Monetary Gold Review

Monetary Gold Review

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Founded in 2000, Monetary Gold has established itself as a reputable retailer of precious metals, including gold and silver.

Investors have the flexibility to make cash purchases for physical delivery or convert a portion or all of their IRAs or 401(k) into a precious metals IRA through Monetary Gold.

One of Monetary Gold's distinguishing features is its position as a direct dealer. The firm acquires gold, silver, platinum, and palladium without added markups, positioning itself as one of the few precious metal firms in the nation offering this advantage.

Continue reading to discover how Monetary Gold can enhance your investment portfolio with the stability and security of precious metals.

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What is Monetary Gold?

With over 50 years of precious metals experience, Monetary Gold specializes in helping investors secure their financial future.

The company offers a large selection of gold, silver, platinum government bullion, semi-numismatic U.S. coins, and foreign coins.

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Additionally, Monetary Gold also offers free workshops to gain knowledge and consult with their trusted advisors. Monetary Gold offers 24/7 client assistance, free shipping, and a BBB-accredited business with a consistent A+ rating.

Monetary Gold Review - Homepage

Precious Metals

Monetary Gold has an excellent selection of investment products. When viewing their inventory page, investors will find a variety of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for purchase.

Some products you'll find on the company's website are the Gold British Sovereign, German 20 Marks, Gold American Eagle, Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Siver Dollar, Half Franklin Dollars, Platinum American Eagle, Platinum Maple Leaf, and more.

Gold and Silver IRA

If you're interested in more than just receiving your precious metals through direct delivery, you can also open a gold IRA with Monetary Gold.

According to their FAQs page, Monetary Gold's IRA department has a close relationship with Gold Star and will have your account set up with an account number within 48-72 hours after your application is complete.

In general, you can expect the application to be complete within two weeks. For a faster and more seamless process, investors can work with an experienced precious metals IRA specialist to help them with the document process.

Monetary Gold states that opening a gold IRA with them can be done in 3 steps. The first step is to start the process of establishing a gold IRA account. You will not need to pay a financial advisor to set up your Gold IRA. Monetary Gold's IRA specialist can guide you through the application process for free. After 48-72 hours, you should be ready to move to the next step.

The second step is to fund your IRA. You can contribute to your Gold IRA or transfer funds from an existing qualified IRA or 401(k).

The third step is to acquire your precious metals. Once your gold IRA account has been funded, investors will be contacted immediately by your Monetary Gold IRA specialist to execute their metals and transfer the metals into a qualified depository on your behalf.

Once your metals arrive, they will be inspected, processed, and insured. It's important to note that your IRA custodian will oversee statements, holdings, and future liquidations or take possession if necessary. Investors can monitor their account's progress and holdings online.

The IRA application is completely online. Once you click the link to open a gold IRA, you will be directed to a DocuSign page where you'll begin inputting your information.


Monetary Gold has a variety of resources for investors to take advantage of. For instance, Monetary Gold shares valuable information about the history of global reserve currencies, investment charts, videos, information about collapsing banks and bankrupt cities, gold vs the U.S. dollar, and Gold recalls.

These resources are especially helpful as investors are looking to add the best precious metals to their IRA accounts.

Additionally, Monetary Gold keeps investors abreast with market news. Investors can stay up to date on all things precious metals to ensure they are ahead of trends and can continue to make the best decisions for their gold IRA.


If you choose to open a precious metals IRA with Monetary Gold, it's important to understand the fees that are associated with opening an account.

Investors will pay up to $100 per year to store and insure p to $100,000 of gold. If your account is over $100,000, it will cost investors $1 for every additional $1,000 worth of gold.

Additionally, Monetary Gold requires a $5,000 to $10,000 minimum investment. Note that this fee will depend on your choice of custodian.


Monetary Gold has received a 4.9 out of 5 through Consumer Affairs. With that said, most customers have boasted about the excellent service provided by Monetary Gold.

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One customer stated that they were pleased with the service provided by Monetary Gold after having a poor experience with a previous company. The customer stated that her account representative was always attentive, took the time to explain things, and made the customer feel confident about their purchase.

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Another customer also stated that their representative was friendly, patient, and professional. Their representative was more than willing to share how the precious metals industry works and walked the customer through the process.

According to another customer, Monetary Gold is designed for first-time buyers who may feel overwhelmed with the process. Monetary Gold has a clean record, clear communication, and a professional team.

It's also worth noting that Monetary Gold responded to all reviews. This shows their dedication to their customers and their consistent practice of open communication. This is a good sign for investors looking for a transparent precious metal company to invest with.

Our Rating

Monetary Gold: Pros & Cons

Are you interested in moving forward with Monetary Gold? Let's take a look at some pros and cons of working with Monetary Gold:

  • Pro: Free Shipping

Saving money while growing your investment account is a top priority for all investors. Luckily, Monetary Gold offers free shipping for all new clients. This is a perfect opportunity for investors who want to give Monetary Gold a try for the first time.

  • Pro: Gold and Silver IRAs

Not every precious metals dealer offers gold and silver IRAs for investors. If you're looking for an all-in-one precious metals dealer, Monetary Gold is a great option. They don't just offer precious metals for direct delivery, but they also offer a simple and secure process to open an IRA account with them.

Whether you want to invest in gold or silver, Monetary Gold gives you the flexibility to do so. Additionally, Monetary Gold provides investors with all of the resources they need to open an account with ease. The application process is all online for tech-savvy investors that want to quickly get started. But even if you need help, you'll have access to a dedicated IRA specialist to help you with the small details.

  • Pro: Large Investment Selection

Another advantage of working with Monetary Gold is that investors will have access to a large investment selection. Having a diverse selection of inventory to choose from is essential before committing to any precious metals dealer.

The good news is that Monetary Gold has a variety of valuable gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Investors won't have a hard time finding quality precious metals to add to their gold IRA, making Monetary Gold a solid dealer to consider.

  • Pro: Customer Service

Monetary Gold presents one of the best customer service experiences compared to other dealers. Investors will receive a dedicated IRA specialist when opening a gold IRA. Additionally, there are various ways to reach out to Monetary Gold if you have a question or concern.

But what solidifies Monetary's Gold customer service experience are the many reviews from customers stating that the representatives at Monetary Gold are more than willing to help. Monetary Gold appears to have a solid reputation for attentiveness, professionalism, transparency, and helpfulness. Investors can expect to have a good working relationship with Monetary Gold, making them an excellent long-term choice for your investment needs.

  • Con: No Weekend or Holiday Availability

On Monetary Gold's About page, they state that they offer 24/7 client assistance. However, Monetary Gold is only open Monday through Thursday from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm and Friday from 6:00 am to 2 pm PST. They're also closed on all major holidays.

This isn't a major disadvantage. However, investors should be prepared to have little or no support from Monetary Gold on weekends and holidays.

  • Con: Prices Not Listed Online

Another disadvantage of Monetary Gold is that the prices of its precious metals are not listed on its website. This essentially means that investors will need to call a representative for price inquiries. Many precious metal dealers list their prices directly on their inventory page for easy viewing. As a result, Monetary Gold is lagging in this area.

Additionally, this can be a disadvantage because Monetary Gold isn't open on the weekends on major holidays. If investors have a question about a price, they will have to wait until the next open date to call and inquire about a product.

Monetary Gold: Final Thoughts

Monetary Gold is a trusted precious metal dealer established in 2000. The company offers a variety of precious metal products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

For investors interested in diversifying their portfolios, Monetary Gold has a great selection of products to consider. In addition to buying precious metals, investors can easily open a gold or silver IRA. Investors can start the application process online and rely on one of their IRA specialists for a more seamless process.

Monetary Gold delivers one of the best customer service experiences, according to reviews. Almost all of their customers were satisfied with the services provided by Monetary Gold and were particularly satisfied with the attentiveness of their account representatives.

But keep in mind that the company isn't open 24/7 like a few other precious metal dealers. You likely won't have any pressing questions that need to be answered on weekends or major holidays. But, it would be nice to have 24/7 client assistance as they state on their website.

Additionally, investors will need to call for product pricing. As more precious metal dealers are offering prices on their websites, Monetary Gold can be limiting for some investors.

Overall, Monetary Gold is an excellent company to work with, whether you're interested in the physical delivery of precious metals, a precious metals IRA or both.

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