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Investing in precious metals has surged in popularity as investors seek to build wealth while avoiding high-risk ventures.

By diversifying their portfolios, investors can secure their future and enhance their retirement savings.

Beyond traditional stocks and bonds, many are now purchasing gold and silver, either directly or through self-directed IRAs.

Precious metals offer a unique advantage as they remain unaffected by inflation and fluctuations in the value of the US dollar.

In this article, we explore Vermillion Enterprises, detailing its services, investment options, and position in the precious metals market.

Join us to uncover what makes Vermillion Enterprises stand out from its competitors and evaluate if it aligns with your investment goals.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.

Read the list to see if Vermillion Enterprises passed our strict customer service standards to become one of our top recommendations.


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Overview of Vermillion Enterprises

Before anyone invests in precious metals, they must find a gold or silver dealer they can trust with their capital. By reviewing Vermillion Enterprises, investors can determine if the company is the most appropriate choice for investing in precious metals.

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Company History and Ratings

Vermillion Enterprises opened its doors in 2014 in Spring Hill, Florida. While the company has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, they aren't accredited. The company offers precious metals in different forms, such as coins, bullion, diamond jewelry, collectibles, and sports memorabilia. Customers can buy items online or in one of their many locations.

What Products Do They Offer?

Vermillion Enterprises offers gold, silver, diamond jewelry, watches, and memorabilia. Their gold products include American Eagle, American Buffalo, Australian Lunar and gold nugget, Austrian Philharmonic, Canadian Maple Leaf, Chinese Panda, and South African Krugerrand.

Their silver products include Kennedy half dollars, Eisenhower dollars, Barber quarters, Standing Liberty dollars, Franklin half dollars, Peace dollars, Morgan dollars, American Eagle, and Canadian Maple Leaf.

The company sells diamond jewelry; some pieces are custom-made with elegant designs. Buyers can also find rare comic books, including first-appearance Marvel and DC, and sports memorabilia such as autographed cards and other products.

Buying Precious Metals

To buy precious metals from Vermillion Enterprises, customers can review the products on the website and create a list of everything they want. Next, they call to speak to a customer service representative.

The customer service representative provides the current price for each item of interest. The customer service representative offers a price lock if the buyer is ready to commit to a purchase.

Vermillion Enterprises - Buying Precious Metals

To pay for the order, the customer sends a wire transfer to the gold dealer to pay for the precious metals. If they buy the precious metals outright, the order ships to the buyer's preferred location in discreet packaging. All shipments are covered by insurance coverage, and the dealer provides an insurance claim if the package is lost, stolen, or damaged during transport.

If the customer cancels their order after committing and getting a price lock, the gold company charges a penalty based on the market price loss they incur.

Likewise, if the price of the metals decreases during the transaction, the company calculates the price difference and charges the customer a penalty for the canceled order.

Remember, investors should only commit to purchases from Vermillion Enterprises if the order will be completed as requested to avoid these penalties and fees.

Selling Precious Metals

Customers must request a mail-in kit from the gold dealer to initiate a buyback or sell precious metals to Vermillion Enterprises. Once the kit arrives, they package their precious metals and send them into the gold deal according to the instructions in the package.

After the package arrives, Vermillion Enterprises inspects the precious metals and sends the customer a cash offer. If the customer accepts, the company keeps the precious metals and sends the payment according to the client's preferences. If the customer refuses, the company returns the precious metals, but the customer pays for return shipping.

Before selling anything to a gold dealer, all sellers should review the current market price to ensure they get a fair price for their precious metals. Most gold companies deduct their potential profits from the market value and won't pay the entire market price for all precious metals.

However, during a buyback, the investors should get at least what they paid for the precious metals. If not, the buyback isn't worth their time as they could sell the metals elsewhere and get more money.

Buying Collectibles and Memorabilia

Vermillion Enterprises lists all its collectibles under the "Buying" tab on its navigation bar. As a result, collectors can find a wealth of products based on their interests.

For example, if they want to find Topp's baseball cards, the visitor clicks on the appropriate link under this tab. In addition, the company offers various baseball cards, autographed football jerseys, and hats.

Vermillion Enterprises - Buying Collectibles and Memorabilia

Visitors who love comic books find many options, including Marvel's Spider-Man and DC's Batman and Wonder Woman. By watching the new updates, they can discover first-appearance and first-edition comics in mint condition.

The company offers antique toys, figurines, and costume jewelry. Customers can contact the company and set up the order if they find anything they want to buy within the collectible section.

The company doesn't list the prices for any of these items, but clients can call the toll-free number and speak to a customer service representative to check prices. Before committing to any purchases, visitors should research the price for each item online to ensure they get a fair market price.

Setting Up an IRA

Clients must hire an IRS-approved custodian to set up a gold or precious metals IRA. First, their custodian completes all documentation needed to create the self-directed precious metals IRA.

Next, the custodian contacts the client's existing IRA provider to transfer funds from the original IRA to the gold IRA. There is a 60-day deadline for the transfer, and if the money isn't deposited into the IRA in 60 days, the owner faces an early withdrawal fee and tax implications of at least 10%.

After the funds appear in the IRA account, the client discusses what precious metals they want to add to the IRA. The custodian contacts Vermillion Enterprises to set up the purchase and coordinate with the company to send all the precious metals to the client's preferred depository.

The precious metals must remain in the depository until the account holder retires at 65; otherwise, there are early withdrawal penalties and taxes they must pay for removing the metals from the IRA.

Custodians and Depositories

Vermillion Enterprises doesn't have any required custodians or depositories for IRA customers. Therefore, clients can use whoever they wish for their precious metals IRA.

However, investors should get estimates for setting up the IRA, storing their metals, and maintenance fees for the account. They must pay specific fees upfront and then pay costs over the account's lifespan.

Genesis Gold Group - custodian

Increase the Value of the IRA

All investors under 59 can contribute up to $6,500 to their IRA account annually. Once they are 60, they can contribute up to $7,500 to the IRA account. New laws passed in 2023 increased the value of contributions.

However, this value is the total amount the investors can add to all IRA accounts, and they should deduct any amount they added to other IRAs from the total contribution amount.

Manage Estate Planning for the IRA

When the account holder sets up their IRA, they must choose a beneficiary to receive the funds if the owner doesn't use all their retirement funds before they die. The documentation enables the custodian to set up an inherited IRA for the gold IRA and sets up distributions for the beneficiary.

However, the heir must get distributions within five years of the account owner's death, or the custodian must liquidate the account according to IRS regulations.

Another option is to transfer the IRA into a trust to separate it from the estate. The transfer decreases the estate's value and prevents the IRA from going through probate. With a trust, the owner chooses a successor to take over the trust when they die.

After it is in the trust, there aren't any inheritance taxes for the heir; however, the heir must pay income taxes when taking distributions from the IRA. If they liquidate the account, they get a lump sum, but they also must pay income taxes for the total value they receive. Distributions could lower their tax implications and prevent them from facing significant financial losses through tax requirements.

Weekly Rates and Discounts

On their website is a section for weekly rates and discounts, and visitors can find the latest deals on all Vermillion Enterprises products under the tab. They offer many products at discounted rates and present opportunities for precious metals investors and collectors. Browsing the section lets visitors find the newest options and save money on these deals.


Vermillion Enterprises presents options for buying gold and silver bars, bullion, and coins outright or adding to a self-directed IRA. They have several IRA-approved products, and the company offers collectible items with a high cash value, including rare comics and baseball cards. Setting up a gold IRA and funding it through tax-deferred funds is straightforward and doesn't present issues for investors.

The company doesn't restrict investors from choosing their custodian or depository for their IRA. They have a lot of positive reviews from previous customers and don't have complaints filed against them. Overall, they seem like a worthwhile company, but investors should do their due diligence when comparing market prices before they commit to buying anything.

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