ITM Trading Review

ITM Trading Review

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ITM trading is a market leader and your one-stop shop if you need to buy gold, silver, and numismatic coins which are IRA-approved. ITM trading has been in operation since 1995 and its headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona.

ITM Trading prides itself on offering trading strategies that promote generational wealth for its investors and clients. Investing in precious metals is one of the best ways to grow and maintain your wealth in the changing economic times.

Top of the list of the products available in ITM trading includes pre-1993 rare gold coins, gold and silver bullions as well as IRA-approved gold products.

ITM trading works in partnership with other companies such as GoldStar Trust Company and serves as a custodian for IRA accounts. For the storage of precious metals, ITM trading works in conjunction with four storage providers who are insured and audited.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if ITM Trading passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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These are Texas Precious Metals Depository, Delaware Depository, International Depository Services, and the A-M Global Logistics.

Company Background

ITM trading is a precious metal dealer that sells IRA-approved gold products established in 1995. It is family-owned and runs the business with about fifty employees.

The company has ensured its clients are well informed on investing in precious metals by providing investment guides, educational videos, educational blogs, and teams of expert researchers and precious metals analysts, all of which give clients more insights on the investments they choose to protect their wealth through.

ITM Trading Logo

ITM Trading specializes in a variety of gold and silver products and all of these are listed on their catalogs on the IRA website. Clients have the option to choose pre-1933 gold coins, gold, silver, and IRA-approved coins and bars.

The Professional Coin Grading Service and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation have graded and certified the rare coins sold by ITM Trading hence you can be assured of buying genuine products.

ITM Trading Management

Being a family-owned business, Craig Griffin established the company in 1995 after having worked in various investment companies.

He saw the need to provide a platform where dealers, investors, and clients could buy and sell rare coins, gold, and silver with an assurance of a transparent and honest service. Currently, his son Eric Griffin is the president and CEO of the company.

ITM Trading continues to drive Craig Griffin's vision by promoting integrity and transparency by examining products carefully before selling to clients, offering world-class customer support to clients, and educating them on how to buy the right products and mitigate financial risks through free training webinars and free gold kits in the hope of building diversified precious metals portfolio.

ITM Trading Products

ITM Trading Review - Products

Being a full-service precious metals buy and sell firm, ITM Trading offers four major products which can be shipped or delivered to the four IRA Depository accounts mentioned earlier or at your doorstep.

Below are the products available:

Pre-1933 Gold Coins

Pre-1933 gold coins were most sought after by collectors looking to build vintage gold collections.

The coins were in use up until 1933 when they were replaced by Federal reserve notes and American citizens were required by law to give them up under President Roosevelt who only allowed them to keep gold coins worth $100.

Currently, their price is close to that of the bullion value and they provide a unique buying opportunity based on their rarity, gold content, and condition.

Pre-1933 Gold Coins

Gold Bullion

Gold has proven to be a safe investment throughout the years by being a useful hedge against inflation as its price always increases as the cost-of-living increases.

It has the highest liquidity in the market and is better placed for a balanced portfolio since it always increases in value when your other investments decline. It also does not depend on corporations, financial institutions, and governments to determine its value.

Silver Bullion

Silver bullions are cheaper than gold bullions and play an important role in hedging against inflation hence a smart investment to undertake.

IRA Approved Bars and Coins

IRA and Roth accounts help you diversify your investment portfolio and easily own precious metals. The U.S Government has promoted this by allowing some of the physical silver and Gold Products to be included in the IRA.

ITM Trading Reviews

The company has garnered an average of 4.91 out of 5 stars and awarded an A+ rating for its service as per the Better Business Bureau reports.

This is an excellent reputation and the ITM Trading employees have been greatly recommended going by the reviews as they offer quality service to clients.

The Informative content on the company website topped up with experienced researchers, consultants, and analysts has also been of great help to new investors who need education.

Customers have also expressed that they trust dealing with ITM Trading as they are honest and trustworthy with no hidden costs. All transactions are recorded in writing and verbally. There were no records of delays in shipments, and the overall customer service is great.

All these reviews are in line with the company's mission of providing an honest and transparent experience, educating clients on making smart choices, and creating a good relationship overall which is key in financial and investment industries as clients need assurance, they are dealing with a legit organization that can deliver.

Protect Your Retirement Savings - Tax and Penalty Free!

Precious Metal IRA from ITM Trading

The Partnership between GoldStar Trust Company and ITM Trading has provided clients with the opportunity to diversify their investments.

They can open self-directed Traditional or Roth IRA accounts and after purchasing precious metals with ITM Trading, they are shipped to GoldStar Trust Company for Storage and account management.

If you are wondering how to diversify your investment portfolio by owning precious metals with the custodial service provider, here is how to in three easy steps.

  • 1. Through GoldStar Company, open your IRA account.
  • 2. Fund your IRA account either one time or regularly via bank transfer or just roll over any existing IRA or 401(k) funds to GoldStar Trust Company.
  • 3. Once you shop precious metals from ITM Trading Catalog, GoldStar will pay ITM Trading directly who will in turn ship the products to GoldStar Trust Company for management and storage.

How to Roll Over Existing IRA

If you are thinking about protecting and securing your retirement funds against inflation due to the rising cost of living, then you should consider transferring your investments and savings to a gold IRA since the gold prices are always rising.

This is what we mean by precious metals IRA rollover whereby you convert into physical gold coins and gold bullion into your retirement saving and other investment portfolios.

GoldStar Trust Info

You can trust GoldStar Trust Company as your account manager as they have been in business for over 20 years and currently handling over 31,000 IRA accounts valued at $1.6 billion U.S Dollars.

GoldStar Trust Company has been the IRA custodian of choice for thousands of investment dealers and brokers globally as it sets up and manages precious metals IRA accounts for clients at competitive fees.

Below is a guideline on how they charge for their services, but you can also get an estimate of the annual fees from their Investor Service Department.

  • $50 one-time fee during application standard across all account types.
  • $75 annual maintenance fee for new accounts, increases with account types after year one.
  • Annual Depository Storage Fee starts at $100 for the first year but changes with account value afterward.

Our Rating

Pros & Cons

  • Gold IRA Pros

The gold IRA is not subject to risks that would otherwise affect the traditional IRA such as currency inflation and political feuds. Its price can remain stable for long periods with low volatility.

You have control over various fees such as portfolio management and gold IRA rollover fees as you can negotiate for lower charges or eliminate them.

You can easily get your funds from the gold IRA accounts compared to those that may prevent you from withdrawing your savings before you get to a certain age.

Gold IRAs have great potential returns, and they offer the same tax benefits as regular IRAs.

  • Cons

Retirement accounts will charge you a fee for pulling away from the arrangement in place hence the need to understand your options.

They need to stop you from withdrawing the funds before you get to 59 years and if you choose to, you get charged up to 10% fees for going against the terms and conditions.

The 401(k) is a little bit lenient as you can waive the fees if you withdraw funds after getting to 55 years.

If you withdraw your funds before understanding the terms, then you will risk losing thousands of dollars as a penalty.

It is therefore important to fully understand the terms and conditions regarding withdrawing funds from your retirement account and the 401(k) to avoid losing money as penalty fees.

ITM Trading's Wealth Shield Strategy

ITM Trading has put in place a wealth Shield strategy that protects its clients' investments from economic collapse by educating clients on precious metal investments, availing metal analysts who walk with clients throughout the investment journey, and giving them a guarantee on delivering the precious metals.

It is pretty easy to get started on the Wealth Shield Strategy with ITM Trading as they allow you to book a session with their precious metal experts and out of it, you are assured of getting a customized strategy in line with your financial investment goals and you are equipped with insights on wealth and assets protection.

A Brief History of Gold

Gold is one of the surest ways to build wealth as it has proved its value over time. Gold was used for the trading purpose by the Egyptians 5000 years ago and has not lost its purchasing power and value until now.

Not only in Egypt but the indigenous Americans used gold as a trading resource of value. It is the only precious metal that has been used as a hedge against inflation for such a long time. Its value may either remain stable or increase with fluctuating market prices.

Among the top reasons why you should own gold is that its price value has tripled in a decade, and can be melted and molded into various items for storage.

Currencies all over the world lose value but gold keeps appreciating day in and day out and its demand remains steady and has been used worldwide to accumulate wealth. Adding gold to your investment portfolio should be every investor's choice.

If you are looking to purchase gold, then you need to decide on the quantity, type, quality, and quality.

After buying your gold, ensure you have a secure storage location or a custodian such as GoldStar Trust Company, and always make sure you have insurance to protect your investment from theft or natural disasters.

If you are still new in the precious metals investment industry, it is imperative to find trusted precious metal dealers who will guide you on the purchasing process as well as storage and insurance. This is where ITM Trading comes in as they offer these services to their clients. Testimonial



Everybody is always looking for a trusted company when it comes to a financial investment as it is very easy to fall into the hands of scammers or even unknowingly get into a pyramid scheme.

It is important to do a background check on companies before making your investment and also check trusted consumer reports and ratings for more information.

If the coins they sell are verified and certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) agencies, then that is a company worth your business as you are assured of quality.

ITM Trading is registered and licensed by all the state regulatory agencies in the areas it operates and values transparency in all its dealings.

ITM Trading prides itself on being a trusted and transparent precious metals dealer in Arizona for nearly 25 years offering gold, silver, pre-1933 gold coins, and IRA-approved gold coins.

Its trading network of trusted storage and custodial services, investor education and has helped many clients choose to invest with ITM Trading and mitigate long-term financial risks.

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