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Turbulent economic times and an explosion in internet-based technology has made more and more potential investors examine alternative investment options for their portfolio.

Fortunately, if you are one of those people, you have plenty of potential options about where to invest your hard-earned money. In many cases, precious metals make a very viable alternative:

Investing in precious metals can enable you to place your money in an industry that can diversify your risk and ensure that you are generating the cash you need as an investor or as a retiree.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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Get the FREE Gold Kit smart investors are using to protect their retirement savings. is one of many potential options that enables you to invest. offers many highly useful services that may serve your needs well, including enabling you to buy precious metals, store precious metals, or invest in precious metals as part of your retirement.

About is one of the older available companies in this field, having been in existence since 2005. This gives the company certain advantages and expertise that many users may find useful.

It also enhances their credibility in a very crowded field: While it is not a hard and fast rule, older websites tend to come with more experience and credibility, and this should give users additional trust before they make an investment with a firm.

In addition to listing the history, the website also gives both short and long biographies about the "trusted team of experts" that founded and ran the website. Those two individuals - Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark - are both experienced investors who have ample knowledge of the gold and silver industry.

This should give investors a degree of comfort that they are using a website that is at least run and founded by legitimate actors who have a well of knowledge in this area.

Buying Metals

First, it's worth noting that you can only buy gold or silver on this website. No platinum or palladium options are listed. Both of these metals are rarer and not as popular among investors, but it is worth keeping this in mind if you are interested in investing in these metals.

From there, the website lists different types of both gold and silver you can buy. The website offers well over a dozen pieces of gold that you can buy, including coins, jewelry, and bars. Interestingly, you can also purchase 1/100 oz gold increments that are then stored for you or shipped to you.

This is extremely rare and something we haven't yet seen on any similar gold website. For individuals who are interested in making extremely small investments, this may be ideal.

There are fewer silver options, but still an ample array:

You can buy many types of coins or bars. It is also worth noting that this website does something that many precious metal websites don't do: It allows users to make a purchase directly from the website.

It may seem strange, particularly in an internet-based economy, but many websites still don't have the security technology to immediately update prices and place an order.

As such, many websites require that users put items in their shopping cart, then either call or have someone from the website call them to complete the order.

This isn't the case with, which allows you to place an order on their website and pay using multiple different methods, including a credit card or bitcoin.

The website also offers a "deals" section, which lists different discounts that may be available on the gold and silver products that they sell. The website is quick to note that prices may be temporary and inventory may be limited.

Many of these deals are also based on's "price match guarantee," which states that they will match any price on the retail market.

Interested investors can sign up to get an email every time a new item goes on sale, potentially enabling you to take advantage of temporarily low prices. As of the time this review was conducted, no gold or silver products were on sale as a deal.

Selling Metals

While selling gold or silver is relatively common, not many websites have an active selling policy. does, and it lists its policy in relative depth on its website.

It is worth noting that you must be a member of to sell the company any of your precious metals, although this is not particularly unique within the context of the precious metals world.

The website does lay out a very in-depth section that explains its policy. It can be somewhat limiting:

The only precious metals they buy are metals that they already sell on their website. As such, if you have another type of precious metal, you will have to sell it elsewhere.

However, it should be noted that the website is highly transparent about what they buy and what they sell. There is relatively little room for confusion thanks to the broad amount of information that they give.


Precious metal IRAs have become very popular of late:

They are seen by many as stable investments that can provide excellent diversity and help to protect your finances from the turbulent economy. operates an IRA service and can help you open your own IRA.

Opening a precious metal IRA is more challenging and highly regulated than opening other IRAs. You can't simply buy gold and say it's in an IRA. Instead, you have to buy gold from an IRS-approved broker, then store it in an IRS-approved facility.

The Benefits of Investing in a Gold-Related IRA

The processes by which you can buy and sell gold for your IRA are heavily regulated. As such, you have to work with an experienced broker that has earned the necessary IRS approvals and is compliant with all related regulations.

Fortunately, makes opening and operating such an account easy. They do so via a three-step process that they lay out on their website:

You open an account through one of the company's supported custodians. You can work with's recommended custodian or any of the other ones with whom they work.
You fund the IRA. You can do this with regular contributions, rolling over an account, or transferring one IRA asset to another.

You make regular investments. Since precious metal IRAs are self-directed, you can choose from a series of assets that are designed to give you the best return possible. Working with will also give you access to their expertise and staff assistance to help you make the best investments possible. also has an extensive FAQ that answers many commonly asked questions about precious metal IRAs, including questions about how to manage your IRA and their various supported custodians.

As always, with websites like this, it is important to keep in mind that the information offered should be taken with a grain of salt. charges fees and makes commissions based on their business with you, so it is obviously within their interests to sell you as much of a product as possible. They are not fiduciary's, meaning that they are acting to maximize their own product.

That doesn't mean that they are dishonest, of course. It simply means that you need to view their product offerings with a healthy degree of skepticism and ensure that you keep your own financial goals and resources in mind when making purchases and investments.

As such, you should ensure that any IRA investment you make is in alignment with your own financial goals and being done in conjunction with the advice of a broker who has a comprehensive perspective of your finances.


Another one of the real benefits of is its vast array of storage options. Some people want precious metals sent directly to them. Others prefer using third-party vendors to store their metals.

In instances like this, users will want to know that the storage facility that they use is capable of not only storing their precious metals safely but ensuring that their precious metals are truly separated from others.

First, it is worth noting that uses multiple vaults across the world and in the United States. According to their website, you can use any of the vaults that you select.

Their purchasing process is completely integrated with their storage operations:

As such, you can make a purchase and have that purchase shipped directly to a storage facility of your choosing. From there, you can access your gold and silver 24/7 and have that metal sent to you.

It is also noted that your ownership of any precious metals you buy is physical and that the precious metals are separated from any other precious metals owned by others.

To their credit, is also transparent about their pricing:

They charge a .06% storage fee per month, with no ongoing commitment or fees. This is an extremely clear policy and one that is more clear than many other websites, which tend to hide their storage fees. doesn't do that: Their pricing is clear and listed up-front.

You can also opt to send any precious metals you own directly to their vaults. You will have to pay for shipping and fees, but you can use's expertise and resources to store your own precious metals.

News & Resources

Most precious metal websites have extensive news and resources available for users, and is no exception. Their website has both a separate news and resource tab that is designed to give users additional information and context about their purchases.

First, offers an extensive news section. This automated news pulls in the news related to finances and precious metals. It is extensively updated, with numerous articles populating per day.

When reading these stories, it is important to keep their credibility in mind, as they do not all go to major financial presses but often go to blogs that advertise precious metals as the only alternative to an impending collapse of civilization.

Next, also offers an extensive resources page. This can help you get started, answer questions about gold and silver, and make better determinations about what products to buy.

There is also a long list of questions that you can have answered by financial experts on the site, including price predictions, a guide to trading gold, and much more.

Again, it is important to keep in mind that is the author of many of these pieces, which means that the information listed will not be unbiased. However, even with this understanding, you can use the information listed to gain additional insight into gold and silver products that may be available to you.


You would expect a company that has been around for as long as to have many reviews. Strangely enough, we had difficulty finding website reviews of, and there was no google business listing for the company. While many other blogs reviewed the website, there was only one large-scale review of This review was conducted by Trustpilot, a well-known review website.

Fortunately for potential users, the reviews were extremely positive. averaged 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, giving it a rating of "excellent."

More to the point, this large number was out of 1,245 reviews. 77% of the reviews filed were five stars, meaning that more than 3/4 of all customers were as satisfied as possible with the website. Review

Common compliments of included their deep knowledge of the industry, quality service, high-quality products, and very safe investments.

Negative reviews were more difficult to find but generally pertained to customers' feelings that they were "ripped off." Interestingly, every negative review was responded to by a representative of the company, with the company explaining why a customer was charged what they were charged. It is truly worth noting that these reviews were few and far between.

The most recent one-star rating was five months from the time that this review was written. Multiple four and five-star reviews were left during that time.

Final Verdict offers an extensive array of gold and silver products. They offer multiple services that many other websites don't offer, including buying precious metals, IRA accounts, and an extensive array of third-party storage options.

They are extremely transparent about their history and products and have been in operation for almost two decades.

They also have stellar reviews and an excellent reputation for high-quality customer service. They are a reliable vendor with robust options, and if you are interested in their products, there is no doubt that they are a real company.

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