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The Entrust Group Review

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The Entrust Group specializes in providing self-directed IRA services. The financial company has been providing its services for over 30 years.

Throughout the decades, clients have turned to The Entrust Group for information regarding opening up tax-advantaged accounts, filing taxes, and administering self-directed tax services.

At the time of this writing, The Entrust Group has amassed over $3 billion in assets. One of the key reasons it has been able to do this is that it offers self-directed IRA services in various locations.

The company is dedicated and passionate about helping Americans achieve the financial independence they seek.

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The Entrust Group Background

The company focuses on investing strategies, as well as providing investor education and free information on alternative investments.

Logo - The Entrust Group

Besides that, The Entrust Group provides custodial and administrative services to those looking to add alternative investment services to their self-directed IRA accounts. For example, investors might want to add precious metals or real estate to their accounts.

Managing retirement accounts isn't the only thing The Entrust Group offers its clients. They also offer ESA accounts. Health Savings Accounts are also offered by the company.

The Entrust Group Review - Homepage

The Entrust Group has offices across the nation, and relevant regulatory bodies are regularly examining them. This is to ensure the company is complying with relevant state and federal regulations.

This is a good thing because it gives consumers peace of mind knowing that the company is following the law. Plus, it keeps the company looking good in the public's eyes.

The Entrust Group Management Team

Hubert Bromma founded The Entrust Group. Hubert is an industry expert who knows the importance of providing a large group of people with reliable and reputable financial services.
Hubert excels in acquisitions, mergers, real estate, alternative investments, and financial consulting.

Under his leadership, the company has expanded its presence by opening up dedicated local offices. They have been able to provide tailor-made services to consumers.

Jason Craig is currently the president of The Entrust Group, and he possesses a great deal of industry experience. He was also once the vice president of Greater Bay Bank.

The Entrust Group Team

Products and Services

The way the company operates is on a transparent and flexible IRA fee schedule. The Internal Revenue Service states that a regulated custodian has to administer self-directed accounts, so it's not surprising that the company operates such a fee schedule.

IRS has a set of policies laid out, which is why The Entrust Group has different fee schedules for its four different categories. These categories include:

  • Account Establishment Fee: $50
  • Annual Record Keeping Fee: $199, if the asset's Account Market Value is under $50K, and a $199 per year fee for anything over $50K.
  • $299 per year fee for two or more assets with a value of under $50K or $299 and 0.15% of an account worth over $50K
  • Purchase & Sale of Asset Fees - These fees can range from nothing to $250, and it's based on what items are purchased.
  • Transaction Fees - The type of transaction determines how much you'll pay in transaction fees.

Self-Directed IRA Explained

IRA is short for Individual Recruitment Account. This type of account allows the holder to have more control over their retirement savings. It also allows them to diversify their investments.

One of the best things about self-directed IRAs is that you are not limited to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. This isn't the case with many of the banks and brokerage firms out there.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of your account by investing in assets such as limited partnerships, LLCs, and even real estate. Many people are surprised at how many different assets are available to invest in via a self-directed IRA.

The Entrust Group - Benefits of a Self-Directed IRA

There are several advantages of having a self-directed account, such as growth potential. By maintaining an account, it might grow over some time.

The main reason why these accounts have a good chance of growing is that you can invest in several types of assets.
Another benefit of a self-directed IRA is that it allows you to take your financial future into your own hands. Your wealth will be protected against economic fluctuations, which are often unpredictable.

This is possible due to having the opportunity to put your money into alternative investments. Finally, your savings could experience exponential growth because you can save money on taxes, as these types of accounts have tax-deferred benefits.

How to Setup a SDIRA: 4 Simple Steps

The steps involved include:

Opening up an SDIRA account is easy.

Understand the Basics

Opening up a self-directed IRA account is kind of like opening any other type of IRA account. Nonetheless, it's a good idea to become familiar with what's involved with opening a self-directed IRA account. You want to have a clear understanding of the basics.

Your Investment Strategy

What your investment strategy is will play a major role in whether or not you should open an account. Take time to think about what you plan to invest in your account. Also, consider the potential risks associated with such an account.

Choose the Type of Account

You can choose to have a self-directed traditional IRA or a self-directed Roth IRA. The latter lets you defer your taxes. The former allows you to save your savings without having to pay taxes on them.

Fund Your Account

When you decide what type of account to open, you'll need to fund it. This can be done via rolling over your 401K. You can make cash contributions, or you can transfer your IRA from whoever your custodian is.

How to Fund Your Account

You'll want to fund your account once it has been opened. There are several options available to you. The right option all depends on your personal preferences.

The Entrust Group - Open a Self-Directed IRA Online

That being said, your funding options include:

IRA Cash Contributions

You can make regular annual contributions to your SDIRA account instead of your regular IRA account, but you need a stable income, and you have to be under 70 years old.

Furthermore, there are contribution limits set by the IRS, and those limits include $6K for those under 50 and $7K for those above 50 years old. ACH transfers, wire transfers, and checks are all different ways you can make your contributions.


An IRA rollover is exactly what it sounds like. You can roll your retirement funds from your 401K or another plan into a new plan.

When deciding to do a rollover, you'll want to request a distribution, which will be used to put funds into your self-directed IRA account.


It's possible to transfer your retirement plan to a self-directed IRA account. Let's say you have a traditional IRA from a certain bank.

You can transfer your IRA from that bank to another bank. Just make sure the bank you transfer to supports self-directed IRA accounts.

401K to Gold Without a Penalty

You can move your 401k to gold without a penalty via a transaction called a rollover.  This type of rollover involves taking money from your 401K and putting it into a retirement account that offers tax advantages, such as an IRA.

You do have a time limit of 60 days. This means within that time frame; you have to place your cash or assets from your 401K and put them into your self-directed IRA.

There are gold IRA accounts, and you can roll over your 401K into one. You will not be able to stay with the company that currently is associated with your 401K plan. After that, you'll be able to roll your 401K into an SDIRA.

One of the benefits of rolling over your 401K is the investment choices. You'll have various options such as bonds, stocks, precious metals, and mutual funds to name a few. Many workplace 401K plans do not offer these kinds of options.

When it comes to a self-directed IRA account, you can choose how to balance out your portfolio. There are a few restrictions associated with a self-directed IRA. Not many workplace retirement plans allow you to invest in assets with few restrictions.

SDIRA: Your Investment Options

With this type of account, there are several investment options for you to choose from. The ones people tend to go for include stocks, mutual funds, and CDS. Precious metals, real estate, and even cryptocurrencies are options. Another option is retirement homes.

The Entrust Group - SDIRA - Your Investment Options

Real Estate

You can invest in single-family homes and mortgage notes. You can invest in real estate to help you grow your portfolio. There are lots of assets related to real estate that you can invest in to help you reach your goals.

Private Equity

You can amplify your financial growth. This can be done via investing in land trusts and hedge funds. You can even invest in startups.

Other Alternative Investment Options

Other options include art galleries and crypto. Retirement homes, bowling alleys, and even storage spaces are options. Life settlements can be included in alternative investment options.

Precious Metals

Platinum, gold, and other precious metals have been used as currency in the past, and SDIRA accounts typically support their use. Precious metals are great assets to invest in because they can serve as a hedge against both inflation and deflation.

Not only that but only a certain amount of gold and silver can be produced, which isn't the case with fiat cash.

Contribution Limits

You are not required to make deposits every year. Other limits might be associated with making contributions. Read on to learn more.

Limits With Traditional IRA Accounts

You can deposit up to $7K if you're older than 50. If you're below this age, then you are required to contribute up to $6K. Catch-up contributions are $1K for those 50 and above.

Limits With Roth IRA Accounts

The contribution limits associated with Roth accounts are similar to those associated with traditional IRA accounts. Also, you need to have taxable income. Furthermore, there is a tax deadline, and your account needs to have been opened up before that deadline.

Limits With Simple IRA Accounts

Limits include $14K for Employee Elective Deferrals. For Catch-Up Elective Deferral Contribution, the amount is $3K. This is for people who are older than fifty.

Reviews from Clients

There are mixed reviews from clients. Many of the positive reviews are from clients who have done business with the company, and who have had good experiences with them. Many people mention that opening up an account was a smooth and easy process.

However, some clients mention that the customer service is poor. Some clients have complained about being charged more money than they expected to be charged.

Furthermore, some people have complained about getting help when they have had a problem.

Our Rating

Pros & Cons

  • Pros of The Entrust Group

The Entrust Group manages over $3 billion of assets, which means it's a large and reputable company. The company has locations across the United States. This gives them a competitive advantage. It also allows them to simplify their services.

As a company with over 30 years of financial experience, they are the ideal place to turn to when one wants IRA-oriented services.

The Entrust Group has a referral program. It consists of the opening balance ($50) being waived and credited to a client that referred a customer.

  • Cons

The Entrust Group doesn't offer storage options. Clients are responsible for finding their storage solutions.

Legal and financial advice is not provided by The Entrust Group.
Depository costs are not covered by the $150 fee that the company charges yearly.


The bottom line is The Entrust Group is a reputable company with over 30 years of experience. They offer various investment options, which include real estate.
If you're ready to open a self-directed IRA account, then feel free to contact The Entrust Group.

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