Seven Star Enterprises Review

Seven Star Enterprises International Review

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About Seven Star Enterprises

Many reviews of Seven Star Enterprises offer information about the company. And before a trader finalizes their selections, they should read about this company and educate themselves about precious metals and saving for the future first.

Reading this review could help them decide about investing in Seven Star Enterprises.

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Seven Star Enterprises - Website

Company History and Vital Details

Seven Star Enterprises opened its doors in 2003 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Better Business Bureau accredits the company with 5-star and A+ customer ratings. The business offers in-person and phone orders for precious metals, and customers state that their customer service representatives are helpful.

Seven Star Enterprises Review - Review

What Products Are Available? 

Seven Star Enterprises provides many bars, bullion, and coins for traders and collectors. The gold products are American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, Australian Kangaroo, Austrian Philharmonic, Chinese Panda, and bullion bars ranging from one to ten ounces.

Silver products include bulk generic bullion, American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, one-ounce rounds, and bullion bars ranging from one to 100 ounces.

Seven Star Enterprises - Products

They offer platinum products, including American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Koala, Isle of Man Noble, and bullion ranging between one and fifty ounces. They also offer palladium, including bulk generic bullion, Canadian Maple Leaf, and bullion ranging from one to one hundred ounces.

How to Buy Metals from Seven Star Enterprises 

There is a list of all the metals available to customers through Seven Star Enterprises; however, they do not have a price list for these items on the website. Customers can review these selections and then call a customer service representative to get price quotes based on the desired product and quantity.

The customer service representative provides a price lock if the customer is ready to set up the purchase. Once they commit to buying, they receive the price lock and a confirmation number for the order. All larger bullion orders require a 20% deposit to secure the order. If the customer doesn't complete their order by the 24-hour deadline, they will lose their deposit.

Smaller orders don't require a deposit, but if the customer fails to send the payment in 24 hours, the company can charge a market loss fee if there is any update in the price of the metals. They must call the company to complete the order or visit its location. The company sends a notification once the payment is received, and they update the order for shipping.

Accepted Payment Methods

Seven Star Enterprises accepts wire transfers, certified checks, personal checks, and cash. Customers have 24 hours to complete their order after they receive a price lock and a confirmation number. There is a market loss penalty if they do not complete the order as expected.

Shipping Information

Customers pay fees for shipping according to the weight of their packages and where they live—seven Star Enterprises ships orders within three days of the payment. However, customers who pay with a certified check will wait ten days for their orders to ship. All packages are shipped via the USPS and insured through the postal system.

Selling Your Metals Back to Them

Previous customers can sell their metals through a buyback. They'll call a customer service representative to open their account file and review their previous orders. The customer service representative provides a cash offer based on the metal, market price, and quantity.

Customers that didn't buy their precious metals from Seven Star Enterprises requested a gold kit. The kit gives them everything they need to send the metals to the company for an inspection and appraisal. They must package the metals according to their instructions, and Seven Star Enterprises provides a prepaid shipping label.

After all, metals are inspected, they provide a cash offer. Accepted offers are sent to the customer per their request. However, the metals must be in the same condition they bought them.

Buyback opportunities require the metals to be in resell condition so the company can turn a profit when selling the metals to other customers. Clients incur charges if they refuse the offer and want their metals back from Seven Star Enterprises.

Details About IRAs

Seven Star Enterprises offers self-directed IRAs through Equity International, and customers must use this organization to start the IRA, manage it, and maintain the account.

To start, clients must call Seven Star Enterprises first and then contact Equity International to create their new account.

They must purchase the precious metals from Seven Star Enterprises to fund the IRA and follow all requirements as directed by Equity International.

Before the customer commits to the IRA, they can get educational information from both companies to make a well-informed decision. The Equity International custodians report IRA contributions to the IRS as directed by IRS regulations. The custodians explain all guidelines for contributing to the account and what to do if they want to increase its value.

Most IRA-approved metals available at Seven Star Enterprises are labeled on their website, but customers can discuss their options with a custodian.

The most common products used for an IRA are American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, British Britannia, and South African Krugerrand. However, investors are not limited to these products only. They can also get bullion and bars for their account, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.


Their custodians are well-versed in IRA rules and regulations and prevent customers from making common mistakes with their accounts.

Contributions are age-based, and the IRS imposes limits. Contacting Seven Star Enterprises can help first-time investors get the most out of their IRA and avoid tax penalties. 

USAA Gold & Precious Metals IRA Review - custodian

They can also provide a list of what metals, based on price, are the best choices for funding the IRA. A custodian must complete all the funds transfers from other IRAs if the customer chooses to roll over or transfer funds instead of buying the precious metals with the capital they have outside the accounts.

Equity Trust is located in Westlake, Ohio. The investment company offers self-directed IRAs, CESA, HAS, Solo 401(k), and SEP IRAs. Investors can also review other options to increase their wealth or expand their portfolio.

Company Newsletter

Visitors can sign up for the company newsletter at no cost and get information and the latest company news in their email. The newsletter lets them know about deals, discounts, and special offers.

Seven Star Enterprises - Newsletter

The details help them make a well-informed decision about the company and its products. Sometimes, a first-order discount comes with signing up for the newsletter.

Seven Star Enterprises Institute

The Seven Star Enterprises Institute offers educational materials to help traders avoid emerging scams and cons related to precious metals, IRA investments, and other opportunities.

Anyone new to investing in anything can get an excellent education from these materials and the company's program. They'll also receive news alerts about the company and other organizations that could help them build wealth or plan for the future.

Graphs on the Website

Shows how precious metals prices have increased over the last decades. If a trader has a supply of precious metals, they can use the data to determine if they've generated a return on their investments.

They can also use these details to decide about the future and how they may invest later. As they can see from the graphs, gold has performed well, and many individuals who choose the metals generated wealth.

Seven Star Enterprises - Graphs

Requesting Information from the Company

Click the "Request Info" button and complete the form to get information via email about investing or the company. After the customer service representatives receive the request, they contact the trader at the number on the web form. Investors can ask anything about products, sales, and coordinating purchases.

Market Price Ticker

The Seven Star Enterprises website has a market price ticker across the top of the page. Traders can see the current market price for all precious metals at any time and have all the information they need to decide if now is the time to buy or sell precious metals. All market prices come from the NASDAQ directly.

Seven Star Enterprises Review - Market Price Ticker


Seven Star Enterprises offers phone and in-person precious metals sales, and they have opportunities to open an IRA to generate money for their golden years. Their website provides many resources to investors, including a market price ticker, graphs to study market growth, and an institute that educates traders about precious metals.

Their products are high-quality at fair prices for most customers. Customers can also sell their metals back to the company whenever they want. Overall, the company seems reasonable, but an assessment of the company and its prices compared to others is necessary to get the best deal.

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