Orion Metal Exchange Review

Orion Metal Exchange Review

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Orion Metal Exchange stands out as a premier platform for investors interested in gold and precious metals.

Tailored to assist clients in selecting products for their IRAs, the website also provides valuable tips for beginners and insightful articles on industry trends.

For those considering a purchase from Orion Metal Exchange, this comprehensive review will provide the crucial information needed to make an informed decision.

Continue reading to discover why Orion Metal Exchange could be the right choice for your investment needs.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Orion Metal Exchange passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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About Orion Metal Exchange

Retirement Living listed Orion Metal Exchange as one of their nominees when looking at the best precious metal companies in the country. 

The site allows customers to buy precious metals and ship them to their homes, retirement accounts, and storage facilities.


A growing group of team members work for the company and help customers choose new products and expand their IRAs. The Chicago Tribune picked Orion Metal Exchange as the nation's best gold IRA service.

Orion Metal Exchange - Homepage

Pricing and Fees

One of the unique things about Orion Metal Exchange is that it has a market that changes almost hourly. Instead of setting prices on gold, silver, palladium, and platinum that remain standard every hour/day, the prices change as the market changes.

This ensures that customers get the top prices and that they don't overpay. Orion Metal Exchange also helps investors find storage facilities that charge rates of $75 to $100 a year.

Orion Metal Exchange Products and Services

Those interested in Orion Metal Exchange should consider all of the available products. While the site doesn't have as many options as other sites, it does have a wide selection of precious metals.

Gold Coins

The biggest category of products from Orion Metal Exchange is its gold coin section. Coin prices start at around $600 and rise based on factors such as rarity, where it was minted, and the coin's age. 

Some of the more expensive gold coins cost more than $2,000. They have more gold in them, which makes them worth more. Various coins investors can buy from the site include:

Coin - Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • Gold American Eagle coins
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • Gold Rose Crown Guinea coins
  • Gold Royal Canadian Mint Snow Falcon coins
  • Gold US Commemorative $5 coins

Most of these coins come as-is, but Orion Metal Exchange also has some proof coins. When mints release new coins, they produce proofs. These are the first coins that come out and allow the mint to test the machines. 

All of the proof coins available from Orion Metal Exchange come in a small box designed for display. A velvet lining on the inside keeps the coin safe. Proof coins can contain up to one ounce of gold.

Gold Bars

Though Orion Metal Exchange has gold bars, it does not sell them through its site. Investors must contact the company and talk to a team member.

This allows them to check on the current prices and add any gold bars they want to their IRAs. While all of the bars are suitable for a retirement account, the weight and type of bars that are available change regularly.

Silver Coins

The IRS allows investors to add other types of metals to their IRAs. Orion Metal Exchange has multiple silver coins that can go into one of these accounts. They have a high enough silver content that they qualify for a precious metal IRA.

Silver American Eagle coins sell for around $30 on the site, while the cost of silver-proof coins can hit $75 or more. Silver Royal Canadian Mint Polar Bear and Cub and Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea coins are some of the other options.

Silver Bars

Some investors prefer bars to coins because they weigh more and have a higher value. Orion Metal Exchange usually doesn't list its silver bars online.

The site simply tells customers they can buy them and lists a phone number they can call. Both the mints where they come from and the sizes vary based on what the site can find. These bars are .999 silver and weigh up to 10 ounces.

Palladium Coins

Palladium coins are rarer than gold coins and often cost more than silver coins. Orion Metal Exchange stocks both Palladium Silver Eagle coins from the US Mint and Palladium Maple Leaf coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. 

These coins have prices as high as $2,700 and have one ounce of palladium.

Palladium Bars

Orion Metal Exchange can also help investors find palladium bars. Many of these bars come from Switzerland and weigh 10 ounces.

They are .995 pure palladium, which makes them suitable for an IRA. The site recommends that customers contact the company for help if they want to buy palladium bars.

Platinum Coins

Platinum coins often cost less than gold and silver coins, but their value will rise as platinum prices go up. 

The coins available from Orion Metal Exchange start at less than $500 for some of the modern designs. Prices can easily climb to more than $1,000 for coins such as the Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

Free Investor Kit

New people enter the investment world every day. A large number of them want to invest in gold. As a way to help them, Orion Metal Exchange created an investor kit. To sign up, a customer needs to fill out a form on the website. They then get an email with a link to download the guide. 

There is also a chance that they might unlock a special offer and get precious metals for free. Though the site claims investors can get up to $20,000 in metals for free, there aren't any stories online from customers who unlocked the full amount.

IRA Help

Opening a gold/precious metals IRA can take a lot of work, but Orion Metal Exchange gives investors an easier way to start. This type of IRA allows the account holder to invest in precious metals rather than bonds or stocks.

They can either hold their accounts at home or a storage facility. With a self-directed IRA, the individual can also make changes to the account and add stocks or other investments to it.

A self-directed IRA has benefits such as tax incentives. The holder does not need to pay as much in taxes on anything in the account and can take out property without paying a fee. It also allows them to invest in the precious metals that appeal to them. 

While the stock market can fall and cause stocks to lose their value, precious metals retain their value during those crashes. Investors can add between $6,000 and $7,000 to their accounts every year.

Rollover vs. New Account

 Orion Metal Exchange gives new investors the option of rolling over an existing account or opening a new one. The rollover method is suitable for anyone who already has a retirement account.

They can set up an IRA that includes gold, silver, and other types of metal and then transfer other assets to it. They might have stocks and bonds they bought in previous years that become part of their portfolio. 

Both older and younger people can establish a new account. An older person might open one as a way to diversify their funds and get more money when they retire. Someone of a younger age might open one to establish a savings account for the future. 

Orion Metal Exchange does not let investors open these accounts online though. It requests that an interested party call the company and speak to a member of its team. The investor can also get help choosing a storage facility and buying precious metals.

Orion Metal Exchange Buyback Policy

In 2021, Orion Metal Exchange introduced a buyback policy that many investors like. This policy allows customers to sell their gold, platinum, silver, and palladium goods back to the site as long as they bought them from the company. 

In addition to buying back those items, the company also announced that it would not charge a fee for the service. Orion Metal Exchange accepts precious metals that customers store at home and those preserved in storage facilities. Customers should contact the company to go over the policy details.

One possible downside to this policy is that it may not last forever. The company originally only planned to run the offer for a few months but extended it in the summer of 2021.

Investors should also keep in mind that there's no guarantee they will get back as much as they spent. Orion Metal Exchange pays market prices for these products, which may be slightly lower than the investor originally paid.

Anyone who wants to liquidate a retirement account must contact Orion Metal Exchange and speak to a representative. The representative will make an offer over the phone after looking at the portfolio and what it contains.

They will then arrange for someone to pick up the metals from the storage center and deliver it to the company. 

Once Orion Metal Exchange verifies the products, it will pay the customer via a check. It usually takes five business days for customers to sell products back to the site.

Limited Offers

As a way to stand out from other sites that offer similar services, Orion Metal Exchange often has limited offers. One of these offers began in 2023 and required investors to download a copy of the site's Free Investor Guide.

Investors who met other requirements received up to $20,000 in free gold or silver that they could add to their accounts. 

Similar offers will likely appear later. However, some customers said that they didn't get as much as they expected through this offer or that the site claimed they didn't meet all of the requirements.

Insured Home Delivery

 Even investors who rely on storage facilities often keep some of their precious metals at home. Orion Metal Exchange offers delivery services that are suitable for those who want to keep gold at home. The site will process their payment and ship the order to the address listed. It can take up to 12 business days for the payment to clear.

All orders come with insurance and tracking. Customers can track the delivery until it arrives and file an insurance claim if the package doesn't arrive or a portion of their order is missing.

Fast Process and Payment Options

One thing that many customers like about Orion Metal Exchange is the speed at which the site operates. When a customer has a payment method on file, they can call and buy any precious metals and complete their order in as little as 60 seconds. 

Orion Metal Exchange accepts both bank transfers, wire transfers, and checks. Both bank and wire transfers can take up to seven days to clear. Those who pay by check may need to wait up to 12 business days before their payments clear. Orion Metal Exchange will not ship an order until the payment clears.

Is Orion Metal Exchange a Scam?

Reading some of the online reviews that customers post is a good way to find out if Orion Metal Exchange is a scam. Many customers shared their experiences with the Better Business Bureau where the site has an average 5-star rating. 

Some customers talked about how the professionals working for the company talked with them about trends and market factors to help them find the best products. Other investors liked how easily the site made rolling over their existing investments.

Orion Metal Exchange - TrustPilot

Though reviews at Consumer Affairs of Orion Metal Exchange are lower, the site still earned a 4.9 rating. Many users liked that the company would buy products back from them and that they could buy coins from the site.

Some of the unhappy customers wished that the site had more prices listed and that the annual storage fees were lower.

Our Rating

Pros & Cons of Orion Metal Exchange


  • Strong buyback policy
  • Many gold and silver coins and bars
  • Helpful representatives
  • Low prices
  • Free resources for investors


  • Doesn't offer much in terms of palladium or platinum
  • Some products are only available on a limited basis
  • High storage fees

Final Thoughts

Orion Metal Exchange is a popular investment website for those planning for their retirement years. It received high ratings from customers and major organizations such as The Chicago Tribune and Retirement Living.

While Orion Metal Exchange doesn't have many platinum or palladium products, it has a wide range of gold and silver products for IRAs.

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