Lexi Capital Review

Lexi Capital Review

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If you have reached the point in your financial life where you believe that you are ready to make smarter investments with your money, congratulations!

This is a wonderful first step towards ensuring that you protect your nest egg and are in a solid position to retire.

However, preparing for this retirement - and finding the most efficient ways to grow your money - can be a challenge. There are nearly endless options and ways to grow your money, particularly if you want to invest in precious metals. 

As such, we wanted to take as much of the leg work out of this process as possible. Here's a review of Lexi Capital, a firm that enables you to invest in precious metals and grow your nest egg.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

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About Lexi Capital

Lexi Capital does something that far; far too many websites don't: They take a few paragraphs to explain who they are, why they were founded, and what their overall motivations are.

While the page doesn't go into nearly as much detail as we would have preferred, it does give you a better idea of their overall motivation.

According to the website, Lexi Capital was founded in 2010 as a direct result of the financial recession that almost broke the world's economy.

Their specific motivations were to make sure that anyone would be able to build a secure and safe retirement for themselves, using precious metals as the basis for that retirement.

Lexi Capital then goes more into depth about its competitive advantage, specifically discussing its Gold Assurance Plan, which we will review shortly.

This gives a good idea of who Lexi Capital is and why you should do business with them. Unfortunately, what's missing is a broader understanding of the staff. Who works there? What are their qualifications or experience?

This information would be nice to have when deciding whether or not to invest your limited funds with this organization. Interestingly enough, it took other research to find out more information about the company.

For example, Lexi Capital lists their business as being Better Business Bureau accredited. A look at their page reveals that five employees work for the business.

This is a relatively small number, and, interestingly, Lexi Capital doesn't say anything about the number of employees that work for them. To be fair, this disclosure isn't necessary. 

However, we'd argue it's more problematic that potential customers have to search on an alternative website to find out more information about a company that wants to be responsible for something as important as investing retirement funds.

From a transparency perspective, Lexi Capital does have a solid Frequently Asked Questions section that lays out some more specifics about their services. This includes fees, shipping costs, regulatory compliance, minimum orders, return policies, and more.

This page goes a long way toward providing customers with answers to commonly-asked questions, and it will absolutely make it easier for you to do business with them.

Lexi Capital Services

By filling out a relatively brief digital application, individuals can begin the process of opening up a precious metal IRA. This will, presumably, allow an individual to open or roll over an IRA plan. Additional information discusses the Gold Assurance Plan, which "protects" gold for six months at up to $500 an ounce.

Lexi Capital Services

What does this protection mean? What does it involve, and how can it be redeemed? That information is frustratingly unclear, and it's never really spelled out on the page. Presumably, it involves some sort of money-back guarantee, but again, you're never exactly sure.

Lexi Capital makes this Gold Assurance Plan a cornerstone of their services, so for them not to specifically spell out what it refers to is disconcerting.

Other portions of the webpage discuss the various IRA options, how you can set them up, and how you can roll over an already existing IRA. The webpage also walks individuals through the differences between a personal storage IRA and a self-directed IRA.

The personal storage IRA means that an individual can "privately" hold the gold in a precious metal IRA. However, this is both confusing and misleading. An individual can't privately hold the gold or silver that they use for a precious metal IRA.

Doing so would violate IRS regulations and make the metals ineligible for the significant tax benefits that IRAs receive. Presumably, this is actually referring to allowing individuals to use a private storage company of their own choosing.

However, the website advertises this as "a level of control unheard of in most retirement accounts." That may not be completely accurate. Many services allow an individual to ship their gold to a private storage facility, and there is nothing unheard of about it. This is misleading at best and may be cause for concern.

Lexi Capital does note that they provide secure storage for any gold or silver investment. They also advertise that individuals will receive full-service assistance from the company, regardless of their method of investing.

There is one thing that is absolutely missing from this website: The ability to purchase gold or silver products for investing outside of an IRA or for collection purposes. To be clear, this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

After all, if you are only interested in investing in precious metals for your retirement, you will likely be gratified to know that Lexi Capital has a more narrow focus that is specifically focused on ensuring that your IRA grows. However, if you want to buy gold or silver for yourself outside of a retirement fund, you'll be disappointed.

Like any precious metal IRA, Lexi Capital notes that their IRAs are self-directed, meaning that you can work with staff at Lexi Capital to decide what precious metals to put into the fund and how much to buy.

It's good that this is noted, but it makes the lack of information on the types of precious metals you can buy even more glaring. How are you supposed to make a decision about precious metal investments if you don't know what sort of precious metals are available?

Website Overview

Any internet-based financial broker is only as good as their ability to provide you with a robust, solid, and easy-to-navigate website experience. Fortunately, Lexi Capital succeeds here.

Their website is relatively small and doesn't have a vast array of pages or options, but the text is clear, and the website is responsive, meaning you can easily read the text on any device.

The website also steers clear of the Armageddon-tinged content that many precious metal websites go into. It never suggests you buy precious metals to protect yourself from the end of civilization, instead sticking with the basics about the financial advantages that a precious metal IRA can provide to you.

The website also contains links to social media that Lexi Capital managed, but here's where we run into a problem. Their Facebook page hasn't been updated since March 2022, their Twitter since October 2015, and their YouTube page has never been updated.

Their Instagram page, however, seems relatively active. To be clear, precious metal websites do not need to have a robust social media campaign, though it does help. However, having links to pages that haven't been updated in nearly eight years is a bad look.

There's one more oddity on the page: The top banner. They list five logos: MarketWatch, Forbes, Bloomberg, Google, and BBB. However, there are no links to any pages, instead just listing icons.

Presumably, Lexi Capital is attempting to point out that they have been quoted in MarketWatch, Forbes & Bloomberg, and they are noting that they have a Google business profile and are BBB accredited. However, the lack of links looks weird and lazy.

Lexi Capital Resources

The resources available on the Lexi Capital website are painfully light. Indeed, the only resources they offer are a "Free Investor Kit." What's in that kit? We can't tell: The website is down. And that's it. No blog, no news aggregation, nothing.

The website is essentially an empty shell that encourages prospective buyers to buy from the company but gives no idea of what sort of expertise they will be purchasing, nor does it discuss what is for sale on the website.


Though problematic in many respects, Lexi Capital does offer some real advantages. First, in some areas, they seem relatively transparent: You appear to be able to tell how much certain services will cost on their robust FAQs page. This makes it easier to determine what you can and cannot get.

Furthermore, Lexi Capital's services are narrowly focused and tailored toward individuals who want to get a precious metal IRA. This means that the sales team is focused exclusively on helping you secure your retirement.

It is worth noting that the company seems to offer a variety of ways of actually connecting with customer service representatives. A look at their "contact us" page reveals that they have numerous ways of contacting the company.

This includes separate numbers, emails, and contact forms for vendors, new customers, and existing customers. All of this is extremely positive, as it shows that the company is trying to make it easy for different customers to speak with the appropriate staff.


Unfortunately, the disadvantages of Lexi Capital are significant. The website is painfully scarce about its offerings: You can't use its content to figure out what they offer or what its Gold Assurance Plan really means. They are light on their offerings, qualifications, and services.

They don't discuss their credentials, and they don't have a ton of resources available. This includes even the most basic resources, like gold and silver price charts. The one resource they have - the so-called "Free Investor Kit" - is inaccessible as of the time we tried to click on the link and review it.

The website formatting is strange and possibly misleading. Oddly, they would advertise a service as "rare" when in reality, it's not rare at all. Intentionally or otherwise, they mislead customers into thinking that they can purchase items on the website and use them in a manner that may not be legal for an IRA.

Most problematically: Lexi Capital does not give an overview of what types of gold and silver you can buy. Bars? Coins? Bullion? Who knows? The website doesn't actually discuss, specifically, what products you can add to your precious metal IRA, nor do they discuss how those products have performed over time. This is hugely problematic.

Other Reviews

We are, of course, not the first organization to review Lexi Capital. As always, there are customer reviews that discuss Lexi Capital and a customer's level of satisfaction with the organization.

Interestingly, however, is that these reviews are limited. We could barely find any reviews of the service. Those that we did find were positive: Google Business: 4.3 out of 5 stars, six total reviews.

The fact that the company doesn't have more reviews than this is interesting. If the reviews that we did find were negative, it would be more problematic.

However, the Google reviews were, generally speaking, very positive. With one exception, they cited excellent customer service and the professionalism of the organization.

It is worth noting that all of the reviews are at least two years old. It is fair or individuals to wonder what has happened over the past few years and if these positive reviews are still accurate.

Final Verdict

Lexi Capital has many unknowns: Its qualifications, the specifics of its plan, the specific precious metals that they sell, its free resource kit, and more. Their website is often lacking information and is misleading in spots.

You aren't even sure what you are getting into when you do business with them. Yes, their website is nice, but that's more or less where the positives end. Save for a handful of reviews, users will have no idea what they are getting into if they do business with the company.

In short: There are better and more transparent companies that you can do business with. Based on this comprehensive overview, we cannot recommend Lexi Capital.

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