United States Precious Metals Review

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US Precious Metals is a well-known precious metals company based in Beaumont, TX. This company started in 2002. This company offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium from some of the top mints around the world.

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US Precious Metals has a genuine appreciation for every product that it sells. The company has principles that include integrity, expertise, and convenience guiding customer interactions. Many customers feel the company reasonably adheres to these principles.

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This company has internal quality controls to ensure customers get what they expect, whether buying coins, rounds, or bars. The selection makes it easier for investors to build a decent collection of metal products. An investment guide on the website gives customers vital information to decide if investing is a reasonable option.

united states precious metals-website

One of the reasons many investors choose US Precious Metals is that the company only hires those who know the metals investing business well. This company operates entirely online, offering maximum convenience. This review will give you in-depth information on whether to use US Precious Metals.

US Precious Metals Products and Services

This company has products from the U.S. Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, The Roya Mint, and the Mexican Mint. US Precious Metals has enough selection from these mints to satisfy any need. The website lists current metals values, clearly showing how values may increase with time. 

United States Precious Metals-Products

This company also offers a handy investment guide for anyone who wants to invest in a precious metals IRA. You can select new issues to add to a personal collection or focus on the products best suited to IRA usage. Many investors consider precious metals IRAs one of the best hedges against inflation or market volatility.

All four metals are also available as bars and rounds for those wanting coin alternatives. Although bars require depository storage, they are valuable as an investment. Here are some of the options in the highest demand: 

Gold Coins

There is no doubt about gold's popularity, whether buying or selling. Besides being favored as an alternative currency, it has great popularity in collectibles and jewelry. Gold has been among the most trusted metals for trading for centuries. 

US Precious Metals allows customers to buy coins and bullion from several mints. Some of the options customers may take advantage of with their gold include home storage, trading, or selling at the purchase price.

Although precious metals for personal collections are okay to store at home, depository storage is required for products included in an IRA.

Gold coins come from some of the top mints in the U.S. You can also easily add favorites from other nations to your collection. The coins available have a strong chance of increasing in value with time.

Bars and rounds are a popular alternative to coinage and come from refineries that include Credit Suisse, PAMP Suisse, and Valcambi. Bars require depository storage because of IRA regulations. Anyone investing in precious metals, not coin form, will benefit from confirming IRS storage regulations. 

Gold American Eagles

 Gold American Eagles are among US Precious Metals' most popular items. Many of these coins are IRA-eligible, making them top choices for collectors. Even if you decide not to take out an IRA, you will have access to some of the most valuable collectibles on the market. 

United States Precious Metals Review-Gold American Eagles

Gold American Buffaloes

 The Gold American Buffaloes that US Precious Metals stocks have 2015-2018 issue dates. Although these coins are newer than many others, they enjoy a special place in many personal coin collections. These coins are an excellent choice to keep in anticipation of a higher resale value.

United States Precious Metals Review-Gold American Buffaloes

Liberty Gold Coins

Liberty Gold coins, minted from 1849-1907, are some of the most popular coins among pre-1933 coin collectors. Their historical value and the exceptional condition of many coins have made them highly prized by collectors. As time passes, fewer coins will be circulated, increasing their potential value.

United States Precious Metals Review-Liberty Gold Coins

Silver Coins

US Precious Metals offers silver products such as coins, bars, and rounds. $1 Silver Eagles and Morgan Silver Dollars top many collectors' wish lists. However, Peace Silver Dollars and coins from the Royal Canadian Mint are also popular. Although gold gets most of the attention with IRAs, silver is integral to many precious metals IRAs.

America the Beautiful

 America the Beautiful Silver Dollars, minted in 2017, are a popular part of the US Precious Metals collection. These coins are in excellent condition, allowing them to hold their value. These coins are likely to have their value increase over the years.

United States Precious Metals Review-America the Beautiful

Morgan Silver Dollars

Morgan Silver Dollars are relatively rare because of their age. These coins, often minted in the early 20th century, are popular with collectors. Investors taking out IRAs with precious metals will often use these silver dollars.

United States Precious Metals Review-Morgan Silver Dollars

Peace Silver Dollars

Peace Silver Dollars are pre-1964 silver coins that collectors often seek. These coins from US Precious Metals include random minting years. Collectors serious about adding these coins to their collections have a chance of having several years represented. 

10974-obv.pngUnited States Precious Metals Review-Peace Silver Dollars

Platinum Coins

Platinum, although rarer than gold and silver, is a popular precious metal with collectors. Many investors choose platinum because less of this metal is on the market. Coins with a seemingly low resale value may increase the value over the years. 

Platinum American Eagles 

US Precious Metals has the $100 Platinum American Eagle. This coin was minted in 2018 and comes from the U.S. Mint. These coins are the platinum option in the highest demand among serious collectors.

United States Precious Metals Review-Platinum American Eagles

Palladium Coins

Palladium coins from US Precious Metals are popular with collectors because of their relative rarity. 

$25 American Eagles

The American Eagle, minted in 2018, is the palladium option among US Precious Metals customers. Although also a rare metal, palladium has received more attention recently. Many collectors attribute this popularity to the metal's inclusion in IRAs. 

United States Precious Metals Review-$25 American Eagles

IRA-Eligible Precious Metals

US Precious Metals offers IRA-eligible precious metals that are perfect for diversifying your portfolio. These metals products conform to the strict requirements that the IRS has for precious metals IRAs.

IRA-eligible products from US Precious Metals include:

  • Gold American Buffalo
  • Gold American Eagle
  • Gold American Eagle Proof
  • Palladium $25 American Eagle
  • Platinum $100 American Eagle
  • Silver America the Beautiful
  • Silver American Eagle
  • Silver American Eagle Proof

This company has an investment guide that will help answer some of the most common questions about buying precious metals. Whether your needs include starting a personal collection or purchasing metals to invest in an IRA, you will receive information that will help you make the right choice. Deciding how to use the metals that you are buying can impact the return you make on your investment.

Ordering from US Precious Metals

 How a company handles its precious metals purchases is an important decision, and US Precious Metals customers are pleased to learn how the company prioritizes offering optimal customer service. If customers have any questions, representatives are glad to provide answers. There is also an FAQ page where customers can easily find the answers they are seeking.

US Precious Metals offers deals on many of its most popular coins regularly. You may always contact a company representative to learn more about pricing. One page on the website is devoted to items recently back in stock.

Coins are shipped insured via registered mail, customarily arriving within ten days. Packages are never left unattended at a recipient's address. Although the company is Texas-based, it serves customers throughout the United States.

All orders over $500 have free shipping. Customer satisfaction is the company's top goal overall. Whenever customers are unsure what to buy, representatives can make helpful recommendations. 

Customers purchasing precious metals for use in an IRA can have the products shipped to their depository of choice. The company will handle every order appropriately, whether it is sent to a residence or depository. Many private collectors without an IRA will use a depository for increased security.

This company allows customers to buy their precious metals online. The online ordering process is hassle-free. You can also purchase the precious metals products of your choice by phone. 

Reputation Including Pros and Cons

When you want to buy precious metals from a company, knowing more about its reputation is crucial. Past customers usually have much to say about companies, favorable or unfavorable. The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

This Texas-based company has a broad selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products, many of which are IRA-eligible.

Customers are pleased with how quickly the company usually ships its products. Customers who interacted with the staff were generally happy about the service received. 

However, Google reviews only give the company a 2.6 rating. The company also does not provide information about recommended IRA custodians and depositories, information that is essential for investors. Unlike many of its competitors, this company also does not have a presence on Trustpilot. 

United States Precious Metals Review - TrustPilot

Some of the most common complaints include no reliable buyback policy and concerns about coin authenticity. With clarification from the company addressing these concerns, it is easier to determine if the problems are being handled properly.

The Verdict

US Precious Metals has an extensive selection but mixed customer reviews. Customers may consider whether this company is a good option if opening an IRA. There are many reviews customers can check out, but customers will need to determine which reviews address their most significant concerns.

One of the strongest complaints was from a man who inherited his father's precious metals collection and had difficulty selling it back to the company. Another customer complained that their gold coins were plated, which was not disclosed.

Based on this mixed feedback, this company may only be ideal for some. Many companies with similar selections offer a better range of IRA options.

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