's take a closer look at what customers have had to say about Goldline:

Goldline International- Rviews

Positive Reviews

One customer made a note that their representative was a joy to work with. The customer was a first-time precious metals investor and the representative made it easy to understand the products and how they would fit into their portfolio.

The customer also said that the representative did a follow-up with them a few weeks later but was not pushy about making another purchase.

Goldline International-Customer reviews

Another customer said that the staff at Goldline was polite and helpful. The representative they spoke with explained how the delivery process would work and when they could expect their products to arrive. The customer also asserted that they never felt rushed when talking with the representative.

According to another customer, the information they received from their representative was helpful and informative. This played a central role in the customer making a faster decision.

Overall, most customers appear to have had a positive customer experience. Goldline has a customer-centric focus and is comprised of knowledgeable staff. If you're looking for a precious metals dealer who is attentive to your needs, Goldline may be a good option to consider.

Negative Reviews

Most of Goldline's reviews were extremely positive. But there are a few negative reviews that are worth mentioning.

According to one customer who purchased in October of 2022, it took 30 minutes to get Goldline to take their credit card payment. The customer said that they had to call their credit card company twice to finally get approval for their purchase on the third try.

According to the customer, the problem was on Goldline's end rather than the credit card company's. While the customer said that they love Goldline, this was the second time this type of incident had occurred.

Another customer said that they had a poor customer service experience. The customer said that after the sale was completed, there was a shift in how the representatives interacted with them. The customer would call and leave voicemail messages but would never get a return call from a representative.

According to another customer, Goldline didn't follow through with what they said they would do. The customer was told they would be emailed what they purchased and directions on where to send their certified check. The customer received the agreement but there was no description of what they bought, for how much, or where the check should be sent to.

While Goldline has some negative reviews, these reviews don't compare to the extensive number of positive reviews. It's also worth noting that many of these poor reviews were from a few years ago.

Our Rating

Goldline Pros & Cons

Choosing the right precious metals dealer takes careful consideration. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of choosing Goldline:

  • Pro: Quality Gold and Silver

Goldline offers a great variety of premium gold and silver products. If you're looking for metals to diversify your retirement portfolio, Goldline is an excellent option to consider.

  • Pro: Accumulation Program

Another advantage of Goldline is the company's accumulation program. This is the perfect opportunity for budget-friendly investors to purchase precious metals. 

The Accumulation program is a unique program that you won't find with other precious metals dealers and offers greater flexibility when growing your investment account.

  • Pro: Long-Term Expertise

Goldline has been operating since 1960. The company has a long history of providing a variety of quality precious metals to clients over the years. Compared to some newer competitors, investors may feel more comfortable working with a precious metals dealer that has had more time in the industry.

  • Con: Goldline is Now Closed and Managed by A-Mark Precious Metals

Goldline is owned and operated by A-Mark Precious Metals. The new company purchased Goldline's surviving assets once it closed. Some investors who were used to working with Goldline and its original management may not feel comfortable with this change.

  • Con: Previous Legal Battles

In addition to a change in management, there were several legal battles that Goldline faced before its closure. Goldline didn't just receive a few negative reviews, the company was charged with 19 charges of theft and fraud.

The company wasn't convicted of illegal activity. However, this was primarily due to the company settling, which allowed them to withdraw the criminal charges.

Although Goldline has new management, these previous legal charges are worth considering. Before choosing Goldline, it's important to conduct thorough research and compare Goldline to a few other competitors.

  • Con: Limited Precious Metals

Goldline has a wide selection of gold and silver coins and bars. Unfortunately, the company isn't as diverse compared to competitors. The company does not appear to have platinum, palladium, or other rare coins.

For investors looking for more ways to diversify their portfolio, you may find Goldline to be limiting.

Goldline: Final Thoughts

Goldline is a longstanding precious metals dealer founded in 1960. Today, the company is owned and operated by A-Mark Precious Metals due to its closure. Goldline offers a wide selection of gold and silver coins and bars.

Additionally, Goldline offers IRA services for investors who would like to purchase coins and bars and add them to a precious metals IRA. Goldline has built a solid reputation with many customers pleased with their experience with the company.

According to most customers, Goldline provides an exceptional customer service experience with representatives being professional and knowledgeable. While Goldline has many positive aspects, the company previously faced several legal challenges regarding fraud and theft that ended in a settlement and a change in management.

While Goldline has faced issues in the past, this shouldn't necessarily deter investors from giving the company a try. Since the change in management, most customers have been satisfied with the services and products provided by Goldline and there have been no instances of fraud or theft.

Overall, Goldline appears to be a good precious metals dealer to start your investment journey. Before making a purchase or opening an account, be sure to do further research and talk with a Goldline representative for more information.

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