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How to Invest in Gold with a SEP IRA

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Planning for retirement is a crucial step that should start as early as possible. Financial experts suggest that individuals should aim to have at least ten times their annual income saved by the time they retire. For someone earning $50,000 a year, this translates to a retirement fund of $500,000.

One of the most effective methods for securing a comfortable retirement is through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). This type of account allows individuals to save a portion of their income annually without incurring fees or penalties.

Additionally, a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA offers another attractive option, enabling employees to invest in precious metals like gold as part of their retirement strategy.

By leveraging these retirement accounts, workers can build a solid financial foundation for their golden years.

Keep reading to discover more about the benefits and opportunities these accounts offer for a secure future.

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What is a SEP IRA?

A SEP IRA is a Simplified Employee Pension Plan IRA. These accounts are usually reserved for those who own small businesses. Though a SEP IRA is similar to a traditional IRA, it is slightly different. With this type of account, the owner can contribute a certain amount each year and write the contributions off on their taxes.

How to Invest in Gold with a SEP IRA-what is sep ira

If they deposit $1,000, they can write off $1,000 when they file taxes the next year. The account holder does not pay taxes on any of their investments either. They only pay taxes when they deduct money from the IRA.

Who Can Have a SEP IRA?

The IRS offers a list of people who can have a SEP IRA. It includes all employees of a business who worked for the company for a minimum of three years out of the last five.

These workers must also be 21 or older and make $650 or more per year. Business owners can also open a SEP IRA as long as they have matching accounts for their employees.

They do not need to establish accounts for every worker though, only those who meet the requirements. The owner must contribute the same amount to their employee accounts as they do their own accounts.

If a business owner wants to contribute $20,000 to their SEP IRA, they must deposit the same amount in the accounts held by their employees.

How to Invest in Gold with a SEP IRA-SEP IRA

Self-employed people can also establish these accounts. Those who are self-employed are responsible for paying their taxes every year. They can make deductions for their business expenses to reduce their tax bills.

Many of these workers do not have retirement accounts though. With a SEP IRA, they can easily start planning for the future. Not only can they contribute money up to the maximum amount each year, but they can also look for other forms of investments such as gold.

Contribution Limits

With a traditional IRA, the employee can contribute $6,000 to $6,500 per year. Once they reach the age of 50, the limit increases by another $1,000.

This allows older people to put more money back into their retirement years without facing any fees. SEP IRAs have a much higher contribution limit.

An employer can contribute up to $65,000 every year or 25% of the annual income of each employee. The rules state that the employer must choose whichever sum is less.

For example, if they have a worker who makes $600,000 a year, they can only contribute $65,000. However, if the worker makes only $50,000 a year, the employer can only contribute $12,500 to the IRA.

Benefits of a Gold SEP IRA

One of the top reasons to set up a SEP IRA is that it gives the account holder more control. While their employer will contribute to their accounts, they can also add other investments to the account. Some of the other benefits of opening a gold SEP IRA include:

  • The account helps the holder avoid stock market crashes and other problems that might affect their investments.
  • They can choose from a variety of gold products that add to their portfolios.
  • Many accounts allow investors to add other types of precious metals such as palladium and silver.
  • The account holder has complete control over what they add to their IRAs.
  • It allows them to contribute more every year than they could with a traditional IRA.

Opening a SEP IRA

Before buying gold for a SEP IRA, the individual must open a new account. Many websites offer this option. The IRS requires that the person who opens the account sign and file Form 5305-SEP once they choose a company.

A good company should offer this form online, which makes it easier for the person to file it. It serves as a formal agreement between the provider and the account holder.

The IRS also asks that an employee provide their employer with a copy of their account information. Employers who open these accounts also need to tell their employees and give them these forms.

How to Buy Gold with a SEP IRA?

Buying gold for a SEP IRA is easy because there are so many websites that offer this service. Account holders need to both decide on the type of gold products they want to buy and where they want to store them. Home storage is one popular option.

It allows the owner to keep track of their gold and sell it when they need to make extra money. They still need to update their records to reflect any gold they buy as part of the IRA though. Off-site storage is more popular with many investors because it gives them more protection.

With home storage, the gold owner needs to update their insurance and take steps to keep their gold safe. Off-site storage in a secure facility offers 24/7 protection and also comes with insurance from the facility itself.

When it comes to gold, there are dozens of different types that can go into a SEP IRA. Gold bars are just one example. These bars can weigh as little as one ounce or as much as 400 ounces.

They usually bare the name of the mint, company, or person who created them and shows the amount and purity of the gold inside. Many people choose a combination of smaller and bigger gold bars because it's not possible to sell a portion of a bar. 

A combination of sizes allows the IRA holder to sell as much gold as they want while keeping other bars in their accounts. Other types of gold that fit this type of IRA include:

  • Gold coins
  • Gold rounds
  • Gold backs
  • Foreign coins
  • Collectible coins

Many sites that sell gold coins offer both circulated and uncirculated coins. Uncirculated coins are coins that are in either mint or near-mint condition.

Circulated coins may have some minor defects or flaws because they pass through multiple hands. With uncirculated coins, they go right from the mint to a protective case. 

Some of these coins are also collectible coins designed for people to collect. There are also proof coins that work as part of a SEP IRA. Proof coins and coin sets are test coins that mints use before they make new coins.

Working with a Custodian

When opening a SEP IRA, the individual needs to choose both a custodian and a broker. The broker is the professional who purchases the gold on behalf of the customer. They can buy any type of gold along with other types of precious metals and investments.

A custodian will help the individual set up the new account and oversee it. Most states can provide individuals with a list of custodians who can operate within each state.

While the custodian cannot pick a broker or recommend products, they can help the individual keep track of their annual contributions and sell the value of their account.

Some custodians can supply account holders with the names of brokers and firms that offer gold products for SEP IRAs though. They often spend years working with others and finding the best people in the industry.

Adding Gold to an IRA

To buy and add gold to a SEP IRA, the person who owns the account will work with a broker to buy gold products.

Though the broker may recommend some types, they can also look at what the individual wants. It's helpful for employees to look at gold charts to see how the prices of different gold products changed in the last few years.

They can also use charts to compare the check the value of other precious metals. The broker will purchase gold for the account holder and notify the custodian of the new products. Both the broker and custodian work together to send the products to a depository or off-site storage facility.

Those who choose home storage need to notify the broker that they want the items delivered to them. They also need to let their custodian know that they purchased new gold.

Tracking the Gold

A good depository will keep the gold products safe, but it will not track the gold. It's up to the employee to keep track of the gold they buy to see how their investments gain in the coming years. They usually work with a custodian who updates their account.

The custodian can let them know if any of their investments are worth less today than they were in the past and whether any of their investments are now worth more. Custodians can also help employees who want to sell some or all of their gold.

Many people sell when gold prices are high and buy when those prices are low. This gives them more money they can put into another retirement account as well as cash they can use for any other expenses they had.

More Than Gold

A key benefit to a SEP IRA is that it lets the account holder invest in more than just gold. Many people diversify their accounts with different types of bullion such as silver coins and platinum bars. Other investments that they can invest in through a SEP IRA include:

  • Certificates of Deposit (COD)
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Palladium rounds
  • Silver coins

SEP IRAs for Employees and Employers

SEP IRAs are just one of the more popular retirement accounts used by employees and their employers today. These accounts have a higher annual contribution limit than other accounts do and let individuals diversify.

They can invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion as well as traditional stocks and bonds. Those who want to buy gold with a SEP IRA need to hire both a broker and a custodian.

Brokers and custodians help people of all ages get ready for their retirement years with a variety of gold products.

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