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OneGold provides investors with direct ownership of vaulted gold, silver, and platinum at a competitively low cost. OneGold was launched by two powerhouse industry leaders: APMEX and Sprott.

These two companies have a combined 50+ years of experience in the precious metals industry. Scott Thomas founded Apmex in 1999. The company has 1.5MM global customers and a lifetime sales record of $16.2 billion.

Sprott was founded by Eric Sprott in 1981, with over 250,000 thousand global clients and customer assets worth $17.9 billion.

When you become a customer of OneGold, you can leverage their relationships with trusted vaulting resources like Loomis, Royal Canadian Mint, CNT, and the Lloyd's of London for an enhanced investment experience.

With just a free account, customers can have 24/7 access, a best-in-class experience, and the peace of mind that comes with working with the top industry leaders.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if OneGold passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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OneGold Products

OneGold has four different product categories: U.S. Products, Switzerland Products, Canadian Products, and U.K. Products.

U.S. Products OneGold offers U.S. gold, silver, and platinum. According to the website, U.S. products are vaulted positions of investment-grade physical gold, silver, and platinum that are allocated and stored with one of OneGold's premier vaulting partners.

OneGold - Logo
OneGold - HomePage

Their U.S. products are stored with one of their premier vaulting partners, including APMEX, Brinks, Loomis International, and CNT. All U.S. products are fully insured through Lloyd's of London and undergo regular audits through a third-party company.

Switzerland Products 

All Switzerland gold and silver products are stored with Loomis International in Switzerland. Switzerland products are fully insured through the Lloyd's of London and undergo regular audits through a third party.

Canadian Products

OneGold offers Canadian gold and silver. All products are stored with the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa, Canada. The Royal Canadian Mint has over 100 years of experience in providing secure precious metals storage solutions.

Just as with all other products, Canadian products will undergo regular third-party audits. Additionally, these products are fully insured through RCM.

United Kingdom Products

The United Kingdom has been an innovator in the precious metals industry since the 1600s. The UK created the London Good Delivery List, the London Fix, and the London Bullion Market Association.

Today, the United Kingdom is home to the world's largest market for wholesale gold and silver trading. Investors can own metals at competitive prices stored at one of the most crucial gold centers in the world.

OneGold doesn't show the exact metals that are offered on their website. It appears you'll need to sign up for an account to view and make your product selection. One thing that makes OneGold different is that investors can view product packages.

For instance, one package includes a silver buy price of $23.37, a vault located in the United Kingdom, with products fully allocated and physically segregated. Storage is 0.30% per year billed quarterly with a minimum storage fee of $5 per quarter.

A U.S. gold package includes a buy price of $1,975.48 per oz, fully allocated and physically segregated. Storage is 0.12% per year billed quarterly and minimum storage is $5.00 per quarter.

How OneGold Works

OneGold enables investors to tailor their investing experience to fit their individual needs. Customers have the option of buying immediately, pre-funding, and the ability to make transactions 24/7.

The first thing you'll need to do is create an account. Making an account with One Gold is free and only takes a few minutes of your time. Next, you'll browse their exclusive products. Choose between gold, silver, and platinum at the secure vault of your choice.

Next, you'll pre-fund your account. You will do this by sending funds to your OneGold cash balance. If you're not ready to fund your account, you can skip this step and lock in pricing from the buy page. Then, you'll lock in your buy order at the current spot price.

The next step is storage. All metals bought with OneGold will be held with proven vaulting partners like Loomis International, CNT, APMEX, and The Royal Canadian Mint. Metals are insured through the Lloyd's of London.

When you're ready to sell, your holding can be liquidated 24 hours a day. Then, seamlessly send funds from your OneGold cash balance back to your payment source.

OneGold Storage Fees

OneGold is known for offering low storage fees and secure storage, making them an attractive choice for investors.

Let's take a look at the storage fees featured on OneGold's website:

  • Gold Storage Rate: 0.12% per annum
  • Silver Storage Rate: 0.30% per annum
  • Platinum storage rate: 0.30% per annum

As stated previously, storage fees are billed every quarter on the average daily balance of your holdings multiplied by the basis points on each location.

Keep in mind that storage fees will vary by product and location. The Bullion Card The Bullion Card is an exclusive offer that you can only get with OneGold. The Bullion Card is the industry's first precious metals reward credit card, enabling you to invest as you spend.

With The Bullion Card, you can automatically redeem points directly into your OneGold investment account. New customers will also receive an introductory 4% back in gold and silver and 3% back after 12/31/2023. Customers will receive 1% back in gold and silver on all other purchases. Moreover, you'll receive 15,000 bonus points.

Here's how The Bullion Card works:

  • Spend: Use The Bullion Card to buy groceries, pay bills, and run errands.
  • Earn: Customers will earn 4 points per dollar spent on OneGold. Earn 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.
  • Invest: Turn your points into gold and silver by redeeming your points in your OneGold investment account.

The Bullion Card has 0% APR on purchases for 12 months. Additionally, you'll receive 0%APR for 12 months on Balance Transfers made within the first 60 days of account opening.

Once your introductory period ends, a variable APR of 18.49%-28.49%. Your APR will apply based on creditworthiness.

Here are some of the benefits of the Premium Visa Signature Benefits offered with The Bullion Card:

  • Travel accident benefits of up to $1,000 in insurance for death or disability when traveling.
  • Loss luggage reimbursement of up to $3,000 reimbursement for lost checked baggage.
  • Roadside assistance for towing, tire changing, lockout service, fuel delivery, and more.
  • Travel and emergency assistance service for medical, legal, transportation, cash advance, and more.

Overall, The Bullion Card is a unique feature that gives you more ways to invest, earn points, and more. Moreover, The Bullion Card has impressive introductory features like 0%APR and 4% back in gold and silver.


OneGold offers the latest market news about gold, silver, and platinum to help you stay informed. It's worth noting that OneGold appears to regularly update its content with articles posted mostly every day.

Topics range from a variety of things like silver price analysis, precious metals forecasts, and other news affecting precious metal prices.

You'll also find a variety of other learning resources like gold, silver, and platinum prices. Investors will get to view live price charts that are updated every 60 seconds and shows real-time gold price data.

You can conveniently view the prices of today or select a customer timeframe to analyze patterns and be more informed. If you're interested, you can even view prices dating back as far as 30 years using the interactive chart.

OneGold Reviews

OneGold has received many reviews on ShopperApproved with over eight thousand verified customers. Overall, OneGold was 4.8/ 5 stars, indicating that many customers were satisfied with their product and services.

Unfortunately, most of the positive reviews lack detail. This makes it difficult to pinpoint what exactly is great about the company. However, many of the negative reviews include more detailed experiences to help gauge the company.

Let's take a look at some positive and negative reviews:

Positive Reviews

After scanning the reviews, some customers highlighted that OneGold had an excellent site design and was easy to use.

Many other customers said that the customer service representatives were very personable and helpful and that they had a smooth transaction.

OneGold - ShopperApproved

Customers have also said that the account setup was easy and that they were able to make purchases immediately.

Negative Reviews

One customer said they were having issues with linking their checking account. The customer called, emailed, use their app, and their PPC to try and set it up. Unfortunately, none of their attempts were successful.

The last employee that the customer spoke with did not appear to be interested in helping.

The representative was busy and appeared to have kids crying in the background. Another customer said that working with OneGold was the worst service they ever had.

The customer said that depositing money was easy but the withdrawal was a challenge. One other customer was disappointed by the process to purchase gold and silver. According to this customer, OneGold is the most confusing site to make purchases.

Additionally, the customer felt blindsided by the 60-day hold period on ACH transfers. Another concern was from a customer who said that their accumulated yield was not displayed, making it difficult to see their real gains.

But what was even more troubling for this customer was that one day they came to see their account balance but saw another account user's name instead, alluding that the company is not as secure as they claim to be.

Our Rating

OneGold Pros & Cons

Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of OneGold:

  • Pro: Ran By Two Reputable Companies

One advantage of OneGold is that the company is run by two industry leaders in the financial industry: APMEX and Sprott. This gives investors a sense of confidence and security in their investment choices. 

Finding a precious metals dealer where you can grow your wealth can be challenging. OneGold gives investors peace of mind since the company is backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • Pro: Low Storage Fees

Another advantage of OneGold is its competitively priced storage fees. Compared to other financial institutions, OneGold's storage prices are among the best. For investors looking for more ways to save, OneGold is worth considering for this reason.

  • Pro: The Bullion Credit Card

One thing that sets OneGold apart from its competitors is The Bullion Credit Card. This card is only available to OneGold customers and offers more ways to save, shop with ease, and receive cash back towards gold and silver.

Not forgetting to mention, The Bullion Card has favorable rates and many benefits for first-time customers and continued benefits thereafter.

  • Pro: User-Friendly Mobile App

OneGold had a mobile app that enables you to log in to your account and track your investments.

Many customers have praised the mobile app as being simple and intuitive. If you're interested in tracking your investments on the go, you'll find OneGold's mobile app useful for your needs.

  • Pro: Transparent About Fees After reviewing

OneGold's website, it's clear that the company is transparent about prices. Investors can see the current prices of precious metals and the buy prices of some of their product packages. Additionally, OneGold is very clear about the cost of storage.

  • Con: Unable to See Precious Metals

Until Signing Up Unfortunately, OneGold doesn't feature the precious metal products on their website. The company does offer U.S. products, Switzerland products, Canadian products, and United Kingdom products.

But they don't provide many details on what specific products are offered in each category. In fact, the company mostly focuses on storage facilities.

If you would like to learn more about what products they offer before creating an account, it's best to call them for more details.

  • Con: Relatively New Company

Although OneGold is backed by two experienced industry leaders, OneGold is still a new company overall with only four years of experience. It's not uncommon for relatively new companies to have growing pains within the first few years.

For this reason, it's more likely to experience a few roadblocks with a company like OneGold compared to a more established company.

  • Con: Recent Negative Reviews

While OneGold is almost rated 5 stars, the company did have some recent negative reviews that don't appear to have been resolved. These negative reviews weren't too bad, but it's still worth keeping in mind as you consider moving forward with the company.

OneGold: Final Thoughts

OneGold is an innovative precious metals company offering a variety of benefits for investors. The company was created by APMEX and Sprott - two financial industry leaders with billions in assets. OneGold offers gold, silver, and platinum products.

The company also provides customers with some of the top storage solutions to keep your metals protected and secure.

Additionally, OneGold offers other unique benefits for investors like The Bullion Card to provide investors with more opportunities to add cash for their gold and silver when using their card.

Overall, OneGold appears to have a positive reputation with over 8,000 reviews online and most of them positive.The company has had some recent negative reviews. But these reviews shouldn't deter you from considering this company.

Many of the negative reviews appear to be due to a lack of communication. With that said, OneGold appears to be a great option to consider for your investment journey.

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