The Royal Mint Review

The Royal Mint Review

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Gold and other precious metals are highly attractive to investors and collectors. These metals are elegant, offer beautiful designs, and increase in value according to how long the owner has them. From an investor's perspective, precious metals could provide opportunities to generate more capital to sustain their preferred lifestyle in their golden years.

Collectors and individuals hoping to invest in these products must find a company or organization where they can buy precious metals products. Reviewing the Royal Mint helps determine if they can find the metals they want and generate a risk-free way to generate profits later.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

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Who is the Royal Mint?

The Royal Mint opened in 886 A.D. in Llantrisant, United Kingdom. They've managed precious metals sales, trades, and purchases for many centuries, and today they offer online sales in addition to in-person opportunities.

The historic organization is also a tourist attraction and provides tours for the public with opportunities to learn how to mint coins. 

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The Royal Mint has many customer reviews and complaints on TrustPilot. As of 2023, they have a 2.2-star rating. However, many customers appreciate the company's history and collection of coins and rare collectibles.

The Royal Mint Review - Website

What Products Do They Sell?

The Royal Mint has many bars, coins, and bullion for sale. They also provide digital gold, silver, and platinum. Their gold products include British Britannia, The Memorial Sovereign coins, Merlin 2023, The Royal Tudor Beasts, Little John 2022, and Maid Marian. Their silver products include King Arthur and five hundred Britannia coin boxes.

The Royal Mint Review - What Products Do They Sell

Visitors can browse all the available products to find investment options or collections. By clicking on the "Collect" tab, collectors can find coins to buy based on the currency, the year they were minted, and the price.

Buying Precious Metals

Buying precious metals is easy on the Royal Mint's website. They can browse the products and click "Add to Bag" to add items to their shopping cart. It's helpful to sign up for a user account and store personal details for placing orders, and saving the information increases security as the customer doesn't have to enter the information again.

After they add all the items they want to the shopping cart, they can click on the checkout button to start the checkout process. Online sales require credit cards or electronic payment services such as PayPal. After checkout, the customer receives an alert when the payment is received.

The Royal Mint Review - Buying Precious Metals

All products are shipped to the customer's location in discreet packaging. Insurance applies to all parcels, and customers don't have to worry if a package is lost in the mail, stolen, or damaged during the transport services.

The Royal Mint can submit a claim for these losses; however, the customer must contact the company if their order doesn't arrive. Shipments outside the UK will take longer, and the company won't have the expected arrival date until the package ships.

Customers that want to buy digital gold, silver, or platinum make their selections and complete the checkout process. They receive an alert when their digital products are available, and the client tracks their metals via their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

They can buy digital products through the Royal Mint based on what is available on the website. More detailed posts about digital products are on the website to help buyers make well-informed decisions.

Sell Your Metals to the Royal Mint

The Royal Mint buys silver, gold, platinum bars, bullion, and coins from customers and other mints. Customers must contact a customer service representative to find out how to sell metals to the mint. Strict guidelines apply to these purchases, and the Royal Mint doesn't have a buyback program for previous customers.

Precious metals purchases from customers and non-representatives of other mints are rare, and someone hoping to get a fast cash payout may want to sell their precious metals elsewhere.

Does the Royal Mint Offer IRAs?

No, the organization is a mint that produces precious metals and sells inventory they've procured from other sources. They do not have an IRA program, and most of the metals they sell are unsuitable for a US-based retirement fund.

While the Royal Mint occasionally sells bullion and coins that would meet IRS requirements, these products are few and far between for anyone who wants to fund an IRA or do anything other than collect metals or increase the value of outside precious metals investment opportunities.

Services Available at the Royal Mint

The Royal Mint offers coin authentication to help owners determine if their coins are authentic and valuable. Next, they offer coin finder services for collectors who want to find rare coins unavailable on the organization's website. Visitors can contact the Royal Mint to hire the company for these services and discuss fees.

Webinar Series for Investors

Anyone interested in precious metals can participate in The Royal Mint's webinar series and learn much about investing in or collecting precious metals.

Among the current offerings are "The Importance of Die Trial Pieces," "Coin Grading and Slabbing," "Investing in Gold," and "How to Start a Collection." Website visitors can check the "Webinar" tab to discover when new options are available.

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Setting Up Guided Tours

The Royal Mint offers guided tours for visitors who can upgrade to VIP tours. Guests can book tickets for the tours on the website, and all costs and operating hours are available within the tour section of the website.

Tourists can strike their coins and learn more about how coins, bars, and bullion are created during their visit. Anyone interested in history could enjoy these tours and spend the day learning about precious metals.

"Getting Started" Section

In the "Getting Started" section, visitors find a beginner's guide to investing in physical and digital gold. With many upgrades to their investment options, the Royal Mint offers further details about digital gold and why it's important to investors.

As they continue reviewing this section, guests find advice about starting gold investments and how they can generate wealth through these options. They'll also find price charts and practices for calculating their investments' value-added or capital gains taxes. Options for storing precious metals are presented in the website literature.

Collector Resources

Under the "Collector Resources" tab on the main navigation bar, guests find more information that explains coin specifications, circulating coin mintage, commemorative coin sales, and British Grading Systems. These details are invaluable to anyone investing in British precious metals and understanding how to make the best selections.

Buying Gifts from the Royal Mint

Under the "Gifts" tab, visitors can find several options for weddings, retirement, new babies, anniversaries, and Eid Al-Fitr. The Royal Mint offers many appropriate selections for these occasions, including luxury gifts and jewelry on its website. Visitors can shop in this section to find precious metals-related gifts for loved ones, family, and friends.

Storage for Larger Orders

The Royal Mint offers the Vault for storing precious metals in the United Kingdom. It is similar to a depository used in the US for storing IRA funds. The precious metals would remain in the care of the Royal Mint and stay within a large vault inside the property.

There is high-caliber security for the storage solutions. Still, owners would need to come during business hours to remove any of their metals from the vault, and they'd never have immediate access to it.

The Vault would be an excellent option for businesses or wealthy individuals in the United Kingdom who need more secure places to store their metals. Someone buying metals outside of the country should find an alternative storage option in their area.

The Royal Mint Return Policy

According to the Royal Mint's return policy, customers in the United Kingdom have thirty days from their delivery to start a refund. The return package must include the customer code, dispatch references, and the reason for the return.

The UK customer signs into their user account and then selects the "Return Items" tab in their account. Next, they click the box next to the items they want to return. They'll wait to be redirected to the Returns Management Partner, and then they enter the order number and their postal code. The customer follows the onscreen instructions as they appear, and then they will print out a return shipping label.

The Royal Mint Return Policy

Customers outside the United Kingdom will ship their items to the address in the return section. They have fourteen days from the date they receive their delivery to start the return. They must contact a customer service representative at the Royal Mint to coordinate the return.

Once the company approves the return, the workers provide instructions for packaging and shipping the items. It takes ten business days to complete the inspection after the organization receives the package. All items must meet eligibility requirements for the customer to receive a refund. They will not receive the cost of shipping in their refund.


The Royal Mint sells precious metals and buys rare coins from collectors, but if they purchase newly minted selections, they buy from other mints only. Investment opportunities are great for anyone who wants older or rare coins to add more value to their stock portfolio.

However, someone looking for options such as American Eagles or other options that increase in value won't find these selections at the Royal Mint. The organization offers private tours for visitors since it is a tourist attraction, and visitors can mint their coins for a fee.

The company website provides many resources for investors looking for digital metals or wanting to discover more about starting their investment portfolio. While it has many charms, the Royal Mint isn't for everyone and serious investors may want to find another place if they want more specific investment choices.

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