Great Collections Review

Great Collections Review

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Collectors and investors have many opportunities to buy or sell coins and other precious metals products. If they are new to collecting or investing, the individuals should become educated about managing these venues and getting the most return on the investment.

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The aim for investors is to buy enough of the products to accumulate wealth for the future; however, collectors buy coins to add to their collections and leave them behind for family members.

Many companies deal in precious metals and even paper currencies. Investors or collectors that want to start buying must find a company that gives them the most opportunity to achieve their objectives.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Great Collections passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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About Great Collections

Great Collections offers unique ways to buy these products that are different from most gold dealers. Reviewing the company helps potential buyers or sellers make a well-informed decision about doing business with the company.

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Great Collections started in 2010 and is headquartered in Irvine, California. The company offers direct sales and auctions for anyone who wants to buy or sell paper money and coins.

Great Collections History and Ratings

The Better Business Bureau doesn't accredit the business but has an A+ and 4.31-star ratings through the BBB. As of 2023, there was only one customer complaint within the last three years, with zero complaints in the previous twelve months.

Great Collections Review - BBB Rating

Great Collections will remain the American Numismatic Association's official auctioneer until 2024. The business uses SSL encryption for its website to protect all confidential information and prevent identity theft. All usernames are blocked from public view, and only the company can see the usernames of buyers or sellers.

All user accounts are protected through high-grade encryption, and customers can store their information and a payment method in their account for easier order processing. They don’t have to worry about outsiders getting into their accounts or stealing their data. Great Collections doesn’t share user information with third parties.

What Products Are Available Through Great Collections?

Great Collections has many products from which to choose, and since they have live auctions, participants can find anything by searching through these events or using the search feature. They can discover pennies, dimes, nickels, half-dollars, and dollar coins.

Great Collections Review - Products

The auctions can also include gold quarter eagles, commemoratives, silver eagles, and colonials. Auction participants can also find tokens, medals, ancient coins, and paper currencies.

How to Buy from Great Collections

Buyers must register for a user account via the website under the "My GC" tab to buy products from Great Collections. Once they have an active user account, the customers can participate in auctions and direct sales through the Great Collections website. 

They can click on the auction tabs on the lower portion of the website's navigation bar to participate in the auctions. However, new members can also use the advanced coin search feature to look up coins or paper money. They can enter the name, date, or description of the product they want to buy.

Great Collections Review - How to Buy

Buyers enter bids and track bid updates in real time to buy through an auction. There isn't a reserve to meet that viewers cannot see when placing a bid. The price that appears on the auction is what they pay if the user wins. Once the auction is completed, the winner pays for their products through their user account via their preferred user account.

To buy through direct sales, they sign into their user account and search for direct sales. Once they find the product they want, they click the "Buy Now" button, and the payment processes immediately.

After Great Collections receives the payment, they prepare the shipment and alert the buyer when the products ship. All items shipped by Great Collections are insured through Berkley Insurance, and the coverage applies throughout the transport until the items arrive at their destination.

How to Become a Seller Through Great Collections

To become a seller through Great Collections, customers must go to the "Consignment Instructions" link at the bottom of the website. They complete a consignment agreement form and attach an inventory of all products they want to sell.

The form must be signed and dated, and sent with the package. If a seller wants to sell coins that aren't certified, they should call Great Collections first to get approval.

All products should be packaged well to prevent damage during transport, and the seller must get insurance for the package before mailing it to Great Collections.

How to Become a Seller Through Great Collections

Once the package arrives, Great Collections alerts the seller of the arrival via email. Uncertified coins must meet the company's grading requirements or be returned to the seller.

Most certified coins are sent to auction within twenty-one days of their arrival. The company lists products on Mondays and Tuesdays, and the auctions last no longer than thirteen days. After the products sell through an auction, the company sends the payment within thirty days of the sale date.

Great Collections offers grading and appraisal services for sellers, and they have a professional photographer to take pics of the products for the listings. The company creates all listings for the sellers to attract more buyers to their products.

Sellers can get cash advances through Great Collections after signing a contract with the company, and their products are in the company's possession. Great Collections can offer up to sixty percent of the total purchase price for these items. The cash advance arrives via the customer's preferred payment method.

The "Watchlist" Tab

Everyone who signs up for a user account can add products of interest to the "Watchlist" and track the items. They can view real-time updates for these products and set up alerts whenever there is a price change, or the items are in an active auction.

The "News" Tab

The "News" tab offers articles and information about buying or selling coins or paper money through Great Collections. Visitors can find a wealth of information about how the auctions work and how to choose products for their coin collections. These articles help users navigate the website and get updates about new products available for auction or direct sales.

Weekly Top Ten List

The Weekly Top Ten List shows the top ten products available for auction or direct sales. The list updates weekly; users can find further information about these products through the "News" tab. The details help users determine if these products are best for their collection or if they are a significant investment.

Free Appraisal Services

Great Collections offers free appraisal services for all customers. They can call the company and discuss their coins or paper money to get a price quote. If they only need an appraisal, the business can provide a valuation to help the owner determine if they should sell their items and if they have generated more value since buying the products.

The Company Newsletter

Great Collections has a company newsletter that offers immediate updates about the company, its auctions, and available direct sales. Sometimes, there is a discount for new customers who sign up for the newsletter and opt-in to get email marketing materials.

The company may also provide special offers and deals via the email the user used to sign up. Promotional information arrives each week and includes new information about recent arrivals and other products available through Great Collections.

24-Hour Coin Deals

Visitors can find 24-hour coin deals at the website's lower right-hand corner. They can click "Buy Now" on any listing in this section. The items appear in their shopping cart, and they can complete the transaction through the checkout. The price for each coin appears under the listings, and visitors can scroll left or right to review each product.

The "Coming Up" Section

Visitors can find information about new auctions and events hosted by Great Collections in the "Coming Up" section on the website's main screen. Visitors can scroll down to find the section and get updated information by clicking on any link of interest.

Find Coin Collections Faster

By scrolling down from the "Coming Up" section, customers can find all coin collections listed through Great Collections. It is invaluable information for coin collections who want to get complete sets and review the current market prices for these products.

Great Collections is an online auction and direct sales company that offers many products appealing to investors and collectors. Anyone who signs up for a user account can participate in live auctions or direct sales. The company offers many user account features that are helpful to customers, and they provide consignment agreements with prospective sellers.

Sellers must send their products to Great Collection to sell them and enter into a contract. The items are returned to the seller if they do not meet the company's standards and grading system. Items that do meet these expectations are sold through auction, and the seller receives their payment within thirty days.

While it seems like a worthwhile opportunity, buyers aren't guaranteed to win the items they want, and the auctions can last several days. Checking out other companies and comparing prices may help buyers make a well-informed decision about buying or selling precious metals and related items.

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