Quality Silver Bullion Review

Quality Silver Bullion Review

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Gold and silver present investors and consumers with a crisis commodity that hedges against adverse effects such as inflation. Individuals who buy gold or silver and keep it for a significant amount of time, like five to ten years, generate a return on the investment.

They can also use these metals to fund accounts such as savings accounts or individual retirement plans. Investing in these metals makes it wise to assess market prices and determine if supplies are scarce.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Quality Silver Bullion passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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About Quality Silver Bullion

These factors can affect the investors' price when buying metals from a gold dealer. In addition to doing their market price homework, these individuals must find a company that provides the metals they want and in the form they prefer.

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Quality Silver Bullion offers many silver and gold products for investors and individuals who want to buy them. Examining details about the company helps determine if it can accommodate the customer's needs.

Quality Silver Bulllion Review - Website

Quality Silver Bullion History and Ratings

Quality Silver Bullion opened in 2009 in Odem, Utah, and the company was acquired by Regency Mint in 2020. The company sells gold and silver online and via phone, and there is a physical location where customers can shop in person.

The Better Business Bureau doesn't accredit Quality Silver Bullion or have a current rating through the BBB or any customer complaints. According to the company's website, the company buys and sells bullion rounds and bars to investors and anyone wanting to own or invest in precious metals.

What Does Quality Silver Bullion Sell?

Quality Silver Bullion offers many gold and silver products. Among the gold products are one-gram .9999 fine gold bars, One-ounce 2023 gold Britannia, one-ounce 2023 Maple Leaf coins, one-ounce Australian Kangaroo coins, one-ounce South African Krugerrand, and one-tenth of an ounce 2023 gold Britannia.

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Silver products available through Quality Silver Bullion are one-ounce .999 fine Great Britan Britannia, Australian one-half-ounce silver Rabbit, and Silver Eagle coins. Potential customers or investors can browse the complete inventory on the Quality Silver Bullion via their or Regency Mint websites.

Buy Metals from Quality Silver Bullion

Customers have three options for buying from Quality Silver Bullion. They can call and set up their order, visit the physical location in Odem, or shop for metals online. There is a contact number to call a representative and place the order; all products appear on the website, so it's easy for them to write out their order before calling.

Shopping online through Quality Silver Bullion is easy. The customer can go to the "Account" tab and register for a user account. Next, they browse the products and click "Add to Cart" after choosing a product and its quantity.

Quality Silver Bullion Review - Buy Metals from Quality Silver Bullion

They can click on the "Cart" tab anytime to review their order and the balance. Once they've added all their selections to the cart, they can click "Checkout" to complete their order. Shipping selections, taxes, and the total balance appear in the checkout. Once they place their order, they receive a confirmation email.

Quality Silver Bullion ships the package after receiving the payment. All orders are included in discreet packaging, and the company applies insurance coverage to all shipments. Customers receive notifications when the company ships the package.

Some products listed on their website redirect customers to the Regency Mint website. Since Regency Mint acquired Quality Silver Bullion in 2020, they haven't transferred all the products from the Quality Silver Bullion website to the current Regency Mint page.

So, until the transfer is completed, customers may face certain functionality limitations when using the Quality Silver Bullion website for orders. However, they can still complete orders through the Quality Silver Bullion website as of 2023.

Payment Details

All payments for orders of $5,000 must be received within five days of the order, and orders over $5,000 have a three-day payment window. According to Quality Silver Bullion's website, order placement presents a binding contract between the client and the company.

If the company doesn't receive the payment by the deadline, the order is canceled, and the customer faces a $50 cancelation fee.

If the company doesn't collect the $50 cancelation fee through the payment method used for the order, the company sends an invoice to the customer. Since they have a binding agreement to buy from Quality Silver Bullion, customers who fail to pay the fee could face collections efforts or legal action.

According to Quality Silver Bullion, all prices are locked, and they have prices with each product listing. All prices are updated according to the current market price for each product and metal. Customers do not have to call in and request a price lock. Once they add items to their online cart, the prices remain the same throughout the checkout process.

Custom Coin Production

Quality Silver Bullion offers custom coin production for special occasions. They can mint any image on the coins with the date and more. So, customers who want to commemorate a wedding, a new child, or another special event can order newly minted coins according to their specifications.

Quality Silver Bullion customers should set up these custom coin orders through the Regency Mint website. If they want to have several coins minted for the occasion, they can call Quality Silver Bullion or Regency Mint to set up the order and get a price quote without committing to buying.

Selling Metals to Quality Silver Bullion

When selling metals back to Quality Silver Bullion, customers can either sign into their account and start a buyback or call a customer service representative with their account number and a list of what they want to sell. The company provides a buyback if the metals are in the original packaging and in the same condition they arrived in.

The company provides a quote for the buyback, but the products must pass their inspection to be considered. If, for any reason, the metals don't pass their examination, the company can cancel the buyback and send the metals back to the customer.

If there aren't any issues, the business sends the client's payment via their preferred payment method. The company may charge the customer for return shipping for the package. However, the company provides a kit with a prepaid shipping label to send the products back to Quality Silver Bullion.

If the client is local to the Odem area, they can bring their metals to the company's physical location. They must bring their metals to the location and wait for a quote. If they accept the offer, a customer service representative gives the customer a check.

Quality Silver Bullion doesn't provide a buyback guarantee for customers. Clients should get quotes from other companies and compare them to the price quote before committing to selling any of their metals.

Does Quality Silver Bullion Offer IRAs?

No, the company doesn't provide an individual retirement account but offers many products that the Internal Revenue Service approves. Anyone wanting to fund an individual retirement plan with Quality Silver Bullion products must hire a custodian.

Gold IRA
Advantage gold-silver_iras

IRS-certified custodians can complete the gold or silver purchase on behalf of their client, and Quality Silver Bullion ships the metals based on the custodian's instructions.

All gold or silver connected to an individual retirement plan must be shipped to a depository. The metals must remain in storage until the owner is at least 65. However, if they choose a Roth account, the owner could avoid early withdrawal penalties and taxes on the proceeds.

The Benefits of a User Account

Customers can buy and sell metals by setting up a user account with Quality Silver Bullion. They can track their orders' progress, get notifications for payment processing, and track their order once it ships.

Several services, including refunds and cancellations, are more manageable if the customers set up a user account. All account details are stored and protected through high-grade encryption, and information is entered through a secure socket layer.

Shipping Details

Domestic shipping and handling charges depend on the total amount the customer spends. For orders up to $99, they pay $12.95. Orders between $100 and $999.99 ship for $18.85, and orders between $1,000 and $2,499.99 ship for $26.80. All orders that are at least $2,500 ship for free.

There are shipping restrictions, according to the website, but there isn't a list of countries where they cannot send precious metals. However, customers who order in countries where it is prohibited are responsible for any confiscated shipments. The company doesn't provide insurance coverage or options to recoup the loss.

All international shipping charges depend on the shipping method selected, the distance, the total price, and the weight of the packages. Calling the company before setting up an international order could prevent potential issues.

If customers refuse any shipment from Quality Silver Bullion, they must pay all related shipping or import fees. These fees are deducted from the customer's refund.

Cancelation Policy

There is a $50 cancellation fee if customers cancel their order with Quality Silver Bullion. By canceling the order, the customer must pay a market loss penalty if the product's market value decreases.

Quality Silver Bullion can also provide exchanges instead of canceling the order; however, customers can cancel any time before payment. The client must set up a refund if they have received the payment already.

Refund Policy

Quality Silver Bullion's return policy requires clients to start the refund within three days of receiving their order. The products must remain in their original packaging when returned to the business. Shipping fees are non-refundable; the customer pays a market loss penalty and a five percent restocking fee.

Company Blog

The Quality Silver Bullion blog details spot prediction, retirement funds, investing in silver or gold, and the difference between retail and spot pricing. The business updates its blog often and offers new information for first-time and seasoned investors. Customers can click on any article on the blog and read it anytime.

Quality Silver Bullion Videos

Among the videos available in the "Quality Silver Bullion Videos" tab is "Coin Minting Process," People are Buying Goods with Silver and Gold," "Silver vs. the World," and many options to educate visitors about investing and how silver or gold bars and bullion are created. The videos are easy to access, and visitors don't have to sign up for a user account to watch them.

Following Quality Silver Bullion on Social Media Platforms

Quality Silver Bullion has LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. Customers who follow the company on social media platforms may find special offers and discounts.

Interacting with these company profiles may provide information about the company, new changes, and its products. Following the company could give immediate details about sales events or special deals.


Quality Silver Bullion is a gold seller in Utah with a long history of selling high-quality products to investors and collectors. The company offers in-person, online, and phone orders. If a customer sets up an order, they enter into a binding agreement with the company that they must fulfill or face a cancelation fee, market loss penalty, and possibly a restocking fee.

Customers can buy a variety of metals from the company and sell them back to the company later through a buyback; however, the company doesn't guarantee that a buyback is available to all customers.

While the company seems worthwhile, clients should review all their options before entering into any agreements with Quality Silver Bullion.

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