Idaho Armored Vault Review

Idaho Armored Vaults Review

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Investing isn’t easy for everyone, and many people want to find a suitable way to generate savings and build wealth. A helpful trick is to diversify by choosing several investment opportunities, and adding gold to their portfolio helps everyone add a risk-free way to achieve their investing goals.

However, finding the best way to invest in these metals allows them to generate wealth and savings based on their needs. Precious metals require substantial capital to buy or add to an IRA, but investors could use these strategies to fund their golden years and live an incredible life. 

By finding the right opportunities, traders can even build wealth to leave to their families. Reviewing Idaho Armored Vaults helps investors determine if the company meets their needs and offers the best services for investing and securing their future.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Idaho Armored Vaults Review passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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About Idaho Armored Vaults

Idaho Armored Vaults is part of a larger corporation that became a registered investment advisory organization as early as 1992. It became known as Profits Capital Management, LLC, and Dollars and Sense Growth Fund as of 2001.

Idaho Armored Vaults came to fruition in 2008 and has provided many services for investors, including precious metals for IRAs and gold/silver funds, storage, transportation, shipping logistics, and security.

Idaho Armored Vaults Review - Website

Their advisors can provide sound solutions for traders and create a portfolio plan. Anyone new to investing in metals or other options can get help getting started. These traders can learn how to build wealth and generate savings from various opportunities.

What Do They Sell?

Idaho Armored Vaults offers many precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. Their gold products include American Eagle, Buffalo, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, British Philharmonic, British Britannia, one and ten-ounce bars, and kilo bars.

Their silver products include American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Philharmonic, British Britannia, South African Krugerrand, one-ounce rounds, PAMP Suisse ten-ounce bars, LBMA ten-ounce bars, Royal Canadian Mint bars, and LBMA 100-ounce bars. Their platinum products include ten-ounce bars, British Britannia, Canadian Maple Leaf, and American Eagle.

Precious Metals Purchases

Idaho Armored Vaults offers opportunities to purchase precious metals. The company doesn’t provide online sales for their metals, and customers must start by setting up an account on the organization’s website.

Visitors find the webform by clicking the “Open an Account” button at the top right of the website. They’ll complete the web form and wait for a customer service representative to call them via the number listed on the application.

During the call, the client identifies what products they want and specifies what quantities they wish to buy.

The price per unit appears on the company’s website, and clients can calculate their projected costs, but a customer service representative can offer a price quote and a price lock.

Customers shouldn’t ask for a price lock unless they are ready to complete the transaction because there is a market loss penalty if they do not meet their purchase. 

Idaho Armored Vault Review - Precious Metals Purchases

This penalty comes standard with most gold sellers, and some companies require a non-refundable deposit to protect against these cancelations.

Initiating the purchase is straightforward, and the customer service representatives discuss all the requirements for the transaction. The customer service representative adds all the metals to the customer account and processes the payment via a wire transfer. Once the transaction is completed, the customer representative sets up the shipment.

Since Idaho Armored Vaults provides many of the services traders need for their precious metals, many customers can find a one-stop solution for these purchases.

Instead of shipping the metals, the company transports the metals via armored vehicles with security guards instead of shipping them. If the customer wants to store the metals in the company’s vaults, the transport vehicle delivers them to the vaults and provides documentation of their arrival.

IRAs and Gold/Silver Funds

Visitors who review the Idaho Armored Vault’s website can review ways to invest in precious metals outside of buying and storing them at the customer's location. Since the metals generate value over time, they present a beneficial way to generate money for retirement, and clients can find out how to set up an IRA with their precious metals purchase.

Idaho Armored Vaults have registered advisors who understand all the steps for starting an IRA. They can provide advice about these investments and help clients make well-informed decisions about opening an account and how to manage it, and all the financial responsibilities that come with it.

An example of a gold and silver fund is an ETF fund of funds. Like other stocks or bonds, these options are bought and sold via the stock market. Essentially, these mutual funds allow clients to invest in precious metals as an asset class and provide an opportunity to balance the potential risk and help the trader generate a return.

Gold is a top performer and offers a safer way to invest than investing in stocks from a public company. Traders can generate wealth according to how these ETFs perform. Idaho Armored Vault’s advisors can provide insight into these trades and educate clients about their benefits and pitfalls. 

Shipping Logistics for the Metals

Shipping logistics are vital to loading the transport vehicles, securing them, and ensuring that the cargo arrives at its destination safely.

Logistics professionals review all routes from the company’s location to their destination. While many customers may choose to store their metals in the company’s vaults, many may want to select a different location, such as their home or a depository of their choice.

Idaho Armored Vaults has professionals that understand the importance of shipping logistics. Their workers plan the transport from when the precious metals are packaged until the secured transport vehicles deposit the cargo into a vault or other safe location. Based on its track record, the company has no history of losses or complaints about security failures.

Secured Transportation for Investments

Idaho Armored Vaults offers secure transportation for precious metals and other valuables. All vehicles are constructed with bullet protection and shatterproof glass. Security guards and drivers have adequate protection against possible robberies, and the company has safety and security policies to ensure safe transport to any location.

Storage for Precious Metals

Idaho Armored Vaults offers safe storage for precious metals and valuables for all clients. The security features and designs prevent outsiders from entering the vaults or the building where they are.

Clients can coordinate shipments from the vault; however, no one other than security workers are allowed inside the vault area. 

Storage for Precious Metals

Access control systems are in place to prevent unauthorized access to the building and each vault where precious metals and valuables are stored. 

Security Services for Valuable Assets

Security guards are posted inside the physical location at Idaho Armored Vaults. These guards are armed and trained to manage a variety of circumstances that could arise inside or outside the building.

Security guards are inside the transport trucks during all deliveries, and they keep drivers safer. The security services are included in the price of vault storage and shipping services. Customers needing valuables transported to a new location can hire Idaho Armored Vaults for these services without worrying about losing their assets.

Insurance for All Stored Items

Regardless of what clients choose to store inside the vaults, the items are covered by insurance offered by the service provider. Clients can review policies with a customer service representative to find the best options for their valuables.

Insurance coverage applies to all items in transport vehicles and items inside the vaults. Clients can increase their coverage based on their preferences and discuss applicable fees.

The Media Tab

Under the “Media” tab, Idaho Armored Vaults offers many articles and interviews with investment professionals and experts. First-time investors can use the information to determine how to invest and find the best ways to secure their future.

Many of the interviews offer helpful advice and educational resources for traders. They can find detailed information about all investment options, including stocks, bonds, and precious metals. The company updates the posts often to offer the latest news and literature about starting investments, saving for investments, and increasing the value of common ventures.

Traders can find information about the best storage choices, what companies offer the best ventures, and how to calculate growth. By reading these articles and interviews, anyone can plan for retirement, generate savings for significant life events, or find more professionals to help them with new strategies.


Idaho Armored Vaults offers many services for their customers, including shipping logistics, storage, transportation, security, and precious metals sales. The company has been in business since 2008, and its parent company started in 1992. Clients can set up an account by completing a web form and discussing their needs with a customer service representative.

The company can provide safe transport for precious metals and offers storage options approved by the IRS. Traders have many options for hiring these professional advisors, discussing risk-free retirement ventures, and building wealth.

According to customer reviews, the business seems like a great company with a firm foundation; however, a client should complete a comparison of the company to others within the same industry before making any commitments.

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