Strategic Wealth Preservation Review

Strategic Wealth Preservation Review

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Investment strategies help individuals build wealth and create retirement savings. Precious metals are a safe choice for these endeavors and offer investors a better alternative to cash-based IRAs.

Even if the investors don’t start an IRA, they can purchase and build a supply of precious metals to generate wealth over time.

Gold is the most popular of the precious metals, and investors must plan their purchases strategically.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Strategic Wealth Preservation passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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When examining ways to build wealth, investors must find a gold company that offers straightforward purchases at fair market prices.

Strategic Wealth Preservation offers precious metals, and reviewing the company helps investors determine if the gold dealer is the most appropriate choice for their investment.

About the Company

Strategic Wealth Preservation opened its doors in Georgetown, Cayman Islands. The company offers investors and collectors gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. In addition, they offer IRAs, RRSPs, and TFSAs for planning for the future.

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The business provides many IRS-approved products, and its customer service representatives help clients complete precious metals purchases.

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Their Product Inventory

At Strategic Wealth Presentation, investors can build wealth and plan for the future by purchasing gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Their gold products include:

  • American Eagle
  • Australian Kangaroo
  • South African Krugerrand
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • American Buffalo
  • British Britannia
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Suisse bars

Their silver products include:

  • silver rounds
  • British Britannia
  • Marlin coins

Their palladium products include:

  • Canadian Maple Leaf

Their platinum products include:

  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • American Eagle
  • Canadian Maple Leaf

Investors can also find gold and silver bundles.

Buying Precious Metals

When buying precious metals, visitors create an account via the company’s website. 

After making the user account, the customer browses the product inventory and creates a list of all the products they want. Next, the customer calls Strategic Wealth Preservation to set up the order.  

Strategic Wealth Preservation Review - Buying Precious Metals

Finally, the customer service representatives provide a price quote for the customer, and if the client accepts, the company offers a price lock.

The clients must complete their orders via phone, and the company prepares them after receiving the customer’s payment. All packages arrive in discreet packaging to prevent others from knowing with is in the parcel.

Strategic Wealth Preservation applies insurance coverage for all shipments, and if, for any reason, the package becomes lost, stolen, or damaged, the company files an insurance claim.

Clients can store precious metals purchased separately from an IRA anywhere they prefer. Non-IRA precious metals don’t have to go into a depository approved by the IRS. The owner has complete control over their precious metals, and they can sell them whenever they wish.

Does the Customer Pay Shipping Fees and Sales Tax?

Yes, the customer chooses their preferred shipping method from Strategic Wealth Preservation’s options. The customer service representatives provide information about shipping methods and the total price, including shipping. 

International shipping to the Cayman Islands will cost more than sending the precious metals within the US. Strategic Wealth Preservation determines if the customer must pay state income taxes according to where they live.

Some states require additional tax payments beyond the initial transaction on purchases outside their state. The sales tax the customer pays Strategic Wealth Preservation directly is based on the current tax rate in the Cayman Islands.

Precious Metals Loans

Investors can take out precious metals loans up to 75% of the total value of the metals. These loans have an interest rate of 8%, and the customers pay them off in installment loans. The minimum loan amount is $100,000.

Loans are available to investors for any reason, and the customer service representatives inform the customer of the total loan amount. On average, the customers pay off the loans within three months; however, extended installment plans are possible depending on how much the customer borrows.

Accepted Payment Methods

Strategic Wealth Presentation accepts payments via wire transfers, ACH, certified checks, cashier’s checks, and bank drafts. After customers create an online user account, they can store a preferred payment method for faster order processing.

If the payment method fails, the customer is responsible for updating their information with Strategic Wealth Preservation.

Setting Up a Gold IRA Account

To create a gold IRA account, clients hire an IRS-approved custodian to open and manage their accounts. The customer pays the custodian to open the account and complete all paperwork to transfer funds from an existing IRA into the new self-directed gold IRA account.

After the custodian contacts the IRA provider, the custodian transfers the preferred amount into the new account, and the client identifies all precious metals they want to purchase from Strategic Wealth Preservation. 

Finally, the custodian transfers the funds from the new IRA to Strategic Wealth Preservation to complete the transaction.

Once the company receives the total payment, Strategic Wealth Preservation sets up the shipment to the preferred depository. Customers can store their precious metals in the US or the Cayman Islands. The custodian receives the deposit notification from the depository and the documents for the IRA.

Increase the IRA’s Value

Account holders can increase the value of their gold IRAs by contributing to the account through additional precious metals purchases. According to IRS guidelines and regulations, investors under 59 are limited to contributions up to $6,000 annually. If the investor is 60 or older, they can contribute up to $7,000 annually.

Distributions from the Gold IRA

Once the account holder becomes 65, the custodian sets up distributions from the IRA account. How much they receive annually determines how much they pay in taxes. Their custodian can help the owner determine the annual distribution amount according to their preferred lifestyle and the tax implications.

Liquidation of the gold IRA requires the customer to pay taxes for the total amount they receive. However, the owner could roll the funds into a different IRA account. Discussing options with a financial planner can help investors determine what to do and how to reduce tax implications.

Creating an RRSP or TFSA

Strategic Wealth Preservation offers opportunities to use precious metals to open registered retirement savings plans and tax-free savings accounts.

Customers get started by opening a Questrade account via their website, and then the clients complete and sign Strategic Wealth Presentation’s dealer authorization form to give the company authorization to sell precious metals for the account.

Next, the customer transfers money they have or funds from a savings account into the Questrade account. After the funds are available, the client completes a precious metals order by contacting Strategic Wealth Preservation directly.

Custodians and Depositories

While Strategic Wealth Preservation doesn’t have a recommended custodian, the company recommends Preferred Trust Company for storing precious metals in a gold IRA.

However, investors aren’t obligated to use the depository for their precious metals IRA, and they can choose a custodian and depository based on their preferences.

Strategic Wealth Preservation-custodian

It is recommended that investors contact an IRS-approved custodian and depository to calculate the total cost of the services. When setting up IRAs, RRSPs, and TFSAs, the client must have adequate capital to pay the service providers. They will also pay storage fees, maintenance costs, and management expenses for these accounts and their precious metals.

Estate Planning for Your Accounts

With any retirement plan, account holders can generate proceeds for retirement and achieve their preferred lifestyle. Gold IRAs are more secure than traditional IRAs, and their value has increased steadily.

Owners can generate considerable wealth depending on how many precious metals they buy. Estate planning is a critical component in protecting their wealth later in life.

Transferring a gold IRA account into a trust separates the account and its proceeds from the estate and prevents the financial savings from entering probate after the owner dies. In addition, the transfer can provide an heir with the wealth generated through the gold IRA and offer them financial support later.

When setting up the trust, the owner chooses a successor who takes control of the trust after the owner dies. The successor can then determine if they want to get distributions from the IRA account or liquidate it inside the trust.

Speaking to a custodian helps account holders determine the most appropriate choice to protect their assets and avoid seizure by creditors. 

Inherited Gold IRAs

Working with their custodian, the IRA owner can set up provisions if they do not use all the funds in the account before they die.

For example, an inherited gold IRA is a popular choice for transferring the remaining precious metals into a new account that an heir can receive. The custodian can arrange for the funds to move on the account owner’s death day.

The heir that inherits the new IRA account must set up distributions within five years of the account owner’s death. If they don’t, the custodian must liquidate the account and distribute the proceeds according to the IRA documentation.

Discovering Gold IRAs

If the account owner doesn’t have a living beneficiary, the custodian may have to decide what family member receives the proceeds. The heir that gets the proceeds must pay taxes on the money within the tax year they receive it.

Strategic Wealth Preservation provides precious metals for investors and collectors. The company is in the Cayman Islands and provides customers with IRAs, RRSPs, and TFSAs. They offer many precious metals products for investors that are IRS-approved and available for retirement funds.

Final Thoughts

The business doesn’t restrict custodians or depositories; however, customers can get recommendations for storing precious metals inside or outside the US.

There are investment resources on the company’s website to help customers manage their investments. Overall, the company seems like a great option, but customers should compare the company’s prices to other gold dealers before committing to buy precious metals.

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