Money Metals Exchange Review

Money Metals Exchange Review

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Investors constantly seek innovative methods to diversify their portfolios, yet paper assets such as stocks and bonds often lack variety. These assets are closely linked to the stock market, which can be notoriously volatile.

Exploring precious metals as an investment avenue offers a compelling alternative. Among the many firms operating in this sector, Money Metals Exchange stands out.

Understanding the offerings and advantages of this company can provide investors with valuable insights for their next investment decision.

Keep reading to discover how Money Metals Exchange can enhance your investment strategy and provide stability amid market fluctuations.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Money Metals Exchange passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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Getting to Know Money Metals Exchange

Money Metals Exchange or MME is a precious metals dealer that sells a high volume of products. Their homepage offers a clear view of their selections, including gold, silver, and additional metals.


They list their available podcasts and blogs so that investors gain more insight into this financial venture. Colorful images advertise gold coins and bars too.

A large part of the site offers information about tangential investments, such as cryptocurrency. MME doesn't sell crypto, but they understand that there may come a time when gold and silver can be bought with this digital currency.

money-metals-exchange-know  money metals exchange

Across the site, MME provides information and purchasing opportunities to the investor. It has an attractive layout as investors get to know this dealer and how to invest in the 21st century.

Investors will appreciate the dozens of pages dedicated to precious metals purchases. Each product comes with a general image and starting price. For investors who want to get down to business as soon as possible, MME exemplifies a streamlined buying process.

Knowing About Available Precious Metals

MME sells an astounding amount of precious metals. Gold and silver are their most popular products. They're available in coins, rounds, bars, bullets, fractionals, and other forms.

money-metals-exchange-gold progucts
money-metals-exchange-silver progucts

Investors can browse through their inventory for a look at some global favorites, including precious metals from Canada, Australia, and Britain. When investors compare this site to other companies, MME has a huge inventory to serve every investor's needs.

Investors have the opportunity to invest in platinum, palladium, rhodium, and copper too. Choosing different metals for investment purposes can further diversify a portfolio. It doesn't have to be purely gold or silver. Try a few different metals, and watch how they gain value over time.

MME also offers unique products called vault metals. Select either gold, silver, or platinum for this investment. Vault metals are rough chunks of metal that are extremely pure.

They're designed to be stacked in a vault rather than being displayed. Investors can purchase a mixture of vault metals, proof coins, and bars to diversify a portfolio.

Buying From Money Metals Exchange

MME has a standard checkout process where investors add products to a cart. Ideally, investors should make a free account with MME so that their information is stored. Tracking packages can be easier too. However, there is an option to check out as a guest.

money-metals-exchange-Buying from MME

As investors click on each product, they're greeted by a quantity range. Buying in bulk, for example, gives investors a lower price per ounce. When investors are done shopping, they can have their items shipped to their desired location.

There is a bold banner on each page regarding a high-volume alert. It cautions investors about additional shipping times of about four to five days.

Although a long shipping time may not be attractive to eager investors, it offers a level of transparency by MME. Investors can always track the packages so that there's no confusion about the purchase's whereabouts.

Selling Opportunities

MME makes it easy to sell back precious metals so that investors can generate extra cash flow. Simply find the product to be sold back to the dealer, such as an American Eagle coin. Each product has a "sell back to us" price near the bottom of the page. Investors click on this link to start the selling process.

money-metals-exchange-Selling Oportunities

This dealer discusses how to ship metals to them so that nothing is damaged. In fact, this discussion page is highly detailed. Investors who follow these guidelines can get the most for their metals. Damaged goods may be rejected or sold at a lower price. 

The metals being sold back don't have to be previously sold by MME either. Investors can sell back any precious metals that are legitimate products. Calling MME about potential sales is a good idea, which allows them to qualify the metals before shipping them out.

Looking at Fair Pricing

MME has a price ticker added as a banner to their site header. It lists all the precious metals sold on the site with their current values. In addition, all site prices are updated each minute with the latest metal cost.

money-metals-exchange-Looking at Fair Pricing

Investors understand that precious metals don't have large pricing fluctuations over the course of a single day. Invest in precious metals so that their increased value can be seen in a few years or decades. As a result, this live price ticker shouldn't change too much as an investor adds items to the virtual cart.

By comparing the ticker price with each item's cost, it's fair to note that MME does add a markup to their metals. This fact isn't a negative aspect of their business; it appears to be a standard markup to make a fair profit. Other companies might be more deceptive about showing live values compared to sale prices.

Understanding Asset Security With MME

Purchasing hundreds or thousands of dollars of products with MME requires a level of trust in their website security. This company advertises its secure checkout process, which includes the use of DigiCert and VeriSign. Most investors and consumers are familiar with these names. Checkout is more than secure with these entities involved.

MME also encourages creating an account so that you're a known buyer from the moment of the first purchase. Save investor information through this account, which reduces any suspicion of fraud. MME is extremely careful about working with real investors too. No fraudulent activity is allowed on the site.

Every shipment comes in discreet packaging with signature verification. Investors have the tracking number as well. Keep up with the package's movements at any time of the day.

Comparing Advantages and Disadvantages

There are several advantages to working with MME. The product variety is attractive to investors, but there are even more investment opportunities with starter kits. MME sells portfolio starters with a variety of different coins. If investors are new to precious metals, these kits are a smart way to get involved.

Their specials page is another example of fine customer service. Items that need to be sold as soon as possible are now available on this page. For instance, discover unique coins at discounted prices. Most dealers don't offer these specials with the transparency found at MME.

A main disadvantage to working with MME is their shipping policies. It appears to take considerable time to receive an order. In addition, they also have a complicated return policy. It takes up an entire page of the website, which may make investors wary.

Another disadvantage involves MME's loan page. Investors can borrow against their precious metals investments, but there are no listed interest rates. Investors commit by calling MME for this information. A range of interest rates would be helpful on this page for transparency purposes.

Exploring Fee Structures

Purchasing precious metals is a straightforward process. Investors pay for the products outright. In addition, they pay any shipping fees to their home or secure depository.

MME even advertises free shipping for purchases of more than $500. This feature is particularly attractive because buying any precious metals can pass the $500 mark with just a few items in the cart.

The only other charges advertised by MME are storage fees. If investors choose to store their precious metals in a depository, such as for a gold IRA or Individual Retirement Account, there are annual fees.

For deposits under $15,999, MME charged $96 annually. Their fees change to a percentage afterward. Save up to $99,999 in the depository for a 0.59-percent fee. As the holding value increases, the fees drop lower. For example, investors holding more than $3 million should call for a quote.

Regarding Government Involvement

Investors are often interested in precious metals because they aren't controlled by the economy or stock market. They can be stored and used for financial needs at a later date, for instance. MME sells these items like a retail dealer. The government isn't involved.

There's no need to report the sales to the government. Investors pay sales tax on the sale, depending on their state laws. 

The only government involvement comes when an investor sells the precious metals for a profit. That income must now be taxed. Investors should report this fact on their taxes for the appropriate year. Otherwise, investors are free to buy and store precious metals at their discretion.

Getting to Know Purchase Limitations

There are no real minimum purchases when it comes to MME's inventory. Investors might buy one coin or dozens of them at once. The real limitations come from payment options. 

MME accepts credit cards, debit cards, personal checks, money orders, money wires, e-checks, Bitcoin, and PayPal. As investors check out, they'll have highlighted payment options. Be aware of the maximum purchase limits here. It may be necessary to divide out larger purchases. A call to MME might help investors make the right choice for their transactions.

Researching Customer Experiences

It's not difficult to find reviews about MME. Perform an online search to see reviews from various sources, including Facebook and the Better Business Bureau or BBB.

In fact, MME has been accredited with an A+ rating from the BBB since 2011. Because of its long time in business, MME appears to be a trustworthy company in the precious metals industry.

There are several complaints filed with the BBB, however. It's important to note that these complaints have been largely resolved. The business owner responds to the complaints with detailed facts, including time stamps and dates. In general, MME tries to resolve any concerns with a professional attitude.

Complaints about shipment issues tend to be numerous. Problems with the products themselves aren't normally a complaint. Ideally, investors should consider every complaint and its validity. Some people may be exaggerating a simple misunderstanding.

Learning About IRAs & Benefits

Precious metals IRAs allow investors to buy certain products from a dealer, ship them to an IRS-approved depository, and reap the tax benefits of a traditional IRA account. MME is a precious metals dealer with the option of securing the items in their secure depository. However, they don't offer the custodian required by the IRS.

A custodian is a financial professional who buys and manages a precious metals IRA. Investors agree to buy a certain product from MME, for example. The independent custodian facilitates this purchase and arranges for its shipment to a depository. As a result, the investor now has an IRS-approved custodian, account, and depository. 

Investors cannot benefit from precious metals IRA tax incentives without going through a custodian. Any gold or silver must be bought in its approved forms and housed away from the investor.

This IRS rule keeps the items secure without any fraudulent threat. Any future withdrawals are now tax-free. Investors pay tax on the items as they enter the depository.

It takes some reading on MME's website to verify that they don't offer custodian duties. They do recommend a few companies for convenience. However, investors must separately research these companies. They're completely independent of MME, which means their ethics may be different.

Investors may appreciate the fact that MME has its depository in Idaho. In fact, the website describes its location as secure with local law enforcement nearby. If investors buy and store precious metals with MME, they only need to find a separate custodian.

These facts make opening a precious metals IRA much easier with MME than with other dealers. Otherwise, investors must independently research the dealer, custodian, and depository.

Finalizing Investment Decisions

Money Metals Exchange offers many more products than most dealers today. These unique metals are a draw for most investors. In addition, the site protects any transactions with the latest encryption and ID verification processes. 

Because they've been in business for over a decade, MME has plenty of reviews to analyze. Investors should consider MME along with other companies for their financial security. In general, this particular company has a solid track record with consumers. It isn't without its flaws, but any business can have unhappy customers at some point.

Giving Money Metals Exchange a try can be a good strategy for a diversified portfolio. The staff is available most days of the week for any questions. Starting with a precious metals investment can balance out those paper assets over time.

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