Littleton Coin Company Review

Littleton Coin Company Review

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Creating an investment portfolio or coin collection helps consumers build wealth and avoid serious risks. Precious metals present a chance to build wealth over many years, and the products come in various types to meet the market's current demands.

Many gold sellers have different products that generate value over time, and traders can get a better investment return. 

Many individuals new to investing are unsure where to start, but reviewing information about investing in metals helps them find their way.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Littleton Coin Company Review passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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Company's History and Ratings

Littleton Coin Company is a gold seller that has many products for everyone. Examine essential details about the company to determine if they offer everything necessary to build wealth and increase investment returns.

Littleton Coin Company Review - Logo

Littleton Coin Company opened in 1945 in Littleton, Ohio, offering online, mail-in, and phone sales. The Better Business Bureau has accredited the business since 2011, and they've maintained a 4.75-star and A+ rating. As of 2023, the organization has had 89 customer complaints in the last three years, with 12 complaints in the previous year.

Littleton Coin Company Review - Website

The company offers a wide range of precious metals and collector pieces. They have a large inventory of products to meet the needs of investors and anyone wanting to build their coin collection. Exploring their inventory helps visitors find the best products based on their current needs.

Littleton Coin Company Review - Rating

What Does the Business Sell?

Littleton Coin Company offers a variety of products for collectors and traders. Among their US dollar coins are US Innovation dollars, Sacagawea coins, Native American dollars, Presidential dollars, Susan B. Anthony coins, Eisenhower dollars, Peace dollars, Morgan silver dollars, and dollar sets.

The US half dollars available at Littleton are Kennedy, Franklin, Walking Liberty, Barber, and half-dollar sets. US quarters they offer are US Women's, General George Washington, America's National Parks, US Territory Commemorative, Washington, Standing Liberty, and Barber.

Their US dimes are Roosevelt, Mercury, and Barber. Collectors can buy US nickels, including Jefferson, Buffalo, Liberty Head, and Shield. They also offer US pennies such as Lincoln, Indian Head, and Flying Eagles.

Littleton Coin Company Review - Product

Paper money available through Littleton includes gold certificates, Federal Reserve Notes, Legal Tender Notes, Silver certificates, and World paper money.

Traders can find gold and bullion options such as Maple Leaf, Eagle, Buffalo, Kookaburra, and Panda. Review IRS regulations before buying coins and bullion if the precious metals are for an IRA.

All their products appear under the "Coins and Currencies" tab. Customers can click on the preferred product to view it and check the current price. All prices are updated according to the market price and the company's markup. Comparing prices can help clients get a fair price for collectibles and precious metals for trading.

Buying Precious Metals

Littleton Coin Company lets customers call a customer service representative to set up an order via phone or mail-in form, or the clients can shop online. Setting up a user account helps customers save information, payment methods, and order history.

They can add their selections to a shopping cart and complete the checkout process on the company's website. Customers can complete orders quickly and create a history of the orders if they need a refund. They can also save their favorite items in their user accounts. Customers should call the company if their purchase price is $10,000 or more.


The company's representatives can provide a price lock for the metals and help them get the best price possible. All prices are based on the current market value of the products. Littleton Coin Company sets up the shipment once the payment clears.

Littleton Coin Company offers payment plans for select items. Customers can submit payments through their user account or buying clicking the "Pay an Invoice" link at the bottom of the company's website.

Do They Have a Buyback or Sell Your Metals Opportunity?

Customers can contact them directly or complete the form on the "Coins to Sell?" tab. When speaking to representatives at Littleton Coin Company, the clients can detail all the coins or products they want to sell.

As of 2023, Littleton buys US collectible coins and paper currency released before 1964, US or other world Mint coins and proof sets, gold or silver bullion, and individual coins with a cash value of $100 or more. Once approved, Littleton Coin Company provides a cash payment to the seller.

They offer many ways to collect the proceeds, including checks and wire transfers. All products must meet Littleton's standards after a complete inspection. They cannot promise to buy all metals offered by customers.

Is There an Opportunity for Gold IRAs?

No, Littleton Coin Company does not offer a gold IRA opportunity. However, they do sell some appropriate products for these retirement accounts. Traders can order approved products via their custodian to fund their IRA.

These products are found under the gold coins and bullion listing under the "Coins and Currencies" tab. While Littleton Coin Company cannot help with IRAs, they can ship the products to the customer's preferred depository based on their custodian's instructions.

They use funds from other IRA accounts to buy their precious metals; however, their custodian must manage these requirements before approaching Littleton Coin Company for any purchase.

Sales Tax

Littleton has a link about sales tax requirements. They collect sales tax on all orders, but if the customer's state requires additional tax collection, the company processes the tax requirements.

They offer information about what states have these tax requirements on the related website page. If the customer is tax-exempt, they must provide a certificate to Littleton to avoid these requirements.

The Check Order Status Link

Customers can click the "Check Order Status" link at the bottom of the website to learn more about order processing and expected delivery dates. Customers can send a webform or check the status through their user account.

The Customer Support Link

If clients have questions or concerns, they can click the "Customer Support" link and find different ways to contact Littleton Coin Company. They have an email address form, contact number, mailing address, and a live chat feature.

The New Issues Tab

Littleton's "New Issues" tab provides a complete list of the newest releases. The tab helps traders find new coins and other products faster and avoid looking through the entire inventory to complete a purchase. Each listing offers a color picture of all products with the current price.

The Supplies Tab

Under the "Supplies" tab, visitors find coin and paper money albums, coin folders, coin display holders, coin collecting books, personal coin appraisal kits, coin tubes, and mint storage sets.

Gift Ideas

Under the "Gift Ideas" tab, visitors can find options based on how much they can spend. They can choose gifts under $100 or other increments like $25 or $10. Littleton offers jewelry, choices for kids, mint and proof sets, exclusive colorized coins, and gift cards.

Signing Up for the Newsletter

Littleton Coin Company has a monthly newsletter providing the latest news and updates about the company. Anyone who signs up for the newsletter receives 15% off their first purchase.

The company may send some email marketing materials to the clients, including offers for new products or services. The newsletter arrives via the email address the visitor used to sign up.

Products on Sale

The "Sale" tab provides fast access to all items on sale, including an array of precious metals, coins, and collectibles. Visitors can check this tab to determine when their favorite items go on sale or are discounted. They can view the items individually or on a list with the current prices and quantities.

The Collector Clubs

Littleton Coin Company offers four different collector club categories for customers. By joining a club, the customer receives coins in the mail to preview for fifteen days. They can buy the product or return it to receive something else. The US Coin Club offers US-minted coins.

Littleton Coin Company Review - Clubs

The Ancient Coin Clubs include the Coins of the Bible Club or Ancient Civilizations. Under the Paper Money Club, there is the American Railroad Stocks and Bonds or the American Paper Monet Club. The World Coin Clubs include Coins of the World, New Release Collection Club, and Classic Silver and Gold Coins of the World.

Return Policy for Littleton Coin Company

Littleton Coin Company offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, a customer isn't happy with the products, they can send them back to exchange them or get a complete refund. The company processes the refund after they receive the products in unaltered condition. Customers are advised to leave the products in their original packaging.

Littleton Rewards

Littleton Coin Company offers a rewards program for customers who complete purchases often. Customers accumulate points added to their user accounts as they complete purchases. Clients can review their points and determine when they have enough to discount their buy or make them eligible for free products.

To use the rewards points, visitors click the "Littleton Rewards" tab at the bottom of the website's main page. Customers complete the form after clicking the tab. A customer service representative processes the order and applies the points toward the total purchase amount.

US Coin Release Dates

The "US Coin Release Dates" tab offers more information about when new products are available through Littleton. Visitors can check this section to stay informed about these releases and decide when to set up an order.

The Heads and Tails Blog

Littleton Coin Company offers its Heads and Tails blog, which offers many valuable posts for collectors and anyone interested in coins, bars, or bullion. There are posts about the history of coin minting, precious metals investment opportunities, and how minted coins maintain their value.

Visitors can find a wealth of information about collecting or investing, and they can make well-informed decisions about buying products or building wealth.

Shipping and Handling

Littleton Coin Company offers shipping for $6.95 for all orders under $100. Orders of at least $100 are shipped for fees. Customers who want upgraded shipping must mail in their order and pay applicable fees. Most orders arrive within seven days of receiving the payment; however, customers could wait up to fourteen days to get their package.

Free Coin Catalogs

Littleton Coin Company offers a catalog tab at the bottom of the website where customers can request a free catalog of all their products. These catalogs arrive regularly to show clients what the company has to offer. If the client moves, they can update their user account to have their catalogs forwarded to their new address.

Littleton Coin Company Review - Free Catalogs


Littleton Coin Company offers metals and coin sales and buyback options. While they do not provide an IRA, several products have IRS approval for these ventures. Their website offers much information to help everyone learn more about collecting coins and setting up funds with different precious metals.

Visitors can find products easily, including choices on sale and discounted, and they have a tab specifically for new releases. The company blog is a little more informative than the posts at other gold companies since they offer details about the history and the latest news.

First-time customers can get a discount for signing up for the newsletter. Reading through this review can help viewers find out about the company, but they should still compare the company and its services to other choices before buying any products.

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