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Rare Coins of New Hampshire Review

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The world of rare coins can be a highly lucrative one. When done right, coin collecting can be a fun hobby, one that can challenge you, provide you with hours of joy, and ultimately be highly profitable.

However, the success or failure of this hobby is ultimately determined by the value of the website you find. As such, your challenge is this: What website can you find that can offer you the fairest prices, best customer service, and most robust inventory?

We're here to help and provide you with the most comprehensive data available on coin websites. As such, here's an overview of Rare Coins in New Hampshire.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Rare Cons of New Hampshire passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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About Rare Coins of New Hampshire

Rare Coins of New Hampshire bills themselves as " unique in the numismatic world." Their about us page then lists their advantages and professional experience, which includes certification with a variety of numismatic services and the fact that they have been quoted as sources for a variety of coin-related articles.

Rare Coins of New Hampshire - Logo

The company has been open since 1990, and its 33 years of experience have given them unique insight and experience into the rare coin collecting world. Rare Coins of New Hampshire offers an extremely comprehensive list of their staff, including their qualifications and experience in this area. 

Rare Coins of New Hampshire - Website

This section makes it clear that Rare Coins of New Hampshire has a variety of experienced individuals who work at the business, and it appears as if the staff has hundreds of years of combined service in this industry. As such, you can do business with Rare Coins of New Hampshire and know that the staff will know what they are talking about. 

Services Provided

Rare Coins of New Hampshire has an extensive array of coins that you can purchase. In looking at their website, they appear to have dozens of coin categories, ranging from half cents to gold pieces. The website breaks down the different types of coins into categories, then enables you to click on each individual coin.

We were somewhat disappointed by the among of information displayed on each coin page. Clicking on a coin should display a variety of information about that coin, including year manufactured, size, etc.

Rare Coins of New Hampshire - Services

Unfortunately, most of that information is missing from each coin's page. The information that is presented is highly technical and likely not understandable to new investors. Take this listing from an 1875 Twenty Cent Piece:

"CAC, WOW! semi P/L surfaces, old green holder. Magnificent! CAC Pop-3, 2 in 67, Could 66+!"

If you aren't deeply invested in the rare coin world, you likely have no idea what that means. The fact that this is the only information presented about each coin makes it even more obtuse. 

Rare Coins of New Hampshire also sells bullion. At least, they say that they sell bullion. No bullion is listed on the website, even though you can click on a certain section and read about the bullion that they supposedly have available. Instead, you have to call a number to get more information about that bullion. This is not ideal. 

Finally, a link to "Financial" will take users to the page for "RCNH Financial," a related business that provides individuals, businesses, and non-profits with investment advice on gold. They also engage in professional asset management and appraisal.

This appears to be a related business that is more designed for institutional investors who are seeking asset preservation and expansion. This wing of the business was also founded in 1990 and has been successful.

The fact that Rare Coins of New Hampshire has this level of expertise at its fingertips speaks well of who the company is and its ability to serve your needs. 

Educational Resources

Rare coin collection can be a confusing hobby, and individuals who invest in this area will want to know what they are doing and how they can best get involved.

As such, we've always found it to be important that a website provide educational resources to new investors. 

At a minimum, they should track the news and help keep their customers informed about the latest trends within this potentially confusing industry.

Unfortunately, Rare Coins of New Hampshire comes up short in this regard. The company has a news section that has a handful of articles that date to Winter 2023. As of this writing, the most recent article was from February 2023 - more than four and a half months ago. 

In other words, it has a News section - but it isn't updated frequently. This is a bad look and makes the website and business appear stale and out of date.

As best as we could tell, there is no social media or Rare Coins in New Hampshire. Many rare coin businesses use social media to keep customers up to date and share news stories, and we don't see anything on their website for Rare Coins of New Hampshire.

Unfortunately, that's it when it comes to educational resources or publicly available information. We couldn't find anything else on Rare Coins of New Hampshire's website that provided information to customers. 

Website Experience

The format of the Rare Coins of New Hampshire website ranges from workable to downright strange. On the one hand, frames are available at the top, ensuring that you can easily move from one page to another.

The inventory page - arguably the most important one on the website - is also easy to navigate, and there is no challenge in finding the types of coins that you are looking for. This makes the buying experience smooth.

Furthermore, the mobile website works well. You can easily navigate this website and have an identical buying experience to what you are looking for otherwise.

On the other hand, there are issues. The text is small and narrow. The News section has odd indents that make it difficult to read and looks unprofessional. The strange format adds to the idea that this is a small business that may not be capable of fulfilling everything you need in a rare coin website. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews matter deeply to any mobile coin vendor, and you need to be able to make sure that others have had positive experiences when selecting a mobile coin vendor. In addition to a testimonial webpage, we were able to find a limited amount of reviews for Rare Coins of New Hampshire:

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  • Google Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars, 48 reviews
  • Yelp: 5 stars, only three reviews
  • Better Business Bureau: an A+ rating with no complaints, not accredited

The good news from the reviews is that customers widely praised all of the services that Rare Coins of New Hampshire offered, including their appraisal, sale prices, and more. Indeed, even though the website doesn't seem oriented to new collectors, the in-person business could not have been friendlier. 

Rare Coins of New Hampshire Review - Yelp

Our Rating


The inventory here is the best part of this website. It is regularly updated, highly comprehensive, and easy to sort through. You know right away what the website has and what they don't. As such, you can use this website to find anything and everything you are looking for. 

Furthermore, the reviews were very positive. Positive and negative reviews (which were rare) were addressed by the business, and it is clear from reviews that most customers are very happy to have dealt with Rare Coins.


The entire experience at Rare Coins of New Hampshire's website makes it clear who they are selling to - and who they aren't. Coin descriptions are loaded with acronyms and are difficult to understand for newbies.

There is no explainer about determining the value of coins, understanding what the acronyms used on the website means, and getting involved in rare coin collecting in the first place.

In other words, it appears that Rare Coins of New Hampshire manages a company that was built by experts for experts. Individuals who are just breaking into this field will want to look elsewhere. 

There are other challenges, albeit smaller ones. For example, bullion is listed as being available for purchase, but you have to call a number to find out what bullion is available. Why even bother listing it on your website if you aren't going to list specific bullion pieces that are available?

It's not as if Rare Coins of New Hampshire doesn't list the coins you can buy from the website, and it certainly appears as if that inventory is up to date. There's a strange disconnect here. 

Final Verdict

The inventory is good, and the levels of transparency are high. The company is highly competent and qualified, and people who have done business with Rare Coins of New Hampshire seem generally happy with their decisions.

If you know what you are doing and have experience in buying coins, Rare Coins of New Hampshire may be able to help you get a solid deal.

However, it is missing key components, including any educational resources and in-depth descriptions of their inventory. This makes the website difficult to navigate for new coin buyers, and that would be our one red flag.

However, it is missing key components, including any educational resources and in-depth descriptions of their inventory. This makes the website difficult to navigate for new coin buyers, and that would be our one red flag.

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