L&C Coins Review

L & C Coins Review

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Investing in precious metals can be a good choice when markets are volatile and there is economic uncertainty. It's also a smart choice for older investors who want to protect the value of their holdings since precious metals retain their value over time.

Diversifying your investment portfolio with precious metals can help to hedge against risk and provide strong returns in the future. For this reason, some investors choose to invest in precious metals through precious metals IRAs.

When you're considering investing in gold, silver, or other precious metals, identifying a good source is important. We've written this review of L&C Coins to help you make an informed decision and compare this company with similar dealers.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if L&C Coins passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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What Is L&C Coins?

L&C Coins is an established and reputable rare and collectible coin dealer. It has an extensive catalog of in-stock coins and also offers a selection of bullion coins and metals.

The company's primary focus is on selling and buying rare and collectible coins. It states that it makes no recommendations about buying coins or precious metals for investment purposes. 

L&C Coins Review - Logo

L&C Coins was established in 1974 and is located in Los Alamitos, California. Lee Crane, the founder of the business, opened L&C Coins because of his interest in collecting coins. He operates it together with his two sons, Kevin, and it remains a family-owned and operated business.

L&C Coins Review - Website

The company states it has a combined more than 90 years of experience in numismatics. L&C Coins primarily focuses on rare coins and currency, but it also offers gold and silver bullion and other precious metals.

The company operates online stores on eBay and Amazon and allows customers to purchase products online through its website. While it offers in-person sales at its location by appointment, L&C Coins primarily operates online.

Products Sold by L&C Coins

L&C Coins offers a fairly large catalog of products primarily focusing on collectible U.S. coins. Some of the products offered by L&C Coins include the following:

  • Collectible/rare pennies, rolls, and lots
  • Collectible/rare nickles, rolls, and lots
  • Collectible/rare dimes, rolls, and lots
  • Collectible/rare quarters, rolls, and lots
  • Collectible/rare half-dollars, rolls, and lots
  • Collectible/rare dollars, rolls, and lots, including silver dollars
  • Rare/collectible type coins and wholesale lots
  • Large selection of gold coins
  • Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion coins
  • U.S. Mint sets
  • U.S. currency
  • Commemorative coins
  • Bullion medals

 The company's catalog is available on its website and can be searched by category.

Precious Metals Offered by L&C Coins

Bullion coins offered by L&C Coins include the following:

  • American Silver Eagles
  • American Gold Eagles
  • American Platinum Eagles
  • American Palladium Eagles
  • American Gold Buffalos
  • First Spouse Gold
  • Medals
  • 5 oz. Silver
  • High-Relief Gold Bullion

Each of these types has numerous bullion coins of varying quality and price.

The L&C Coins Buying Process and Accepted Payments

L&C Coins primarily operates through its online stores on Amazon and eBay and its website. It does allow in-person shopping by appointment only at its Los Alamitos location. To purchase products, you can register on its website to open an account by providing your email and choosing a password.

The buying process is simple and follows a basic e-commerce model. You can select what you would like to purchase, add it to your cart, and enter your shipping information.


Online, L&C coins accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. It also states it accepts PayPal, checks, and money orders but that the payments must clear before your products will be shipped.

Selling to L&C Coins

To sell coins to L&C coins, the company states you should call and ask to speak to Lee or Pete at 1-800-669-0593. If you have a large coin collection you would like to sell, L&C Coins asks that you send a list of your coins by email to pete@lccoins.com. The company will provide you with an estimate, but it will not make a firm offer without seeing your coins in person.

L&C Coins only buys coins from sellers located in the U.S. If you are located in the greater Los Angeles area, the company requests that you schedule an in-person appointment at its Los Alamitos location. If you live outside of the area, you can ship your coins to L&C coins once you have received an estimate.

The company will contact you with an offer. If you accept, it will send a payment by check. If the company disagrees with the estimate you received after viewing your coins, you will be contacted before it issues a payment.

If you don't accept the offer, your coins will be returned to you by mail. L&C Coins asks that you securely ship your coins and include your name, address, and information about the estimate you received. It states that it is not responsible for thefts that might occur during transit, but your coins will be insured while they are on-site. 

Pricing and Shipping Information

Prices for the various coins and bullion sold by L&C Coins are listed on the company's website in its online catalog. The listings also include information about whether the coins are uncertified or certified and other details. 

The company offers free shipping for orders of $200 or more. Shipments are made by U.S.P.S. First Class mail, but L&C Coins states that it can be upgraded to Priority or Express mail for an additional fee. The company will send you a tracking number by email when your package ships.

All orders worth more than $250 have signature confirmation. The company allows returns within 15 days with full refunds as long as you don't remove the coin from its holder. L&C Coins provides private insurance on all packages it ships.

Ratings and Customer Feedback of L&C Coins

L&C Coins has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ but is not accredited by the BBB. Overall, its customer ratings are positive, but there have been several critical reviews. A few customers have complained about possible coin cleaning or not receiving quotes they believed matched the value of their collections when trying to sell to the company.

L & C Coins Review - BBB Rating

One customer also complained on several sites that L&C Coins changed the price of some gold coins he purchased after he ordered them because of an upward movement in the price of gold a couple of days after his purchase.

The company canceled his order and refunded his money instead of standing by the order. Other than those complaints, most customers have reported having no issues when dealing with L&C Coins.


The company does not provide any on-site storage options. It also doesn't recommend any particular depository for customers or mention anything about storage. If you plan to open a precious metals IRA, you will need to choose an IRS-approved depository to hold your precious metals.

When searching for a depository, compare fees and make sure the one you select offers segregated storage and insurance to protect against potential fraud and loss. Even if you plan to invest in precious metals outside of an IRA, it's still a good idea to securely store your metals off-site in a secured depository.

However, L&C Coins' website does not provide any storage information, so you will need to research potential options yourself if you choose to buy precious metals from this company.

Does L&C Coins Offer a Precious Metals IRA?

L&C Coins does not offer a precious metals IRA or partner with any IRA custodian. If you want to open a precious metals IRA and fund it with IRA-eligible precious metals from L&C Coins, you will need to identify an approved self-directed IRA custodian that allows precious metals investments.

Opening a precious metals IRA is a good choice for investors because it provides a way to grow their investments while keeping them safe for retirement. Self-directed precious metals IRAs include traditional IRAs, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, and Roth IRAs, allowing you to choose the type of tax treatment and contribution limits that match your particular situation and needs.

However, L&C Coins does not provide a means to open a precious metals IRA, meaning that doing so will be solely up to you. 

Our Rating

Pros and Cons of L&C Coins 

The pros of L&C Coins

  • Layaway is available if you need more time to pay
  • Large catalog of rare and collectible coins appeals to collectors
  • Use of SSL encryption technology to protect customer privacy
  • Doesn't sell customer information to third parties

The cons of L&C Coins

  • Doesn't offer a precious metals IRA
  • Primary focus is on coin collecting and collectible coins
  • No storage recommendations
  • Lack of educational materials and resources
  • Shipping information doesn't state whether the packaging materials used are discrete
  • Investors will need to establish their own precious metals IRA and choose an approved depository


L&C Coins is a reputable and established rare and collectible coin dealer that also sells gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bullion coins and medals. With primarily positive reviews from past customers and its long history, the company appears to be a legitimate source.

However, it also seems to focus more on coin collecting rather than purchasing precious metals for investment purposes.

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