National Coin Wholesalers Review

National Coin Wholesalers Review

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Several opportunities are available for investors who want to start their precious metals supply.

These products offer a high return on the venture over many years, and gold or silver is often considered a crisis commodity because the products balance out losses incurred through stocks or bonds.

There are many options for buying and owning gold, silver, platinum, and other metals, and investors can build wealth steadily by purchasing more each year.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if National Coin Wholesalers passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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About National Coin Wholesalers 

Before collectors or investors purchase gold, silver, or other choices, they must do their homework and find the best gold seller. Not all gold sellers are the same, and it's essential to differentiate between legitimate businesses and scams.

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By reviewing National Coin Wholesalers, prospective buyers can determine if it's the safest investment choice and has the most appropriate products and services.

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History and Ratings

National Coin Wholesalers opened in 2009 in Hallandale, Florida. The Better Business Bureau doesn't accredit the company but has an A+ rating with zero customer complaints.

The business offers in-person, call-in, and online sales for most of its products, and it has a partnership with several mints to maintain a steady inventory of precious metals and related products.

What Is Available Through National Coin Wholesalers?

National Coin Wholesalers offers many precious metals, including older generic U.S. coins, proofs, bullion, and precious metals that are eligible for individual retirement plans.

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Among their products are Elizabeth II gold-proof King Henry VII, Elizabeth II silver-proof King George I, Liberty Head half Eagles, Indian Head half Eagle, and St. Gauden coins.

Buying Products

National Coin Wholesalers provides many options for buying precious metals and related products. Customers can sign up for a user account on their website to purchase products available through the website.

Through their user account, they can save products on a wish list and place orders for items under the "Inventory" tab. Customers can also save a payment method in their user accounts.

When completing orders, they click "Add to the Cart" until they've added everything they want. Next, they click the "Cart" button on the navigation bar at the top of the website. They'll complete an online checkout process.

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They can visit the company's physical location in Hallandale, Florida, to buy products in person, or the customers can call the company to place an order. When calling in an order, the customer service representatives set up a customer account and save information for the client.

All products are shipped to the customer in discreet packaging for security purposes, and insurance protection applies to all shipments. However, if any items are used to fund an individual retirement plan, the products are shipped to the customer's preferred depository.

Selling Your Products to National Coin Wholesalers

By clicking the "Sell Your Coins" link at the bottom of the company's website, customers get instructions for selling their coins to National Coin Wholesalers. Essentially, the customers call the company, speak to a representative, get a quote, and lock in the price if they agree to the sale.

After both parties agree to the price, the customer packages and ships the metals to National Coin Wholesalers if they aren't local to the Halladale area.

If they are nearby, the sellers can visit the physical location after discussing the buyback with a representative. Once the company inspects the metals and the items pass, the company issues a check for the quoted price.

Does the Company Offer an IRA Program?

National Coin Wholesalers doesn't have its own individual retirement account opportunity for customers, and the company doesn't have preferred custodians or IRS-certified depositories.

The business does have IRA-approved products they can buy to find an IRA, but they must call to find out what the company offers IRA-related products.

Any customers wanting to set up individual retirement plans must hire a custodian certified by the Internal Revenue Service.

The custodian must manage all documents for opening these accounts, transfer funds as needed into the account, and set up the gold and silver purchase through National Coin Wholesalers.

National Coin Wholesalers Review - Product

National Coin Wholesalers can ship the metals to any location in the U.S. where the account holder wants to store their IRA-related coins or bullion. All metals must stay in the depository until the owner retires at 65, or there are some early withdrawal penalties.

The IRA customer should discuss all the requirements for setting up the individual retirement plan with a custodian, and they should calculate all fees before starting.

National Coin Wholesalers can work with any custodian to add more precious metals to these accounts and generate more value. Their custodian can discuss all contribution limits based on all the accounts the clients have open and want to fund.

The Conditions Tab

Under the "Conditions" tab, visitors find detailed information about the various conditions that metals are in and how much their condition affects the value of each metal.

These details can help anyone who wants to sell their metals or buy coins in different conditions. It's helpful and informative for anyone new to investing in these metals or who has inherited metals or coins and wants to know how to appraise them.

Shipwrecks Tab

Under the "Shipwrecks" tab, visitors can learn about famous shipwrecks in which precious metals and gems were recovered during expeditions.

The current shipwrecks the company has featured as of 2023 include the SS Brother Jonathan, SS Central America, SS New York, SS Republic, and SS Yankee Blade.

Anyone interested in history, especially shipwrecks, will appreciate these stories. They offer a brief history of the ships and details about how they were wrecked. These stories are pretty interesting and give readers a rare look inside how treasures were recovered and how expeditions were conducted to locate the ships.

The Company Newsletter

Visitors find the company newsletter signup box at the bottom of the company website. They can sign up to receive the newsletter and email marketing materials.

National Coin Wholesalers send information about new deals, sales events, and other new details about the company and its products. 

Some discounts and special offers are possible by opting in, and these discounts apply to specific products, so customers should review the fine print.

Most companies send out these alerts and notifications at least once a week to keep all customers up to date about the latest company and product information.

National Coin Wholesalers Review - Newsletter

Is There a Return or Cancelation Policy?

According to the company's Terms of Service, it accepts returns and allows customers to cancel orders; however, no specifics are available on its website. 

The company retains the right to cancel orders if the customer's contact information is outdated or their billing address and account information doesn't match their payment method. Customers who need to cancel their order or initiate a return are advised to call the company and speak to a customer service representative.

Generic Gold Tab

Visitors find a collection of gold products under the "Generic Gold" tab, such as rare and older coins. There are descriptions and images of the products, but customers cannot purchase the items online through the website.

They must call the company and identify which products they want to buy and process their order via phone, or the customers can come to the company's physical location in Florida.

Gold and Silver Tab

Under the "Gold and Silver" tab is information about precious metals products that National Coin Wholesalers offers. However, there aren't images or pricing for the products. Investors who wish to buy gold or silver must call the company to get information about the products, including their type and pricing.

Inventory Tab

Under the "Inventory" tab, there are images and descriptions for each product, and these products are available through online sales on the National Coin Wholesaler website.

According to the Terms of Service on the company's website, pricing for these items can change without warning, and customers should complete their order on the date the items are added to their cart.

Mints Tab

Under the "Mints" tab, visitors find out the locations of the mints that provide products to National Coin Wholesalers. These locations include Carson City, NV; Charlotte, Georgia; Dahlonega, NC; Denver, Colorado; New Orleans, LA; Philadelphia, PA; San Francisco, CA; and West Point, NY.

Final Thoughts

National Coin Wholesalers offers precious metals and rare or generic coins. The company seems legitimate, but customers cannot buy all products online. For example, the company can purchase anything under its "Inventory" tab online, but all other options require them to call or visit the company's physical location.

Customers cannot browse their gold and silver products on the website and must call to find appropriate products for an IRA.

The company's website offers educational information for gauging the condition of coins and other items, and there are historical stories about various famous shipwrecks.

While the company seems good enough, customers should compare their prices and products to others before they buy anything.

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