Patriot Gold Group Review

Patriot Gold Group Review

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Patriot Gold Group provides investors with a straightforward and efficient entry into the precious metals market.

Renowned for their industry expertise, Patriot Gold Group ensures that clients can bypass retail prices by working directly with the company's owners.

The team at Patriot Gold Group brings extensive experience from senior roles at leading investment firms across the United States.

A standout feature of the company is its transparent approach to executive and shareholder compensation, offering multiple layers of accountability and trust.

But are they a safe choice for your gold IRA?

Keep reading to learn more.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Patriot Gold Group passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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They also state that they work directly with their customers to secure the most competitive pricing on gold and silver. Patriot Gold Group lists four specific benefits that customers will have when they choose to work with them, including:

  • 1. Direct working relationship with an owner.
  • 2. Fast, 24-hour account setup
  • 3. No fees for gold or silver IRAs
  • 4. PGG are patriots serving patriots

Patriot Gold Group has a team of partners and account executives that are committed to providing customers with their investment needs. Whether you're buying your first precious metals or hoping to open a gold or silver IRA, PGG is ready to provide you with the service you need.


Patriot Gold Group Review

Patriot Gold Group specifically focuses on gold and silver precious metals. PGG appears to have a wide selection of inventory in both categories.

Investors looking for gold will find several precious metals like The Royal Mint U.S./U.K. United States Mint Gold American Eagle, United States Mint Gold American Buffalo, Austrian Mint, and more.

For investors interested in silver, you will also find a host of products like the Silver Buffalo Rounds, The Royal Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and more.

IRA Services

Patriot Gold Group states that they have over 50 years of combined experience with precious metals investments. The experts at PGG state that they help investors find new investment opportunities that will suit their interests.

One thing that PGG highlights is its "No fees for life IRA account". Precious metals tend to outperform other types of investments and are a great hedge against inflation. With that said, a precious metals IRA is an excellent option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and ultimately secure their investments.

The Benefits of Investing in a Gold-Related IRA

With no fees for life, this makes it easier for investors to maximize their earnings. But keep in mind that precious metals IRAs typically come with two fees: a storage and maintenance fee.

Patriot Gold Group does not mention anything on its website about storage and maintenance. Additionally, they do not provide many details on what no fees for life mean. But it does state that there is a minimum amount required to take advantage of the 'no fees' offer.

It's possible that they do not hold these particular fees but the company does have an annual fee that depends on the size of your account.

For more clarification, investors should reach out to a representative who can provide a breakdown of what they can expect to pay. It's best to prepare for some of the standard fees that are typically offered with a precious metal IRA.

With that said, the process to open a precious metals IRA with Patriot Gold Group appears to be simple. First, investors will need to fill out the form to get their free gold IRA investment guide and speak with one of their representatives.

Next, investors will need to decide between transferring or rolling over their funds. For this step, you'll work with PGG's 401(k) and IRA Rollover department. They will guide you through a tax-free transfer process.

The last step is to own your precious metals. Once your self-directed account is open, the team at PGG will help you buy and store your precious metals.

To open an account with PGG, visit their website, select the category 'precious metals IRA', and select the link for the application. The application consists of four categories including the applicant's information, beneficiaries, sources of funds, and transfer instructions.

Knowledge Center

Patriot Gold Group is also good about providing investors with information about precious metals. PGG provides content about the U.S. dollar vs gold and silver, which provides statistics on the value of each currency through the years.

They also provide an RMD calculator to help you see how much you'll be required to take based on age. All you need to do is enter your IRA balance in the calculator and then select the age you would like to pull. This can help investors stay on track as they continue to grow their accounts.

Fees and Promotions

While Patriot Gold Group boasts no fees for a precious metals IRA with them, there is a minimum amount that you will need to take advantage of this offer. Note that PGG does not specifically state how much you will need to receive no fees. 

Investors may have to put more funds than what they were planning to avoid fees. In any case, it's best to talk with a representative who can provide you with a more thorough breakdown.

The good news is that Patriot Gold Group appears to offer promotions occasionally. At this time, investors can earn free silver coins when they get qualified by phone. So if you would like a chance at a free coin, just simply call a representative to see if you're approved for a precious metals IRA.

Customer Reviews

Patriot Gold Group has an impressive track record with its customers. The company has managed to maintain almost 5 stars across various platforms like Google Reviews, Retirement Living, and Trustpilot. Here is a look at some of what customers had to say about the company:


Many customers have said that PGG offers a streamlined experience that made it easy to invest. This simple process has made it easier for newer investors working with PGG to get acclimated with precious metals.


Multiple customers have said that the team at Patriot Gold Group was knowledgeable, helpful, and maintained a friendly attitude. In particular, one customer said that they chose PGG after 6 months of searching because they provided the most comprehensive details, providing them with comfort as a first-time investor.


Many customers have said that PGG provides a great amount of education about precious metals. As a result, most investors have been more than comfortable with their experience and felt like they gained new knowledge to confidently secure their retirement.

Contact Support

Working with a company that offers good contact support is essential when investing in precious metals. You'll likely have questions along the way and it's important to choose a company that has the bandwidth to meet your needs. 

Patriot Gold Group offers several ways to contact them, depending on your preferences.

If you need a quick response from a representative, you can use their live chat feature. It's important to note that this feature does not present itself as an instant message experience. Instead, the link will pop up in a box in the lower, right-hand corner where you'll quickly enter your name, email address, phone, number, subject, and message.

It's unclear whether someone will immediately respond once you submit your message during business hours. But it's still a nice option to have.

You can also contact them by phone if you would like to speak with someone directly. You can call them at 877-711-6641. If you prefer to email a representative from PGG, you can do so by emailing them at

For those living in the area, you can also visit PGG's location at Seal Beach 3010 Old Ranch Parkway Suite 350, Seal Beach, California 90740.

Our Rating

Patriot Gold Group: Pros & Cons

Choosing the right precious metals company to secure your retirement account is vital. For this reason, it's important to look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of working with Patriot Gold Group. Read on to learn more.

  • Opportunity for a 'No Fee' Precious Metals IRA

What sets PGG apart from competitors is the opportunity for a precious metals IRA without fees. Not many precious metal dealers provide this type of deal for investors. If you can meet their minimum fund threshold of $100,000, you will be able to maximize your savings with ease.

  • Great Selection of Gold and Silver

Another advantage of working with PGG is that the company offers a great selection of gold and silver. Investors can find several gold and silver options to include in their gold IRA.

 Whether you're interested in collectibles or looking for more coins to add to your precious metals IRA, you will surely find some quality coins to meet your needs.

  • Positive Track Record

Finding a company that offers quality precious metals with a positive track record can be a challenge. Luckily, Patriot Gold Group is one of the most reputable precious metal dealers to consider.

PGG was accredited by Consumer Affairs 4 years in a row and is part of the Business-Consumer Alliance. Additionally, the company's positive reviews solidify the company's reputation and make PGG a solid choice whether you just want to buy gold or silver or you would like to open a gold IRA.

  • Free IRA Investment Guide

Another advantage of choosing Patriot Gold Group is that you'll have access to a comprehensive free IRA investment guide. This is particularly useful for first-time investors or investors who are transitioning to the precious metal industry.

  • Fast Process

Most investors that decide to open a precious metals IRA want the process to move relatively quickly. According to Patriot Gold Group, they offer one of the fastest processes. Investors can expect their accounts to be open within 24 hours.

  • Overall Precious Metals Selection is Not That Diverse

Patriot Gold group has a lot of strong points. But there are a few disadvantages that investors should think about. One disadvantage is that investors will have access to a smaller inventory compared to some of PGG's competitors. If you're interested in things like rare coins and collectibles, you may not be satisfied with PGG's inventory.

  • Platinum and Palladium Can't Be Included in IRA

In addition to having a less diverse inventory, platinum and palladium can't be included in your IRA. For investors that were hoping to diversify their portfolio with platinum or palladium, Patriot Gold Group may not be the best choice for your needs.

  • Minimum Amount Required for No Fees

While it's great that Patriot Gold Group offers a 'no fee' option for your precious metals IRA, some investors may find that the threshold is too high. 

The only way your account will have no fees is if you're investing $100,000 or more. Other than that, investors can expect to pay $180 annually if they invest anything less than that amount.

Patriot Gold Group: Is It a Good Choice?

Patriot Gold Group is a preferred choice for precious metals investing. PGG offers quality gold and silver products that investors can purchase as a collectible or be placed in a precious metals IRA.

PGG also offers investors an opportunity to open a precious metals IRA with them. Additionally, investors will get to take advantage of a lightning-fast, 24-hour process for eager investors who want a seamless transition.

What makes Patriot Gold Group stand out among competitors is the company's positive reviews across the board. Investors can feel confident that they're choosing a company that is transparent, honest, and helpful.

Additionally, Patriot Gold Group attempts to maximize earnings for investors by offering a 'no fee' precious metals IRA. If you can meet their minimum account threshold, this is a convenient way to secure your investment while saving money.

Patriot Gold Group is certainly a precious metals company to watch. But investors should keep in mind that platinum and palladium cannot be included in their IRA.

Additionally, PGG doesn't have the most diverse selection of precious metal options.
Along with this, investors must have $100,000 to avoid their annual fees.

Overall, Patriot Gold Group is a choice for any investor. If you're looking to diversify your portfolio with precious metals, PGG may be a company to consider.

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