Vaulted App Review

Vaulted App Review

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Gold and other metals are strategic investments for many reasons. First, the metals increase in value steadily over time and don't succumb to the same adverse effects as the U.S. dollar. They also hedge against inflation and are essentially money, too.

Investors that generate an ample supply of precious metals can liquidate them whenever they want unless the metals are associated with an individual retirement plan.

With gold, they can also generate wealth if the person continues to add to their supply and keep it for many years.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Vaulted App passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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According to investment experts, investors who keep gold or silver for at least ten years gain a high return and can use these profits to support themselves or their families, and some traders can achieve financial freedom.

When starting, these consumers should find a gold company that checks off all their checklist items and sells high-quality products at competitive prices. Vaulted is a legitimate company and offers an array of precious metals. By reading this review, traders can become acquainted with the company and make a well-informed decision.

Vaulted's History and Ratings

Vaulted started in 2018 in Durango, Colorado. The company offers a website and app for mobile users. The Better Business Bureau does not accredit it and doesn't have a rating with the BBB.

Vaulted App Review - Logo

However, most customer reviews seem positive. The company allows customers to buy through their website or app only.

Vaulted App Review - Website

Buying Precious Metals from Vaulted

With Vaulted's smartphone application, you can effortlessly invest in securely held gold at the Royal Canadian Mint. Enjoy minimal trading charges and an accessible entry point for investments. For those seeking an uncomplicated approach to enriching their portfolio with gold, Vaulted is a commendable choice.

To buy precious metals from Vaulted, customers must use the sign-up link at the top right corner of the website to register for a user account. Next, they will enter all their details and link their bank account to their Vaulted user account. 

Next, they will review products via the app or the website and add them to their cart. Only registered users can review the products and buy gold or other metals from Vaulted.


After selecting their products, the customers use their user accounts to send a bank wire transfer to Vaulted to pay for their metals. Vaulted ships the metals to the customer's location or to the depository of their choice.

However, Vaulted gives customers the option to use the Royal Canadian Mint to store their metals, but customers are not restricted to their service provider.

Customers should know that Vaulted charges a 1.8% transaction fee for every purchase or buyback. Customers should calculate these fees before committing to a precious metals purchase or starting a buyback.

Selling Precious Metals to Vaulted

To sell precious metals from Vaulted, customers sign into their user account through the company's website or the app. Their user account will find a section labeled "Sell Gold." They will click the button to enter the amount they want for their gold and confirm it.

After Vaulted receives the notification for the impending sale, they receive the metals the customer wants to sell, and the company either accepts the amount and pays the customer, or the customer service representatives send a counteroffer. After accepting the offer, the company sends the payment to the bank account that appears in the customer's user account.

After a buyback or sale to Vaulted, the company must report the transaction to the IRS. Customers must manage their tax forms for the tax season according to federal and state guidelines.

Does the Company Offer a Gold Retirement Account?

No, Vaulted doesn't provide an individual retirement account through their company. However, they sell many products that customers can use to find the accounts. Customers hire a custodian for their retirement account to prepare and manage the paperwork.

Their custodian manages and maintains the IRA for the client, and they will arrange all purchases and shipments to the depository. Vaulted cannot ship any IRA-related metals to the customer's location.

Before starting an IRA or purchasing metals for the account, customers should get an estimate of services from their custodian before committing to the investment.

They should also discuss all contribution regulations or limitations with their custodians, as the IRS has strict rules about these accounts. There are maintenance fees that custodians charge and monthly or annual charges for storing the metals.

Transferring Funds from Vaulted User Accounts to Bank Accounts

Customers can use the Vaulted app to transfer money from their Vaulted account to the bank account stored in their user account. All they have to do is sign into their Vaulted user account and click the "Transfer" feature in the user account.

The transfers are completed within a few business days, and the customer gets a notification once the funds are available in their bank account. They can also use the same features to transfer money from their VaultPlan to their bank account.

The Company's Newsletter

Vaulted offers a weekly newsletter that anyone can sign up for and receive via email. The sign-up form is on the main screen of their website.

After the customers sign up for the newsletter, they will also receive email marketing materials such as updates about the company or its products, and the company may send special offers and deals to these customers. It is free to sign up for the company newsletter, and customers are not required to complete any purchases by signing up for it.

Signing Up for an Account

All customers must have a user account through Vaulted to complete transactions, including sales and purchases. They can securely store their personal details in the user account without worrying about identity theft. Through the user account, they can track orders, shipments, and new arrivals and use other services via the website or the company's app.

Suppose customers face any problems linking their bank account to their Vaulted user account. In that case, they can send a bank statement from the last thirty days, a photocopy of their state-issued driver's license, and a voided check for the bank account they want to add.

Shipping and Handling

According to customer reviews, the company provides FedEx and USPS shipping services, and the customer must pay the shipping cost according to their selections. Shipping rates depend on the destination, the weight of the packages, and if customs forms are required for the package.

Expedited shipping services are available, but customers may pay higher rates to get their metals faster. According to customer reviews, the shipping rates start around $50 but can exceed $150 for next-day shipping through FedEx.

Data Security Details

Vaulted doesn't sell customer information to third parties; they use high-grade encryption for all user accounts.

The company uses SSL certification for its website and app to prevent outsiders from seeing the customer's confidential information. 

Encryption applies to all transactions to prevent cybercriminals from collecting bank account information and stealing funds from clients.

After each transaction, the data is cleared from the online payment system terminal. As a safeguard for customer data, all transaction data is backed up through an offsite recovery service. 

Data Security

If there is a power outage or disaster at the server's location, the company can use these backup and recovery services to acquire customer records. These measures ensure customers can access updated account information and their metals stored by Vaulted.

Sign Up for the Waitlist for New Silver

The waitlist for new silver offers customers an alert whenever new silver is available. They can set up preorders for specific products through these options.

Adding themselves to the waitlist gives the customer a better chance of buying silver before the supplies run out. The company sets up purchases according to the order in which customers sign up for the waitlist.

The Company Blog

The company has a blog under the "Blog" tab, where visitors can learn more about the company and gold investing. Many articles about gold prices, stock ratios, banking, and economic crisis are available to visitors.

Vaulted App Review - Blog

Readers can learn a lot about buying and selling their precious metals and stay informed about new trends within the company and in the gold market.

Golden Nuggets

The Golden Nuggets appear under the "Blog" tab, and readers can learn more about gold investing and find insightful information about these practices. If someone is new to investing, they can read these articles and stay updated on how and when to buy gold, silver, and other metals.

The company adds more articles often to help newcomers learn as much as possible about precious metals and their benefits to investors and collectors.

Transparency Tab

Since Vaulted states that the company will remain transparent with all customers, the company has set up the "Transparency" tab.

Under this tab, customers learn about the company's fees for each transaction or sale and what percentage to expect when allowing Vaulted to store their metals for customers. As of 2023, the transaction fees are 1.8% of each transaction and 0.40% each month for storing precious metals.

Customers will also learn more about spreads, premiums, and tax implications for buying or selling metals through Vaulted. They will also find details about what mints Vaulted uses to acquire products to sell to consumers.

Storage for Precious Metals

Storage for precious metals is available for all customers through Vaulted. The company has a partnership with The Royal Canadian Mint to store metals securely and safely.

On the website, the company discusses the security measures the Royal Canadian Mint followed to keep metals secure and prevent outsiders from accessing them.

Before customers can use the Royal Canadian Mint as a storage provider, they must sign up for an account. They can find the sign-up page for an account through a link in the FAQ section of the website.

All precious metals stored at the Royal Canadian Mint are insured, and if there ever is a break-in and items are stolen, the insurance coverage applies to all items stored by all customers. The insurance can prevent investors from suffering a financial loss because of criminal actions.

Why Gold Tab

Under the "Why Gold" tab, visitors can find information about gold market caps, compound annual growth rates, and other details investors should know about gold and how it grows in value.

There is a lot of information for anyone who has never invested in gold or silver but wants to learn more about it.

Vaulted App Review - Why Gold

How It Works Tab

The "How It Works" tab offers information about how customers buy and sell through the Vaulted smartphone app. The process is the same as selling through the website, but customers can complete transactions from anywhere.

The helpful tab is necessary for anyone who has never purchased or sold precious metals through Vaulted. 

Vaulted App Review - Smartphone App

The VaultPlan

The VaultPlan is a way to buy and sell precious metals according to the customer's preferred schedule. They can store their metals through the plan or the proceeds from their metals sales.

They will sign into their Vaulted user account, link their bank account, and choose the plan that works for them. There are plans in which the customers can buy or sell monthly or biweekly through their user account. 

Vaulted App Review - How It Work

There isn't a membership fee for using the VaultPlan. Customers can cancel their plan and cash it out whenever they choose.

If they want to change the frequency of their gold purchases or sales, they can sign into their user account, make the changes, and save them in their user account. These updates are immediate and apply to the next transaction.

Buy a Gift Card

Customers can purchase a Vaulted gift card through their user account if they want to send a digital gift card to a friend or family member. However, if they're going to send a physical card, they must call Vaulted and set up the gift card. There aren't limits or minimum amounts they must fulfill when buying a Vaulted gift card.

Vaulted is a legitimate gold and precious metals seller, and the company offers options to purchase metals through the company's website or a convenient smartphone app.

The business provides many products for building wealth or creating an individual retirement account, even though the company doesn't set up IRAs. With the company app, customers can track their purchases and shipments, and they can set up an account through the VaultPlan.

The VaultPlan offers monthly or biweekly metals purchases or sales. Since their bank account is connected to their Vaulted account, the customer can set up automatic sales or purchases.

Final Thoughts

They can also store their metals through an account with the Royal Canadian Mint. The company offers high-grade encryption for all user accounts and the app, and any metals stored through the Royal Canadian Mint are secured according to the mint's security policy.

After customers review these details about Vaulted, they can compare the company to other choices and determine which option is best for their needs.

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