UBS Gold IRA Review

UBS Gold IRA Review

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Gold investing isn't just for the seasoned financier anymore; it's become a smart move for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio. 

That's where UBS comes into the picture. Known globally for its financial expertise, UBS offers a range of gold investment options, though it's worth noting they don't provide a self-directed IRA for physical precious metals. 

In this article, we'll walk you through what UBS does offer, how it measures up in the gold market, and why, for those eyeing a gold IRA, there might be better-suited alternatives out there. Let's dive in.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if UBS passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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What Services Do They Offer

UBS's array of services in gold investment is diverse, catering to various needs of investors. Let's look at some of the key services they provide.

UBS key4 Gold

UBS key4 Gold is a standout service, allowing investors to buy and sell gold effortlessly using their smartphone. This digital approach simplifies the gold investment process, making it accessible even to those new to the world of precious metals. 

Our team discovered through using it that its user-friendly interface is a significant advantage for those who value convenience in their investment strategies.

Secure Gold Storage

One of the critical services offered by this company is secure storage for physical gold. This service ensures that your gold investments are safely stored in UBS's vaults, providing peace of mind and security.

This feature is particularly appealing for investors who are concerned about the safety of their physical assets.

Gold Investment Accessibility

UBS has made strides in making gold investment more accessible. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who are not traditional gold investors but are looking to diversify their portfolios.

Through UBS's services, these investors can easily step into the gold market.

Digital Banking Integration

The company integrates gold investment options into its broader digital banking services.

This integration means that managing your gold investments can be as straightforward as handling your regular banking needs, all from the same platform.

Why Should You Put Gold in Your IRA?

Gold is a valuable asset that's great for diversifying your investments. It's special because its value doesn't go up and down with the economy like stocks and bonds do. This makes it a good protection against inflation, keeping its value over time.

Gold can also grow in value. When the economy is uncertain or other markets are shaky, gold prices often go up. This means having gold in your IRA can help protect your savings when the market is down.

Even though UBS doesn't offer gold IRAs, it's clear why gold is a good choice for one. Gold moves differently from stocks and bonds, which helps spread out your investment risk. This is important for keeping your retirement savings stable.

Gold is also valued all over the world. It's a trusted investment that keeps its value, making it a solid choice for long-term savings.

If you're interested in adding gold to your retirement plan, it's a good idea to look at companies that specialize in gold IRAs. These companies know how to handle gold investments in IRAs the right way, following all the rules and making the most of gold's benefits for your retirement.

What Gold Products Do They Offer?

UBS's range of gold products caters to different investment strategies and preferences. Here's a closer look at what they offer.

Gold Bars and Coins

The company’s selection of gold bars and coins is extensive, designed to meet the diverse needs of investors. Among their offerings, you'll find gold bars in various sizes, ranging from small 1-gram bars suitable for novice investors to larger bars weighing up to 1 kilogram, favored by more seasoned investors. 

These bars are known for their purity and quality, often coming with a certificate of authenticity. In terms of coins, UBS provides a range of options including popular choices like the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and the South African Krugerrand. 

These coins are not only valued for their gold content but also for their historical and aesthetic appeal, making them a favorite among collectors and investors alike.

Gold Certificates

UBS's gold certificates represent a convenient and secure way to invest in gold without the need for physical storage. These certificates are essentially proof of gold ownership, with each certificate corresponding to a specific weight and purity of gold stored securely by UBS. 

This option is particularly appealing to investors who wish to avoid the logistics and security concerns associated with storing physical gold, while still maintaining the ability to benefit from the gold's value.

Gold ETFs and Mutual Funds

For those looking to invest in gold through more traditional financial instruments, UBS offers a variety of gold ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) and mutual funds.

Our research indicates that these funds invest in a range of gold-related assets, including physical gold, gold mining companies, and other gold-backed securities. 

This approach allows investors to gain exposure to the gold market while diversifying their investment and reducing the risk associated with holding physical gold.

Customized Gold Investment Solutions

UBS excels in providing customized gold investment solutions, tailored to the specific needs and goals of each investor. This bespoke service includes personalized advice on portfolio diversification, strategic buying and selling of gold assets, and insights into market trends and opportunities. 

We determined through our tests that UBS's team of experts works closely with clients to develop a gold investment strategy that aligns with their financial objectives, risk tolerance, and investment horizon, ensuring a truly personalized investment experience.

What Do They Charge for Their Gold Products/Services?

Understanding UBS's fee structure is vital for informed gold investing. Their pricing for gold products and services aims to be competitive. Typical gold investment charges include transaction fees, gold storage fees, and possibly management fees for gold-related financial products. These fees vary based on the amount of gold bought or sold and the service used.

For example, using UBS key4 Gold might involve transaction fees for each buy or sell order. This fee is often a percentage of the transaction amount. Additionally, if investors opt for gold financial products like ETFs or mutual funds, they might incur annual management fees, calculated as a percentage of the invested assets.

While these fees are part of gold investing, they can affect the overall return. Therefore, it's wise to compare these costs with other providers to ensure the best deal for your gold investment needs.

Main Aspects of This Company

UBS's position in the gold investment market is defined by several key aspects. Let's explore what makes UBS a notable name in this sector.

Reputation and Reliability

The company’s reputation in the financial market is not just a matter of longevity but also of consistent quality. Known for its reliability, especially in gold investment services, UBS has established itself as a trustworthy name.

This trust is built on a foundation of years of experience, where they have continually adapted to market changes while maintaining a high standard of service.

Their approach to gold investment is no exception, offering a secure and stable option for investors who value reliability in their financial dealings.

Customer Service and Support

The level of customer service and support provided by UBS is a cornerstone of their offering. Investors can expect a professional and responsive service, which is crucial in navigating the complexities of gold investment.

UBS understands that investing in gold, whether digitally or physically, can present unique challenges and queries. Therefore, they have dedicated resources to ensure that every investor receives the guidance and support they need, making the investment journey as smooth as possible.

Technology and Innovation

In the realm of technology and innovation, UBS stands out. Their UBS key4 gold service exemplifies this, allowing investors to buy and sell gold easily and securely through a smartphone app. This digital solution reflects UBS's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance investment services, making gold investment more accessible and user-friendly.

By integrating these services into their broader digital banking platform, UBS ensures that managing gold investments is as straightforward as handling regular banking needs.

Global Reach and Accessibility

UBS's global presence is a significant asset, offering gold investment opportunities to a wide range of investors. This global reach is not just about geographical coverage but also about making gold investment accessible to various investor segments.

Whether you are an experienced investor or new to the world of precious metals, UBS's global platform provides the tools and resources needed to participate in gold investment. This accessibility is a testament to UBS's commitment to democratizing investment in gold, making it a viable option for a diverse investor base.

Top 3 Companies Choosing Over the UBS

While UBS offers robust gold investment services, there are other companies that specialize in gold IRAs. Here are the top three companies that are often preferred over UBS for gold IRAs.

Our Top Pick - Unmatched Customer Service


Goldco stands out as a preferred choice for many investors seeking a gold IRA, primarily due to its specialization in providing self-directed IRAs. This specialization allows for the inclusion of physical precious metals, a crucial service that UBS does not offer. 

Goldco's expertise in this niche is evident in their comprehensive approach to IRA management, offering a seamless process for investors to include gold and other precious metals in their retirement portfolios. 

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is renowned for its transparent pricing and personalized customer service, making it another top choice for investors. They offer a diverse range of gold IRA options, catering to various investment needs and preferences.

Augusta stands out for its commitment to educating its clients, providing extensive resources and expert guidance to ensure investors make informed decisions.

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold offers a comprehensive range of gold IRA services, setting them apart as a more suitable choice for those specifically looking to invest in a gold IRA.

 Their expertise in this area is unmatched, providing tailored solutions that align with the individual investment goals of their clients.

American Hartford Gold prides itself on its customer-centric approach, offering personalized advice and support throughout the investment process.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while UBS offers a range of gold-related products and services, it's important to remember that they do not provide a self-directed IRA for physical precious metals. For investors specifically interested in a gold IRA, exploring other companies like Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals, and American Hartford Gold is advisable.

Based on our firsthand experience, these companies offer more specialized services in this area. UBS, however, remains a solid choice for other gold investment needs, thanks to its reputation, innovative approach, and global reach.

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