Miles Franklin Precious Metals: Comprehensive Services for Investors

Are you looking to invest in precious metals?

Consider Miles Franklin, a reputable company founded in 1989 with over $9 billion in sales. Led by President and Owner Andy Schectman, Miles Franklin offers a wide range of services including precious metals storage, IRAs, buying and selling, as well as shipping and storage solutions.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Miles Franklin has received glowing reviews from satisfied investors. Discover more about their services, customer feedback, and additional information in this comprehensive article.

Introduction to Miles Franklin

Miles Franklin, a trusted company in the precious metals industry, has been serving customers for over three decades since its establishment in 1989. With a focus on investment-grade products and exceptional customer service, Miles Franklin has built a reputation over the years as a reliable choice for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with gold and silver.

Founded in 1989 by Miles Franklin, the company has a rich history in providing a wide range of precious metals products such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. With a commitment to integrity and transparency, Miles Franklin prides itself on offering competitive pricing and expert guidance to help customers make informed investment decisions. The company’s longevity in the market is a testament to its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and trustworthiness. Whether customers are new to investing in precious metals or seasoned investors, Miles Franklin offers a diverse selection of options to cater to different investment goals and preferences.


Why Miles Franklin Precious Metals is a Leader in the Industry

Founded in 1989

Miles Franklin, headquartered in Minnesota, was founded in 1989 with the vision to provide customers with access to high-quality precious metals and secure investment opportunities.

Founded by a group of dedicated individuals passionate about the world of precious metals, Miles Franklin quickly established itself as a trusted name in the industry. The company’s founders aimed to create a platform where customers could confidently invest in precious metals, knowing they were getting top-tier products, backed by exceptional customer service.

From the very beginning, the company prioritized quality, ensuring that each piece of precious metal they offered met stringent standards. This commitment to excellence has been a cornerstone of Miles Franklin’s approach, leading to long-term relationships and satisfied customers who value the integrity and reliability the company provides.

Over $9 Billion in Sales

Having achieved over $9 billion in sales, Miles Franklin stands as a testament to its success in catering to the investment needs of a diverse range of customers. This milestone reflects the trust and confidence placed in the company by investors over the years.

As Miles Franklin expands its product line and enhances its customer service offerings, the company’s growth trajectory remains robust and promising. Through strategic marketing campaigns and consistent quality assurance, Miles Franklin has managed to not only attract new customers but also retain its existing client base. By offering a wide range of products from bullion to numismatics, Miles Franklin caters to both seasoned investors and newcomers in the precious metals market.

License, Bonded, & Accredited

Miles Franklin maintains its commitment to financial security and customer trust by being fully licensed, bonded, and accredited, holding an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Licensing, bonding, and accreditation play a fundamental role in the precious metals industry. These credentials serve as a guarantee of compliance with industry regulations and standards, ensuring that the company operates ethically and transparently. When a company like Miles Franklin obtains these certifications, it demonstrates its dedication to upholding the highest levels of integrity.

Having the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau further solidifies the company’s reputation, indicating a track record of exceptional customer service and ethical business practices. Customers in the precious metals industry rely on these credentials to make informed decisions, knowing that they are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy organization.

About Andy Schectman

Andy Schectman, the President and Owner of Miles Franklin, plays a pivotal role in leading the company towards its mission of providing exceptional service and quality products to investors. With his expertise and vision, Andy has steered Miles Franklin to become a trusted name in the precious metals industry.

Andy Schectman’s journey into the precious metals field began over 30 years ago when he joined Miles Franklin, a company renowned for its integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction. Over the years, Andy’s dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence have been instrumental in shaping the company’s sterling reputation in the industry.

His astute leadership style emphasizes transparency, honesty, and personalized service, ensuring that each client’s unique needs are met with care and professionalism. Andy’s passion for educating clients on the benefits of precious metals investment has been a cornerstone of Miles Franklin’s service offerings, making them a favorited tool for investors seeking sound guidance in uncertain economic times.

President & Owner

As the President and Owner of Miles Franklin, Andy Schectman brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role, overseeing the company’s operations and ensuring a high standard of service and integrity in all dealings.

His leadership qualities shine through as he effectively guides the team towards achieving their goals while fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. Andy’s deep industry knowledge not only informs strategic decisions but also inspires trust among clients and partners alike. He is known for instilling values of transparency, honesty, and respect within the organization, creating a positive work environment that resonates throughout the company.

A Message from Our Founder

David, the founder of Miles Franklin, laid the foundation of the company on principles of integrity, transparency, and customer satisfaction. His vision continues to guide the organization as it grows and serves the needs of investors worldwide.

David’s commitment to upholding core values resonates in every aspect of Miles Franklin’s operations, ensuring that trust and reliability are at the core of all interactions with clients. The company’s journey from a modest beginning to becoming a renowned name in the precious metals industry reflects David’s unwavering dedication and foresight. The strong ethical framework established by him has not only shaped the company’s ethos but has also played a pivotal role in cementing its reputation as a trusted partner for precious metals investment.

History of Miles Franklin

The history of Miles Franklin is a testament to a commitment to service and excellence in catering to the needs of investors globally. Founded with a vision to provide top-tier products and customer service, the company has evolved under David’s leadership to become a trusted name in the precious metals industry.

Over the years, Miles Franklin has weathered market fluctuations, economic challenges, and technological advancements, always staying true to its core values. From its humble beginnings as a small operation to its current status as a reputable player in the industry, the company has experienced significant growth and transformation.

Through strategic partnerships and continuous innovation, Miles Franklin has expanded its product offerings, improved customer experiences, and solidified its presence in key markets worldwide. The company’s dedication to quality, transparency, and integrity has been instrumental in fostering long-term relationships with clients and stakeholders.

Services Offered

Miles Franklin offers a wide range of services catering to the precious metals market, including IRA investments, secure storage solutions, and personalized customer service. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or store precious metals, Miles Franklin ensures a seamless experience tailored to your needs.

The IRA options provided by Miles Franklin are designed to help individuals strategically build their retirement portfolios with precious metals, offering tax advantages and diversification benefits. The company’s state-of-the-art storage facilities ensure the safety and security of your investments, giving you peace of mind.

Miles Franklin’s dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, guiding you through every step of the process and addressing any inquiries promptly. Their focus on meeting the diverse needs of investors sets them apart in the industry, establishing trust and reliability.

Precious Metals Storage & IRAs

Miles Franklin specializes in offering secure storage solutions for precious metals and provides comprehensive IRA options through partnerships with trusted custodians like New Direction IRA. Investors can safeguard their assets while benefiting from tax-advantaged retirement accounts.

In terms of securing precious metals, Miles Franklin ensures top-notch security measures in place. Their storage facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems including 24/7 monitoring, restricted access controls, and insurance coverage. This guarantees that your valuable assets are protected against theft or damage.

Setting up an IRA with Miles Franklin is a straightforward process. Their team of experts guides investors through every step, from account opening to selecting the right precious metals for their retirement portfolio. By partnering with reputable custodians like New Direction IRA, the entire setup process is streamlined and hassle-free.

Investing in precious metals through IRA accounts with Miles Franklin offers multiple benefits. Precious metals are known for their ability to hedge against economic uncertainties and inflation, making them a valuable addition to any retirement portfolio. The tax advantages that come with IRA investments provide investors with opportunities to maximize their returns while securing their financial future.

Explore Bullion Products

Miles Franklin offers a diverse range of bullion products, including gold and silver bars, coins, and rounds, sourced from reputable mints like the United States Mint and Goldco. Investors can explore a variety of options to diversify their portfolios and hedge against economic uncertainties.

Gold products at Miles Franklin range from popular choices like American Gold Eagles and Canadian Gold Maples to unique pieces like PAMP Suisse gold bars and Gold American Buffalo coins. These products are minted with high purity levels, ensuring their authenticity and value. On the silver side, investors can find a plethora of options such as Silver Britannias, Austrian Silver Philharmonics, and Silver Rounds from renowned mints. Each piece is a tangible asset that adds stability to an investment portfolio.

Buying & Selling Precious Metals

At Miles Franklin, investors can conveniently buy and sell precious metals with the assurance of fair prices and efficient transactions. The company fosters relationships with reputable dealers and prioritizes customer satisfaction in every buying and selling experience.

When you choose to engage with Miles Franklin, you are provided with a seamless process that ensures transparency at every step. Through their extensive network of trusted partners, Miles Franklin is able to offer competitive pricing on a wide range of precious metals, catering to various investment needs and preferences.

Whether you are looking to diversify your portfolio or make a strategic investment, Miles Franklin’s commitment to honesty and integrity sets them apart in the precious metals market. Their experienced team is dedicated to assisting clients in making informed decisions and navigating the complexities of the industry with ease.

Shipping & Storage Solutions

Miles Franklin provides reliable shipping and secure storage solutions through trusted partners like Brinks. Whether you need your precious metals delivered to your doorstep or stored in a secure facility, the company ensures a seamless and efficient process.

For shipping, Miles Franklin works closely with renowned logistics companies to ensure the safe transportation of your precious metals, giving you peace of mind throughout the delivery process.

In terms of storage, their facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, including advanced surveillance systems and secure vaults, to safeguard your investments.

Investors can choose from various storage options, such as allocated or segregated storage, tailored to their preferences and needs. Miles Franklin’s commitment to providing convenient solutions extends to offering online account access for investors to monitor their holdings and transactions easily.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer feedback of Miles Franklin’s precious metals services echoes a sentiment of satisfaction and trust among investors. The company’s dedication to exceptional customer service and reliable investment options has garnered positive reviews, reinforcing its standing as a preferred choice for precious metals enthusiasts.

Investors have praised the company for its transparency and expert guidance, often highlighting the smooth transaction process and prompt delivery of purchases. One client mentioned, ‘Miles Franklin not only met but exceeded my expectations; their knowledgeable staff helped me make informed decisions about my investments.’

The personalized attention and tailored advice provided by the team have been instrumental in cultivating long-term relationships with customers, with many expressing loyalty to the company due to its reliable services and genuine care for their financial well-being.

Customer Feedback of Miles Franklin Precious Metals

Miles Franklin Precious Metals consistently receives glowing reviews from customers who appreciate the company’s dedication to exceptional customer service, transparency, and quality products. The A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau is a testament to the trust and satisfaction customers have in their experiences with Miles Franklin.

Customers often highlight the seamless processes when purchasing precious metals through Miles Franklin, praising the informative guidance provided by the knowledgeable team. Responsive communication is a key aspect that stands out in many reviews, with clients mentioning the timely updates on their orders and the willingness of staff to address any queries promptly.

The personalized approach taken by Miles Franklin is commended, with individuals feeling valued and respected throughout their interactions. The emphasis on building long-term relationships rather than just completing transactions is a recurring theme in customer feedback.

Additional Information

Along with its core services, Miles Franklin provides valuable resources to investors, including educational materials, privacy policy details, information on bullion sales tax by state, and insights into the security measures implemented to safeguard investments.

This commitment to investor protection is exemplified through Miles Franklin’s emphasis on transparency in all dealings, ensuring that clients are well-informed and backed by clear policies. The company’s privacy policy underscores the importance of safeguarding client information, with stringent protocols in place to maintain confidentiality. Additionally, Miles Franklin offers a range of educational resources to enable investors with knowledge about precious metals, markets, and emerging trends. Understanding the tax implications of bullion sales, especially varying by state, is essential for investors to make informed decisions. Security remains a top priority, with state-of-the-art measures implemented to secure transactions and protect client assets.

Privacy Policy and Terms

Miles Franklin upholds strict privacy policies and transparent terms of service to ensure the confidentiality and security of customer information.

Along with standard protection measures, Miles Franklin employs advanced encryption techniques to safeguard sensitive data, ensuring it is securely stored and transmitted. Customer information is strictly used for order fulfillment and communication purposes only, following industry best practices for data handling.

The company’s privacy policy clearly states how personal information is collected, used, and shared, giving customers full transparency and control over their data. By maintaining a transparent approach, Miles Franklin aims to build long-lasting trust and loyalty with its clients.

Bullion Sales Tax by State

Understanding bullion sales tax regulations by state is crucial for investors, and Miles Franklin provides detailed information on tax implications for precious metals purchases in various regions, including the US and Canada.

In terms of bullion sales tax, the rules can vary significantly from one state or country to another. For example, some states in the US have no sales tax on precious metals, making them attractive locations for investors seeking to avoid additional costs. On the other hand, certain states impose sales tax on bullion purchases, impacting the overall price for buyers. It’s essential for investors to be aware of these differences to strategize their purchases effectively.

Internationally, countries also have their own set of regulations regarding bullion sales tax. For instance, in Canada, precious metals are considered investments and exempt from Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), making it advantageous for investors to buy bullion in that country. Understanding these tax regulations and exemptions can assist investors in making wise decisions when it comes to buying and selling precious metals.

Security Measures for Investments

Miles Franklin prioritizes the security of investments by implementing robust measures, including secure storage facilities, insurance coverage, and compliance with regulatory standards such as those set by the IRS. The company’s commitment to safeguarding assets extends to physical and digital security protocols to ensure peace of mind for investors.

Along with stringent physical security measures, Miles Franklin utilizes state-of-the-art technology to monitor and protect digital assets, reinforcing its comprehensive security framework. The company’s storage facilities are equipped with advanced surveillance systems and access controls to prevent unauthorized entry. Miles Franklin maintains insurance provisions that cover all stored assets, providing an added layer of protection against unforeseen events. Committed to regulatory compliance, the company undergoes regular audits and follows industry best practices to uphold the highest security standards.

Educational Resources for Investors

Miles Franklin offers a wealth of educational resources for investors seeking to enhance their knowledge of precious metals investing, market trends, and portfolio diversification. From market insights to investment guides, the company’s educational materials are designed to enable investors with the information they need to make informed decisions.

One of the key features of the educational resources available at Miles Franklin is the focus on providing in-depth analysis of market trends, historical data, and expert forecasts. Investors can access a wide range of materials such as articles, videos, webinars, and whitepapers, all aimed at increasing their understanding of the precious metals market.

Miles Franklin’s commitment to investor enablement is evident in the emphasis placed on educating clients about the various factors that influence the value of precious metals, including geopolitical events, economic indicators, and global market dynamics.

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